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Nobody leaves here alive!

Hangedman to Thomas Rogan and G.[src]

Type-041, codenamed "Hangedman" (ハングドマン Hangudoman?) or "Hanged Man", was a bat-like humanoid. He[1] is the second boss in The House of the Dead, and later returns in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Commanding a swarm of Devilons, Hangedman engages his prey in aerial combat. He was originally created by Dr. Curien, only to be resurrected years after his death with improved abilities by Curien's associate Thornheart.



Hangedman, like all of Curien's other creatures, was incubated within the BioReactor, a DNA-editing machine, before being freed. Alongside Chariot, Hermit, and Magician, Hangedman was considered a "perfect" creation.

1998 Curien Mansion incident

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This is as far as you go. I'll finish you here!

Hangedman to Rogan and "G", before dropping researchers to their deaths.[src]

On December 18th, 1998, Curien unleashed Hangedman and other biologically-engineered creations upon DBR researchers in a fit of insanity. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G answered a panicked phone call by the former's fianceé, Sophie Richards, who they later found outside Curien's mansion; Hangedman then captured Sophie and flew her back inside.

Rogan and G confronted Hangedman on a rooftop, witnessing the creature drop two researchers to their deaths. He attempted ramming the agents off the roof; ultimately, it was killed and plunged to the courtyard below.

Hangedman reappeared in a limestone cavern within Curien's underground laboratory, but was defeated again.

2006 Scarecrow Manor incident

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I'll crush your foolish hope underfoot... You two are going down next...

Hangedman to Kate Green and Ryan Taylor.[src]

A man named Thornheart, who was close to Curien and Caleb Goldman, sought completing their legacy in a humanity-decimating project called "Noah's Ark". As part of his plan, Thornheart recreated Hangedman and Chariot.

December 6, 2006, AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor fought through the creature-infested Scarecrow Manor. Upon learning that Thornheart was in a nearby church, they took to the rooftops for a helicopter; Hangedman appeared, destroying it and engaging Kate and Ryan in battle. The creature set the roof on fire, which the agents extinguished, and eventually plunged to his death ablaze.

Bestiary Overview

Hangedman has the claws, wings and glowing red eyes of a bat, yet also the body shape and speech of a human, while his head in the original game is avian-like. He is wearing pieces of armor over his body. After sending waves of Devilons at his prey, the creature flies about for an opportunity to swoop for a claw attack. The weak skin tissue and body muscle on his chest serve as Hangedman's weak point.

In Scarlet Dawn, Hangedman has a more hyena-like appearance with a head resembling a bat, enhanced agility, and resistance to fire.



In both of his appearances, Hangedman uses swarms of Devilons to distract players from shooting his weak point; afterwards, he will attempt swooping down on players with claw attacks. In general, the key is to keep an eye on both Hangedman and other threats appearing at the same time.

In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, near the end of the fight he will set the battlefield on fire. His final swooping attacks are somewhat reminiscent to the original House of the Dead, but there are also new phases (including one in which the player must extinguish the blaze with fire extinguishers).

The House of the Dead


  1. Hangedman will first send out his Devilons towards the player. Killing all of the Devilons or diminishing half of his health, which would result in all the Devilons dying instantly, ends this phase.
  2. Hangedman will fly around and strike at the player while yelling out "Die!" (in a somehow normal humanoid voice). Diminish a quarter of his health to end this phase.
  3. Hangedman will fly above and push the player, leaving the player dangling on the roof. Hangedman will then appear and use the same tactic, once his health is completely diminished, he will fall, screaming, to his death.


Hangedman's weak points are his head, torso, and abdomen, making it much easier to harm him, as his only means of protection (besides Devilons) is his flying.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn


  1. Like in the original game, Hangedman will first send out his Devilons towards the player. He will then fly around the screen until either his cancel bar is depleted or a set number of Devilons are killed. If either condition is met, he will fly off the screen. This attack will be done for a maximum of two times.
  2. Hangedman will fly around and strike at the player. He will use this attack for at least two times.
  3. Hangedman will try to grab one of the partners. He will use this attack for at least once.
  4. Hangedman will try to throw two oil drums. Quickly destroying one of the drums will stop the attack.
  5. Hangedman will set the roof on fire. Similar to phase 2, the Hangedman will fly around and strike at the player. He will do so until his health is completely diminished.


  • An RPG shot can instantly end Hangedman's Devilon phases.


Hangedman quote 1

"Nobody leaves here alive!"
"This is as far as you go. I'II finish you here!"


  • Hangedman is the first boss to appear in the series (excluding the Magician, who first appears in The House of the Dead's intro).
  • Hangedman's battle cry is recycled from the Aero-divers in Virtua Cop 2.
  • Hangedman's name in The House of the Dead's prototype arcade build was "Devilon", with its Type number being 16.
  • In home console and PC ports for The House of the Dead, Hangedman lacks ears, goggles and detailed armor.
  • Hangedman appears briefly in the "Graveyard Gig" track in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, tearing apart portions of the roof of Curien's mansion, creating a gap for the racers to enter.
  • In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, the part which he flies around and strike at the player while engulfed in fire is similar to the 3rd phase of Guillaume's attack from Vampire Night.


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  1. In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Kate Green and Ryan Taylor use male pronouns when referring to Hangedman.
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