Earth has evolved in a way so that it naturally regulates the population of any given species. Humans were once subject to this system, regardless of whether or not they knew it. Pandora's Box is opening.

Caleb Goldman
Hope is the sixth and final chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green infiltrate Caleb Goldman's headquarters to stop the nuclear missile launch. They take an elevator to the 49th floor, which has Japanese decor. With five minutes left on the clock, Kate helps James climb a flight of stairs, urging him not to give up hope. Using the computer concealed within Goldman's desk, the agents deactivate the nuclear missiles with 30 seconds left to spare.

The computer monitor shifts to a video message featuring Goldman. He congratulates the agents and reveals that he did not intend to destroy the world, but merely revert humanity to its "natural state". However, he cannot do anything as Pandora's Box has been opened, but there is still hope for the agents if they made it this far.

The building shakes as the World, an insectoid creature and the successor to Emperor, emerges from the building courtyard. James and Kate battle the World, which continues to grow and evolve despite their efforts. Realizing this, James sets his PDA to self-destruct and -- telling Kate not to give up hope -- sacrifices himself, alongside the World, in the following explosion. A shaken and distraught Kate leaves Goldman's premises.


Depending on the player's performance, one of four endings will play after the credits. The words "The story continues in House of the Dead 3 [sic]" appear afterwards.

  • Standard ending: The view returns to the computer in Goldman's office, continuing the former president's pre-recorded message. Goldman gives a final statement as he walks away: "Ah yes, there is one thing I forgot. The human race has not been eliminated. Travel north... hope is such a splendid thing."
  • Bad ending: It is the same as the above ending, except when Goldman mentions hope, he takes off his glasses and the camera zooms on his face. His eyes are glowing red, and his face is pale.
  • G ending: Accomplished If an "A" average is maintained and an "S" is earned in Chapter 1. AMS agent G appears in front of the smoking crater where James destroyed the World. He tells James to rest, vowing to fight the threat back to its source. As G walks out, the camera pans on Goldman's building before it cuts to black.
  • Thornheart ending: Accomplished if an "A" average is maintained with at least one "S" in any Chapter other than the first. A mysterious and unidentified man (previously seen in one of The House of the Dead III's endings) sits at a desk in the corner of an office, stating: "Goldman, you are soft. These wretched humans have no need of hope. Soon, the true end shall begin. ...There is more than one Pandora's Box."


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