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Type-B 05, codenamed "Hierophant" (ハイエロファント, Haierofanto?), was an ichthyoid creature. It is the second boss of The House of the Dead 2.

A fish-like being, Hierophant battled with a trident and schools of Mofish. Its weak point was the heart within its opening and closing ribcage.


Hierophant is a scaly creature with sharp teeth, gills, and a long tail. Its body is covered with barnacles. On either land or water, it can gouge the players with its trident, summon Mofish, and leap into the air for a pounce attack. The creature's ribcage opens and closes, exposing its heart for damage.


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Hierophant was derived from geneticist Dr. Curien's mad research; after Curien's death in the 1998 Curien Mansion incident, his financier Caleb Goldman developed Hierophant and other creatures for the next two years. Goldman released them upon a large, unnamed city on February 26th, 2000, scheming to decimate humanity and preserve the life cycle.

AMS dispatched agents to investigate, including James Taylor and Gary Stewart. Both agreed to meet partners Amy Crystal and Harry Harris at Sunset Bridge. On their way there, a live news helicopter captured Hierophant's massacre.

Upon reaching the bridge or the docks (depending on the player's route through the second chapter), the party was ambushed by Hierophant. James and Gary defeated the creature; its corpse fell into the water, floating on the surface.

Later, as they drove to Goldman's headquarters, Hierophant ambushed James and Gary on a bridge; it was killed once more.

Goldman's final creation, Emperor, could shape-shift into most of the game's bosses; among its transformations was Hierophant, which performed its pounce attack.



Hierophant is a boss that can be fought in two locations: Sunset Bridge or the wharf. While its attacks slightly differ depending on where it is battled, its phases are fought in the same consecutive order. The creature begins as a slow moving, easy adversary, its heart revealed through its open rib cage. However, as the fight continues, the creature summons Mofish to its aid and, when all of these have been defeated, resorts to leaping out of the water repeatedly in multiple attempts to impale the player.

Keeping the target on Hierophant's weak point will ensure its defeat. The creature is fought again on the bridge in Chapter 5, but will be weaker and does not summon Mofish.

Hierophant is also the second boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Like in 2, its chest opens and closes throughout the fight. Periodically, Hierophant will leap at the screen, resulting in groups of Mofish falling and the screen shaking.


  1. Hierophant slowly approaches the player bit by bit. If it gets close enough, it will horizontally slash at the player(s) with its trident. This attack can hit both players at once. Hierophant will start moving left or right if it cannot advance forward. Keep shooting its heart until it's at half health, which will end this phase.
  2. Hierophant will begin to summoning Mofish. There are two ways this can play out:
    • Wharf: Hierophant will remain on the wharf as Mofish begin jumping out of the water. The fish leap from a further distance, giving the player time to aim their crosshair and shooting at each one.
    • Sunset Bridge: A more difficult version, Hierophant will jump into the water and summon Mofish from the canal. The fish leap directly at the player from below, making aim a bigger challenge. Regardless of location, the Mofish must be shot to avoid harming the player. Meanwhile, Hierophant’s ribs will occasionally open, and the player must shoot its heart in order for it to take damage. Eventually shooting it to ¼ of his health bar will end the Mofish summoning and the second phase.
  3. Hierophant will constantly leap in the air in attempt to stab the player with its trident. Like with the second phase, there are two ways this can be played:
    • Wharf: Hierophant will jump straight upward from the same central location.
    • Sunset Bridge: Before Hierophant leaps, the creature will be seen swimming off to the left or right after the Mofish phase has ended. It will then begin its leaping phase jumping from the direction it swam off to. When hit, Hierophant will continually jump into the water before performing a leap attack. Before each attack, the player(s) will look frantically around, before it jumps from the water from the left or right side of the bridge. James or Gary will announce which side the creature is leaping from right as it’s in the air.

The player(s) must successfully perform a single, accurate shot to Hierophant’s exposed heart each time it’s in the air. If the player aims correctly, Hierophant will fall to the ground, before quickly getting up. Hierophant must be shot at least 3 times in mid-air for it to be defeated, thus ending the final phase.


  • All throughout the fight, Hierophant's ribcage will repeatedly open and close, exposing its heart. The player needs to focus on this area, while remaining conscientious of projectiles (Mofish).
  • During the third phase, Hierophant provides an opportunity for the player to accurately aim at its heart after it is successfully shot in the air. As the creature stands up, the player can shoot at its weak point, causing a deal of damage and reducing its need to keep leaping.



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