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Guillaume (ギヨーム Giyōmu?), also referred to as the Genius, was a former scientist who later became a vampire serving under Count Auguste. Exiled from society due to his inhumane experiments, he developed a hatred towards humanity. When Auguste was threatened by vampire hunters Michel and Albert, Guillaume attempted to stop them.

He is an antagonist and the second boss of Vampire Night, a 2000 spritual successor to the House of the Dead games. He has pyrokinetic powers and can transform into a winged vampire. His weak point is his entire body.


This former scientist was infamous for using people for his cruel experiments. He was exiled from human society when his experiments were exposed. His anger and desire for revenge against humankind increased after he became a vampire.

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Guillaume was a demented scientist who had conducted human experimentation in secret. After his cruel experiments were exposed, Guillaume was banished from his homeland. Anger filled the mad scientist's mind and he swore revenge against humankind. Guillaume was eventually recruited by the vampire Count Auguste, thus becoming a full-fledged vampire himself. Using his newfound knowledge on vampires, Guillaume conducted experiments to create more powerful monstrosities for his master's army.

After Bathe'lemy's defeat, Guillaume was the next to confront the vampire hunters. He sneaks behind the hunters and takes Caroline as his hostage, forcing the hunters to pursue him all the while sending his minions to fight the hunters. After a long chase, Guillaume finally confronts the hunters on the rooftops, transforming into his true form. After he is defeated, Guillaume reverts back to his human form, and not bearing to accept defeat, he commits suicide by jumping from a cliff while laughing maniacally.

He has a strained relationship with fellow vampire Raoul, evident when Diane infromed him of Guillaume's death and Raoul told her that he deserved it.

Skills and Abilities

In addition to his great agility, Guillaume's vampiric power has given him pyrokinesis, the ability to create and control fireballs.

True Form

In his true form, Guillaume transforms into a gargoyle-like creature, possessing a pair of large wings that enable him to fly freely. Tubes throughout his body supply energy from his inner core to the laser emitter, attached like a monocle over his right eye, that was able to project a powerful cutting beam. However, he has difficulty aiming due to the recoil produced by the large energy burst of the weapon. Guillaume's weak point is his entire body as he has no other form of protection other than his ability to fly rapidly.


Human Form

  • Guillaume will throw fireballs.


  • Shoot the fireballs to destroy them. Ignore Guillaume as he will not take damage.

Vampire Form


  1. Guillaume will try to cut with his laser at close range by charging it then move close to aim it. This phase ends when the player(s) is/are at the furthermost building.
  2. Guillaume will charge the laser from a distance then fly forward for a slash. This phase ends when Guillaume has approximately 1/8 health left.
  3. Guillaume will fly close for a hit and continues doing so until he is defeated.


  • In all phases, completely deplete the cancel bar is mandatory to stop any attack as they cannot be shot down. For the first phase, Guillaume can be shot even when not using the laser for chip damage.


Lose to humans?! We are not made for defeat. You're no vampire.

Guillaume before heading out to face the vampire hunters.[src]

Have you gone crazy? Pointing a gun at me?

Guillaume after kidnapping Caroline.[src]

What a coincidence, I know too... And it's you! After I'm done with you, no one will know if you existed or not.

Guillaume to vampire hunters Michel and Albert.[src]

Don't be so sure of yourselves humans! You stupid humans! I'll show you how incompetent you are!

Guillaume before transforming to a vampire.[src]

So that's the way it is! Is it? Me defeated by humans? Never!

Guillaume after reverting to human form before committing suicide.[src]


  • He is one of two bosses who fights in human form but the lifebar only appears when fighting in vampire form. The other boss is Diane.
  • His vampire form is a combination of Hangedman and Magician.


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