G Render

G with 2 pistols

The Handgun is a weapon that is featured in most HOTD games up to HOTD 3.

House of the dead

In the first game, Rogan and G are using a pair of handguns, but due to the low quality the game had to sustain, they are as of now unidentifiable. They hold 5 bullets in one clip, which is odd as the base for handguns is 7. They are reloaded by pointing the controller off the screen.

House of the dead 2

James, Gary, Harry and Amy use the handguns again in the next game, though now they seem to be based on the Colt M1911, though this can't be proved. Either way, they work almost the same as last time.

House Of The Dead Overkill

Technicly, this is a magnum pistol, but whatever. The "AMS magnum" is the main weapon of the game. Like all the other weapons in the game, it can be tuned for various things, such as faster firing speed or a higher capacity. They are used by G and Issac for most of the game, exept the final level, "Overkill". It seems to be based on a Desert Eagle, but again this can't be proved.


  • Washington carries dual pistols through the game, but this feature can't be used without duel weild. It is also seen with G in concept art (See above).
  • If the AMS magnum can be assumed to be the same thing in all games, Overkill is the first time it is named. It is also the first time it is physicly reloaded on screen.
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