The Hierophant (Type B 05) was the second boss encountered in House of the Dead 2. It was a swimming, fish-like creature which attacked using a trident. AMS agents James and Gary first witness the monster on a television screen during a news report, telling of how an unidentified being had taken control of Sunset Bridge. Eventually, when the agents meet up with their contacts Amy and Harry beside the bridge, they are unexpectedly confronted by the Hierophant.

The beast started its attacking process by slowly moving towards the agents in an attempt to slash at them with its trident. James and Harry could damage it by firing at its heart while it was exposed, and after taking damage, the Hierophant's movement gradually increased. After this, it summoned carnivorous, undead fish to leap at the agents and attack; they had to shoot them down as quickly as possible and redirect their target at the Hierophant's chest. When the boss stopped behaving in this way, it performed its most recognizable attack - It leaped into the air whilst holding its trident down, in an attempt to land on the agents and impale them. When in mid-air, the agents were forced to shoot its heart in order to knock it out of the air, or else they would take damage. After a gruelling battle, the Hierophant was finally bested in combat and plunged into the water below, leaving its corpse floating on the surface.

The Hierophant also appears as one of the Emperor's attacks.

Attack Pattern

The Heirophant's attack pattern is similar to Chariot's. It inches forward bit by bit, then slashes the characters. Since it's a horizontal slash, it can slash multiple targets at the same time. When it had some difficulty forwarding, it can move left or right while still moving forward and attack its targets. If continuously damaged, it will summon Mofish. If Hierophant doesn't hit the players, it will continue to summon more fish, around eight to 15. If attacked, the fish will stop jumping. After a while, when it has either summoned enough fish or lost enough health, it will jump high and attempt a sacrifice, or a downslash while airborne.

During the second battle, the sacrifice pattern is slightly altered. At about 1/4 of its health, Heirophant will jump off the bridge and conceal itself in the waters. After a while, it will jump from the left or right of the bridge and attempt to attack you with its basic downward slash.

The Pinball of the Dead

Hierophant makes an appearance as the second boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Similar to The House of the Dead 2, Hierophant's chest will open and close throughout the fight. Periodically, Hierophant will leap at the screen, resulting in groups of Mofish falling and the screen shaking. These Mofish can be killed by the player, and do not cause much trouble.


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