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The Hermit (Type 6803/Tarot No.IX) was one of the boss mutations created by Dr. Roy Curien during the events of the original House of the Dead. When Thomas Rogan and G confronted him in a strange greenhouse-like room in Chapter Three, he escaped down a moving floor he was standing on. As the agents were about to give chase, Hermit dropped down from the ceiling to attack and distract the agents whilst Curien escaped back to his laboratory to continue work on the Magician. Its head is its weak point.

Hermit itself appears to be a huge, armored spider crab-like insectoid creature, and fights in an animalistic way, based upon some of the natural instincts of the creatures it was based on. It starts its assault by diving down the hole where Rogan and G encounter it, and it would hold itself between the edges, quickly crawl toward the agents, and slash them with its unique front claws.

After enough damage is given to the creature, it will drop down the hole and continue its assault as the agents chase it along a metallic tunnel. At this point, it starts firing dangerous web-like projectiles at the agents, and will cover its head as it slowly crawls toward them to repeat the attack pattern it attempted in the first part of the battle. At this point, it is only vulnerable when it lowers its guard to approach the agents more quickly, or when it raises its front claws to attack.

When it is finally overpowered, Hermit collapses and dies in the tunnel, allowing Rogan and G to progress to the final stage of the game.

Bestiary Overview

The creature is a horrific hybrid of spider and hermit crab thus tranforming it into this abomination. His 8 legs provide faster movement and his exoskeletal biological skin offers tough protection from ammuntion. However, when his head is harmed, the creature will recoil back giving the attacker the advantage to finish it unless the creature dodges and finds a new pathway.


  • Strangely, it is also the only boss that is not fought in the final chapter, although this may be due to the fact that the developers did not wish to make the player fight the same boss in two consecutive chapters.
    • This makes the Hermit the only boss to only fought once in a non-final stage of the series prior to the release of the third and fourth installments, the other being Strength (unless being counted as a transformation attack from the Emperor).
  • The Hermit makes a brief appearance in The House of the Dead 2's opening sequence.
  • This boss has a resemblance to the Lovers in terms of type number, weak point, and box-like tunnel fighting grounds, though the Lovers are fought inside an elevator.


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