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"Nobody Leaves Here Alive!!"
''"Nobody Leaves Here Alive!"''
-The Hangedman, Type 041   
-The Hangedman, Type 041   

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"Nobody Leaves Here Alive!"

  -The Hangedman, Type 041   

The Hangedman (Type 041/Tarot No.XII) was a bizarre gargoyle-like creature who, in the first stage of the game, grabbed Sophie Richards and flew her to the Chariot's location in the first The House of the Dead. He was later encountered by Thomas Rogan and G upon the roof of Curien's mansion (at the end of stage 2), where he was seen holding two DBR scientists above a courtyard, before releasing them, causing them to fall to their deaths. He first attacked by summoning Devilions to attack the agents, before flying through the air and attempting to slash at the agents with his claws. When half his health was depleted, he then rammed into the agents with such force it sends them off the balcony, but they avoid death at the last second by grabbing onto the ledge of the roof. After this predicament, Rogan and G continued to battle the abomination.

At this stage, he was killed when he succumbed to its wounds in mid-air, causing him to plunge to his death in the courtyard below. He was confronted later in the final chapter (after the revived Chariot 's defeat) en-route to Dr. Curien's lab but this time, he was truly defeated (the cause being the same as the previous confrontation).

Later, Type 041's mutation strain was used by Goldman in House of the Dead 2 and spawned Zeal, a small but intelligent gargoyle-like mutation which controlled Kuarl, a huge, headless, metal, axe-wielding mutation. Together Zeal and Kuarl made Judgment.


In battle, the Type 041 will first send out his Devilions towards the player. After killing all of the Devilions or diminishing half of his health, which would result in all the Devilions to die instantly, the Hangedman will fly around and strike at the player while yelling out "Die!" After diminishing a quarter of his health, he will fly above and push the player, leaving the player dangling on the roof. The Hangedman will then appear and use the same tactic, once his health is completely diminished, he will fall, screaming, to his death.

The Hangedman's weakpoint is his head, torso, and abdomen, making it much easier to harm him, as his only means of protection is his flying.


  • The Hangedman's appearance in the Sega Saturn and PC platforms of THoTD is quite different compare to the arcade version.
  • The Hangedman appears briefly in the Graveyard Gig track in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, tearing apart portions of the roof of Curien's mansion, creating a gap for the racers to enter. 



Video depicting the boss battle: