"G", codenamed "Silver Fang", is an AMS agent and a recurring character in the House of the Dead series.


The House of the Dead: Overkill

In 1991, after graduating from the AMS academy, G was assigned to investigate a missing persons case in Bayou City, Louisiana linked to crime lord Papa Caesar. G teamed with Detective Isaac Washington, who swore revenge after Caesar killed his father. They are attacked by mutant undead-like creatures.

G and Isaac storm Caesar's mansion; Caesar escapes, and two defeated a disabled scientist-turned mutant, Jasper Guns. They then meet Varla, a stripper and Jasper's sister who also sought revenge against Caesar. They encounter the Screamer in a mutant-infested hospital, carnies Nigel and Sebastian in a carnival, the mantis-like Crawler on a train, and the Lobber within the Louisiana swamps.

The pair eventually track Caesar to a maximum security prison, meeting its eccentric warden Clement Darling. They found Varla and Cesar strapped in electric chairs; Clement revealed that he was responsible for the outbreak. He then killed Caesar, thus robbing Isaac of his revenge. The agents defeated a mutated prison inmate, Brutus the Ruthless, and pursued Darling into a secret underground laboratory.

Upon confronting Clement, the agents discovered that he had transplanted the brain of his ailing mother into Varla's body. Varla then grew into a towering mutant creature, which G and Isaac defeated. Clement plead mercy, "returning to the womb" to atone for all the problems he caused. The pair escaped in a helicopter with Varla's brain in a jar, detonating Cement's facility. The game ends after they discover a mutant piloting the helicopter.

The House of the Dead

On December 18, 1998, G and his partner Thomas Rogan investigated an urgent phone call from Rogan's fiancee, Sophie Richards. They arrived at the mansion of geneticist Dr. Roy Curien, who had gone mad and released his biologically-engineered creations upon his own research team. The agents battled the armored Chariot, who mortally wounded Sophie, and the flying bat-like Hangedman.

G and Rogan later encountered Curien, who complimented their efforts before escaping. The agents defeated the spider-like mutant Hermit and ventured into an underground laboratory. Curien unleashed his "masterpiece", an entity known as The Magician. Claiming that it had no master, the Magician killed Curien and battled the AMS agents, who then destroyed it.

The House of the Dead 2

In 2000, G was sent to investigate a series of disappearances in Venice, Italy (the perpetrator being Caleb Goldman, the financier of Curien's research). He planned to meet fellow agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart in a library, but the situation escalated when Goldman unleashed his creations upon the city. G was injured by the lumbering suit of armor/flying imp duo Judgment, though he was able to make his escape to the library. After James and Gary arrived, G lent his files to the two agents, which contained the weak points for several bosses encountered in the game.

In one ending, G, having recovered from his injuries, appears among agents Amy Crystal, Harry Harris, and a crowd of civilians thanking the players after they defeat Goldman's final creation, The Emperor.

The House of the Dead 4 & Special

File:367px-Kate and G 1.jpg

In 2003, Goldman posthumously activated another outbreak. James and new agent Kate Green prevented a nuclear missile launch, but James sacrificed himself to destroy Goldman's secondary magnum opus, The World. In one ending, G revisits the spot where James died, telling his fallen friend to rest and that they'll fight the undead back to their source.

Sometime after, G teamed with Kate to fight the infestation back to its source. After defeating Justice, a creature whom James and Kate had previously encountered, the agents discover an underground laboratory containing farming pools for the undead. At the end, they destroy an either resurrected or cloned Magician. After once again defeating the Magician, G tells Kate that the "fight is about to begin", and they walk away.

The House of the Dead III

G and Lisa III introduction

G alongside Lisa.

By 2019, humanity had collapsed and with the AMS disbanded, G retired. G's retirement was short lived, however, when Rogan's daughter Lisa contacted G to help her rescue her father after Rogan went missing following a mission into the EFI Research Facility. They defeated Death, a giant club-wielding security zombie, Sun, a large tree like mutant with sharp vines, Fool, a massive sloth-like mutant with talons.

G and Lisa found Rogan, who reveals that he was rescued by Curien's son, Daniel. Curien's body had undergone a 19-year resurrection process, intended to be transformed into the Wheel of Fate. Lisa and Daniel defeated the creature while G stayed behind to care for Rogan.

As the group left the facility, G voiced concern for the future of humanity; Rogan remained optimistic, stating that the survivors must "believe in themselves," and "walk their own paths."


G's appearance varies among games.

The House of the Dead: Overkill, his youngest appearance, G wears a black formal suit jacket and pants with brown shoes and a white button shirt. He is always depicted wearing purple sunglasses. His hair is short and dark.

In the original House of the Dead, G retains the black formal suit, but his button shirt is now blue and gains a white neck tie. His sunglasses are absent.

In The House of the Dead 2, G wears a navy blue formal suit, yellow neck tie, and a sky blue button shirt.

In The House of the Dead 4: Special, G wears a black formal suit and purple button shirt.

In The House of the Dead III and the fourth ending of The House of the Dead 4, G has gray hair. His formal suit jacket is replaced with a gray formal vest with matching pants, black shoes, a light blue button shirt, and a yellow neck tie.


  • His first name may be "Gaiden" (外伝), according to an "IGN" article; quote-on-quote "G is back, and he stands for 'Gaiden!'" If this is true, this could suggest that G is from a Japanese descent (Even though he speaks fluent English, this might be because he also has Western genes). However this may not necessarily be the case due to: 1. The interview talking about G's role in "The House of the Dead 4 Special," which is a sequel/side story to "The House of the Dead 4" and 2. "Gaiden" means "Side Story" in Japanese, further suggesting that that the quote "G stands for 'Gaiden'" is simply a clever play on Japanese words.
    • Additionally, in House of the Dead: Overkill, there's been a running gag where other characters G encounters questions what does his name stand for. He frequently doesn't answer those question as to being a classified meaning.
  • G knows six different languages.
  • He is designed similarly to model Andy Garcia.
  • G's outfit in The House of the Dead III was one of the main influences for the outfit worn by Akihiko Usami in the anime/manga, Junjou Romantica.
  • G's pistol in The House of the Dead is much quieter than Rogan's, despite not having any visible suppressors or using a different cartridge. (It is possible that the sound used is from Virtua Cop, Sega's spin-off game made in 1994.)
  • At the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, House of the Dead, AMS agents arrive to investigate what has happened on the island. Rogan and G step out of a helicopter and begin questioning Rudy Curien. In the film, however, G is portrayed as African American, played by Colin Lawrence.
  • G has made the most appearances in the games, being in every installment of the main House of the Dead series.
  • In The House of the Dead 4's "G Ending", he is seen visiting the site where James sacrificed himself to defeat the World. The G model from House of the Dead III is recycled and used in this ending. However in House of the Dead 4: Special, he is given a younger model and wearing a suit (which he would look like anyway, considering the game only took place three years after House of the Dead 2). It is possible Sega had the idea that G had that younger appearance and wearing the suit in the ending for 4. Also, since G appeared differently in The House of The Dead 4 Special, but has his appearance from The House of The Dead 3 in this ending, it is also possible that this ending took place after the events of The House of The Dead 3, as it takes place after The House of the Dead 4.
  • In The House of the Dead: Overkill, it is revealed that G listens to country music.
  • Given that his name, (in many cases) age, and nationality are unknown could be a nod to Golgo 13 who is sometimes referred to as G13.
  • His attire is slightly altered in The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut. In the original Overkill, he wore  wrap-around sunglasses, while in the Extended Cut he wore a pair of aviators with green tinted lens.
  • With the exception of Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, G has so far appeared in all The House of the Dead games.
  • According to the article titled "The Making of... The House of the Dead: Overkill" by British Gaming UK back in February of 2009, G is modeled after actor, Keanu Reeves as he appears on the 1991 movie, Point Break.[1]



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