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Is it really over? Was I really right? Someday... until the answer is found...

Gary Stewart at the end of Chapter 6[src]

Gary Stewart (ゲイリー・スチュワート, Geirī suchuwāto?) is a rookie agent of the now-defunct American government agency AMS. He is one of the main protagonists of The House of the Dead 2 and its upcoming remake, and also appears in a flashback in The House of the Dead 4.

Gary embarked on his first mission in 2000, a year after he joined the agency. Along with special agent James Taylor, Gary helped quell a citywide incident involving hostile biologically-engineered creatures, destroying the mastermind Caleb Goldman's final creation, Emperor, to save mankind.


Gary Stewart was born in 1976.[1] He joined the AMS in 1999.[1] Despite his inexperience, he put full effort into his job; though his actions were sometimes reckless and concerned fellow agent James Taylor.[1]

2000 incident

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Gary and James Taylor were sent to neutralize a new undead threat on February 26th, 2000. They defeated the duo Zeal and Kuarl, known together as Judgment, and the fish-like Hierophant before meeting up with two other agents, Harry Harris and Amy Crystal.

They then found out that the incident was organized by an individual named Caleb Goldman, who used the same technology that the main antagonist of The House of the Dead, Dr. Curien, used to create his mutants. The former was a financier of Curien's research, who later used the doctor's work to perpetuate his city-wide attack.

Gary and James, after separating from Amy and Harry after a sinister phone call from Goldman asking the agents to meet him at the coliseum, ventured through a system of underground tunnels to get there. Along the way they encountered Tower, a huge multi-headed snake-like beast which had already killed a large number of civilians.

After Tower's defeat, they arrived at the coliseum to discover Goldman taunting them on a large screen, and found Amy and a critically injured Harry trapped with a chainsaw-wielding mutant monikered Strength. After defeating the mutant, Harry gave the agents a key to a car they could use to get to Goldman's headquarters.

After encountering Judgment and Hierophant again and destroying them once again, they were waylaid outside the headquarters by Magician, who had been resurrected by Goldman. This time, however, the agents had the advantage because they knew the creature's weak points, which Thomas Rogan and G learned earlier.

They traveled to the top floor of the building and confronted Goldman. Goldman then unleashed his magnum opus, Emperor, who was created to rule over humanity. James and Gary defeated the creature after a long fight, while Goldman committed suicide by falling off the roof of his headquarters.

Gary, standing alongside a placated James, asked him if they did the right thing. James, not sure of the final outcome, announced that they must "find the answer by [themselves]". Gary stood by as James bids farewell to Goldman, and the two left the building.


  • Gary wields a IMI Desert Eagle.
  • Gary is the only agent that displays apprehension regarding his actions in the series, as indicated by him questioning if he and James "did the right thing" after Goldman's suicide.
  • He is the agent shown in the menu for The House of the Dead 2's Boss Mode.
  • He is the only one besides Curien that says Magician's name, if the player plays as him on single player after defeating the Magician he says, "You're the only one who's gonna get defeated, Magician!"
  • Gary appears in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX as a cameo in Chapter 3's Detective Zobiko minigame.
  • Much like G before him, Gary's pistol in The House of the Dead 2 is much quieter than James', despite not having any visible suppressors or using a different cartridge.
  • Gary makes a cameo appearance via flashback in The House of the Dead 4, where he is shown standing next to James pointing his weapon at Goldman in his office.


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