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House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド 〜スカーレット・ドーン〜, Hausu obu za Deddo 〜 Sukāretto Dōn 〜?)[note 1], is a horror-themed rail shooting game developed by Sega AM1 and released by Sega to arcades in 2018. It is the sequel to The House of the Dead 4, and the fifth entry in the main House of the Dead series.

Set three years after 4, the game follows AMS agent Kate Green as she partners with Ryan Taylor, the younger brother of her late partner James, to uncover a bioterror threat at the opulent Scarecrow Manor.

Sega AM1 and graphics company Agni-Flare developed Scarlet Dawn in Unreal Engine 4.[1][2] Ending a 12-year hiatus on the series, the game was marketed as "the most eagerly anticipated sequel in arcade game history".[3]

Scarlet Dawn launched in Japan on the 22nd anniversary of the original House of the Dead, and worldwide a month later. The game was adapted into two gambling titles and a ride attraction. It has not received an official home release.

Critics praised Scarlet Dawn's graphics, cabinet design, and fanservice, but criticized its boss battles, lack of polish, and missing features in overseas versions of the game. Director Takashi Oda wants to make three more House of the Dead sequels and a first-person shooter.[4]




Protagonists Kate Green (left) and Ryan Taylor (right).

On December 6th, 2006, AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor investigate an organization undercover at Scarecrow Manor. During a party reception, the manor's owner releases hostile creatures upon guests. Kate and Ryan escape.

The agents explore an annex, laboratory, and the manor's rooftops. They battle the armored Chariot, the squid-like High Priestess, and the winged Hangedman. Kate and Ryan recall the latter's older brother James, who died in a 2003 incident while partnered with Kate.

Kate explains that the organization, which is linked to three previous bioterror incidents, was founded in 1880 by the ancestors of Dr. Curien, Caleb Goldman, and the manor's owner Thornheart. While Thornheart was long believed dead, a project called Noah's Ark began development.

Kate and Ryan discover Thornheart to be alive. Thornheart reveals that he survived a fatal disease, and that after Curien and Goldman's deaths, he sought using Noah's Ark to "[evolve]" humanity. He releases Moon, a tree-like being that resists gunfire. Ryan impales Moon's head with a metal rod, which kills the creature when struck by lightning. Kate tells Ryan she believes this was James himself intervening from the dead.

With the threat neutralized, Kate and Ryan leave Scarecrow Manor as the sun rises.[5][6]


Depending on the player's performance, one of four endings will play after the credits; the words "To be continued in the next HOUSE OF THE DEAD" appear afterwards.

The criteria for getting each ending differs from Scarlet Dawn's Japanese arcade version to the US/European version; these differences are noted below.

Ending Image Criteria Description
  • Japan: Clear game in Normal Mode with continues used.
  • International: Clear game with rank 3-8 in overall rating with a continue used.
Thornheart, alive and unharmed, walks among rows of incubation tanks. He claims "It's impossible to change a predefined future."
  • Japan: Clear game Normal Mode without using continues.
  • International: Clear game with rank 2 in overall rating with a continue used.
In the church (prior to Moon's release, given that it is still intact), Thornheart states that the ordeal has only begun. He hunches over before smiling at the camera as it glitches out.
  • Japan: Clear game in Master Mode with a continue used.
  • International: Clear game with rank 1 in overall rating with a continue used.
Thornheart stands up from his chair and leaves the church. He cryptically states that he "saw out the evolution of envy", and vows to follow up with "arrogance", before noting that "it's impossible to change a predefined future."
  • Japan: Clear game in Master Mode without using continues.
  • International: Clear game without using continues.
At the location of Moon's defeat, Ryan tells Kate that he is tired of people "close to him" being victimized. Kate reminds him of what James would say: "No sacrifices anymore. It's too late for regrets. Something like that." The agents then leave.



House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is a rail shooter set from a first-person perspective. Players shoot and kill attacking enemies with a H&K MP7-like machine gun controller. Unlike previous games in the series, the guns now automatically reload once empty, though the standard "shake to reload" mechanic is still available.

Player health is measured by lives, which are red and blue flame icons; damage from an enemy or failing a certain sequence deducts one life. There are first-aid kits hidden in destructible background objects that restore one life. Performing well in a chapter (good accuracy, high headshot count, and other factors) yields bonus lives for high grades. Destroying parts of the environment may also reveal special items that award score bonuses.

The game is comprised of a prologue chapter, three middle chapters that can be selected in any order, and a final chapter once all have been completed. The Annex and Elevator Lobby stages have branching paths that are triggered either by player action (failing to shoot a drawbridge, as in Hangedman's chapter) or the number of lives remaining (the elevators in Chariot's chapter).

At any point in the game, creatures may overwhelm and push a player to the ground. The surrounding creatures must be killed within a time limit; otherwise, the player loses a life. Creatures may also target one individual partner, resulting in the other having to rescue them. Failure to do so in the time limit results in a life penalty, or in a multiplayer game, a life penalty to the downed player. This is a modified version of the mechanic used in The House of the Dead III.

The scoring system for the game has also been tweaked. The ranks are based on 5 categories: Score, Enemies killed, Critical Shots, Accuracy, and Events. A minimum of 4 "Perfect" ratings and 1 "Excellent" rating are required to receive an S rank on each stage. At the end of the game, the player's final rank will be calculated based on the ranks on every stage. The better the player performs, the higher their final rating will be. As with previous installments, the player's performance will determine the game's ending.

Throughout the game, there are secret score bonuses (indicated by a purple flash effect) if certain parts of the environment are shot.

Game Modes

The Japanese and International versions each have different game modes:

  • Normal Mode and Master Mode are included in the Japanese version. Normal Mode is the game's default gameplay setting; Master Mode has larger enemy spawns and health, and several weapons available in the Normal Mode are unavailable, leaving the player with only the default gun and any items they purchase with HOD Coins.
  • Story Mode and Select Path Mode are included in the International version. Story Mode allows the player to enjoy the whole game, including the prologue; Select Path Mode skips the prologue, making the middle three chapters available from the beginning.


Throughout the game, there are "Events" in which the player must shoot a target reticle on a creature or object within a short time. Completion of Events is recorded in the player's end-of-stage ranking. Events include:

  • Civilians: In three of the chapters (the prologue, Chariot's stage, and Hangedman's stage), party guests of the Scarecrow Mansion are being attacked by creatures; rescuing them counts as an Event "success", while allowing them to die fails the Event. Civilians will not die if a player accidentally shoots them; instead, a giant X appears over their bodies with little other noticeable impact on gameplay.
  • Environmental Hazards: The most common Event. Players must shoot objects, such as chandeliers and explosive barrels, to kill creature hordes or avoid taking damage. If unsuccessful during horde-based Events, the player is forced to fight the remaining creatures alone.


Before each level, up to two limited-use items may be selected in addition to the default machine gun. The items consist of high-damage weapons and tools to increase a player's survivability. They are equipped by pressing the gun controller's side button or secondary trigger, and cannot be replenished until the player either completes a stage, or continues after dying.

Scarlet Dawn's Japanese version presents the items like a "shop", with a currency of HOD Coins used. HOD Coins are rewarded by killing creatures with critical shots (headshots), collecting bonus items, saving civilians, and completing Events. This version is compatible with the Aime amusement card, which allows players to save their HOD Coins in an account, and earn XP to level up and earn more. Three items (Shotgun +, Machine Gun +, and Life) are also exclusive to the Japanese version. The International version has no HOD Coins or Aime functionality, thus all but the above three items are immediately selectable.

The items are:

Image #/Uses Description
SDNoEquipIcon.png - No Equipment. Leaves a desired item slot empty.
SDShotgunIcon.png 12 (1 player); 6 (2 players) Shotgun. Boasts widespread shots.
SDShotgun+Icon.png 9 (1 player); 5 (2 players) Shotgun +. Exclusive to Japanese version. A more powerful Shotgun.
SDMagnumIcon.png 40 (1 player); 20 (2 players) MGM700. High-damage single shots. Instantly kills most enemies.
SDMachine+Icon.png 75 (1 player); 38 (2 players) Machine Gun +. Exclusive to Japanese version. A more powerful Machine Gun.
SDMachineEXIcon.png 150 (1 player); 75 (2 players) Machine Gun EX. A more powerful Machine Gun.
SDGatlingIcon.png 480 (1 player); 240 (2 players) Gatling Gun. Rapid fire and high damage.


2 (1 player); 1 (2 players) Life. Exclusive to Japanese version. Grants the player(s) bonus lives.
SDShieldIcon.png 4 (1 player); 2 (2 players) Shield. Produces a green shield that temporarily protects all players from damage.
SDGrenadeIcon.png 8 (1 player); 4 (2 players) Hand Grenade. Creates a small blast radius when thrown.
SDGrenadeLauncherIcon.png 4 (1 player); 2 (2 players) Grenade Launcher. Powerful explosive shots.
SDIncendiaryIcon.png 6 (1 player); 3 (2 players) Incendiary Gun. Envelops enemies in flames.
SDRocketLauncherIcon.png 2 (1 player); 1 (2 players) Rocket Launcher. Highly-destructive, but has less shots than the Grenade Launcher.
SDLaserIcon.png 44 (1 player); 22 (2 players) Laser. Single-shot weapon, but with lots of ammo.
SDHeatRayIcon.png 30 (1 player); 15 (2 players) Heat Ray. Scores critical shots regardless of where it hits an enemy.
SDEnergyCannonIcon.png 22 (1 player); 11 (2 players) Energy Cannon. Like Laser, but inflicts more damage the lower the player's life.
SDSWCannonIcon.png 4 (1 player); 2 (2 players) SW Cannon. Launches a shockwave that kills any enemy it touches.

Aime features (Japan only)

By using Aime cards, Japanese players can store their progress, keep their collected HOD Coins, check their highest scores, complete achievements, and partake in nationwide leaderboards. There is also a level system, wherein players earn XP by completing stages. Once they collect enough XP to fill a bar, the player will level up and receive HOD Coins.

Chapters and areas

Scarlet Dawn is divided into 5 chapters. Chapter 0 is a prologue, which can be skipped in the International version.

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 take place in one of three player-selected areas:



Main article: List of creatures in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn


  • Rogers
  • Allen
  • Santana
  • Bryant
  • Wilson
  • Suzuki
  • Park
  • Mac
  • Smoker
  • Bruce
  • Samson Jr.
  • Janish
  • Ratstar



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The House of the Dead 5

The production script for the scrapped House of the Dead 5 project. It is dated March 26, 2012.

In 2005, then-Sega producer Yasuhiro Nishiyama said that a sequel was likely if The House of the Dead 4 sold well.[7] Takashi Oda, director of the House of the Dead series, wanted to bring back previous bosses and the unidentified limping man.[8]

The House of the Dead 5 began development in 2012. Sega AM1 faced technical and budgetary issues creating a new feature for the game's arcade cabinet. After "trial and error", they scrapped the project. The enemies and the story's introduction were finished.[4]

Oda shifted focus on future games, stating in 2019 that he will not revive The House of the Dead 5.[4]

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

Sega revisited the House of the Dead series in 2018. They felt that arcade technology had matured enough to warrant a sequel.[9] The title, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, lacks a number in order to be accessible to new players.[4] Takashi Oda returned to direct the game.[4]

Unreal Engine 4 was chosen as the game's engine. Sega outsourced the development of visual effects to Agni-Flare.[1][10][11] Agni-Flare President Takeshi Inaba and art director Nobuto Iwao were designers for The House of the Dead 4.[10] Scarlet Dawn runs on the PC-based Sega ALLS arcade hardware.[12]

Sega pitched Scarlet Dawn as having an "avalanche" of creatures.[10] Inspired by the manga Black Jack by Osamu Twzuka, Takashi Oda wanted the game's villain to be morally-gray.[4] He also wanted Scarlet Dawn's difficulty to be balanced for high-level players, thus adding replay value.[4] Agni-Flare drew concept art, and discussed challenges and limitations with Sega.[10]

Enemies and characters

Because he is a returning boss from The House of the Dead, Sega handled Chariot's final design.

To lower costs when developing the creatures, Agni-Flare generated base meshes with a tool and recycled animations from prior House of the Dead games. Each creature has 15,000 to 30,000 vertices and 62 bones, and up to 200 can appear onscreen at once.[10]

Most of the bosses were designed by Iwao Nobuto, who had designed bosses for The House of the Dead 4. Chariot's final design, however, was done by Sega because he is a returning House of the Dead boss. High Priestess was inspired by squids and octopuses. Each boss model has about 80,000 vertices.[10]

Agni-Flare tried out different designs for the human protagonists. They settled upon a dress for Kate Green and a tuxedo for Ryan Taylor, feeling that they made the characters stand out in realistic manner.[10]

Visual effects

Motion capture for Scarlet Dawn being recorded at Sega's motion capture studio.

The levels were divided into modular blocks in Unreal Engine 4. This lowered costs and memory use, and allowed Agni-Flare to easily change level layouts if needed.[10]

Motion capture for the game was recorded at Sega's studio. Agni-Flare selected foreign actors who could speak Japanese. Agni-Flare's foreign staff tweaked the facial animations to match the English pronunciation.[10]

Several gore effects were developed. When shot, creatures could either be bloodied, turn into collapsing skeletons, or have their flesh turn to ash and expose bones. Due to censorship, these effects went unused.[10]

Cabinet design

The deluxe arcade cabinet.

Sega chose a sit-down theater arcade cabinet so that Scarlet Dawn was more immersive.[9] The cabinet features a 55” 1080p Full HD screen, 5.1 channel surround sound, LED lighting, air cannons, and vibration effects. It also has an eye-shaped button which, when pressed, causes a 3D-molded creature to appear with flashing lights and a scream.[3] The cabinet's outside colors change depending on the season.[13]

Takashi Oda wanted a device that physically struck the cabinet when creatures attacked. However, after realizing that seat vibration achieved the same effect, he scrapped the idea. Oda feels that players enjoy sit-down cabinets because of the privacy and comfort they provide.[4]


Main article: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn location test builds

We are thrilled to be part of this historic release. House of the Dead is the crown jewel in the Sega’s licence [sic] portfolio, with such a great heritage and loyal following. We pulled out all the stops to deliver the best experience. Developed by the dedicated R&D team in Japan, this game gets a truly special edition treatment in every way possible.

Sega CEO Paul Williams.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn was announced by SEGA Interactive on January 14th, 2018.[14] The return of civilians, the "Partner Rescue" mechanic from The House of the Dead III, and Chariot from The House of the Dead, as well as new weapons, were reported.[15]

Preliminary location tests were held at the SEGA Akihabara Building 3 in Tokyo, Japan from January 19th to the 21st; Round One Arcade in Yokohama from March 3rd to March 5th; and Rakuichi Rakuzen Arcade in Kawaguichi from March 16th to March 18th.[16][9][12][14] Players were polled over interest in a console port of Scarlet Dawn.[17] Off-screen gameplay footage of this incomplete build was uploaded to YouTube, which online publications then circulated.[6] This build later appeared at the JAEPO 2018 amusement expo from February 9th - 11th, 2018, where Scarlet Dawn was showcased.[18][19]

On July 9th 2018, a second build was location tested at High-tech Land Sega in Shibuya, Sega Tokyo Dome City, and Sega Shinjuku Kabukicho.[12] Reportedly, this build had more content and balanced the difficulty.[20]

A Western release was confirmed by Sega on May 31st, 2018.[21] Kevin Bachus, the Senior Vice President of the American restaurant and video arcade chain Dave & Busters, announced that all locations would receive Scarlet Dawn cabinets that fall.[22][23] The game was also distributed to all Round One arcade locations, including those in the United States.[24] However, Sega stressed that Scarlet Dawn is not an exclusive release.[1]

In September 2019, Sega and Universal Space announced an exclusive Chinese version of the game titled Haunted House: Scarlet Dawn. While it features the same mechanics as the Global version, there are several changes, such as the exclusion of Murrers, a tweaked UI and Chinese subtitles. A Korean version of the game was also spotted.[25]

An upright cabinet model was revealed by South Korean arcade developer Andamiro on January 30th, 2021. According to Arcade Heroes, a member of Sega Europe is unsure if this model will see a Western release, and claimed that the game has some software differences.[26] Another upright cabinet has been spotted in the United Kingdom, leading to speculation that it is being location tested by Sega.[27]

Spin-off adaptations

Scarlet Dawn was adapted into a video slot machine, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn - Battle Genesis, in 2019.[28]

A ride with recycled elements from the game, titled House of the Dead-Scarlet Dawn-THE ATTRACTION, was scheduled to debut at the Joypolis entertainment center in Tokyo, Japan on March 19th, 2020,[29] but was delayed to June 13th of that year due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.[30]


A promotional website was launched shortly after Scarlet Dawn's announcement.[14] It features a timed game where the player must click as many creatures as possible to defeat them, with time deducted from damage.[31]

Virtual YouTuber Hiiro Sumomo promoted Scarlet Dawn from September 18, 2018 to September 9, 2020.

At JAEPO 2018, Fashion model Nana Suzuki and gravure idols Yuka Kuramochi and Saki Yoshida presented the game.[32][33][34] Sega also released an official trailer revealing new scenes and a glimpse at a new boss, High Priestess (or simply Priestess in the Japanese version).[35]

On September 18th, 2018, Sega launched a Virtual YouTuber named Hiiro Sumomo ("scarlet plum" in Japanese), a female version of the Kageo creature.[36] Timid and owning a pet Murrer, Sumomo starred in videos which humorously depicted her efforts to conquer Scarlet Dawn. Her YouTube channel amassed over 27,000 subscribers in the span of three weeks.[37]

Sega invited representatives of Namco Bandai Entertainment and other companies to compete in a Scarlet Dawn high score tournament, with the winner having their company's product promoted by Sumomo.[38][39] Another Virtual YouTuber account, Yamadada Dolls, made Scarlet Dawn videos two months later in collaboration with Sumomo.[40] The channel ended on September 9th, 2020; on the day prior, Sumomo made the announcement on Twitter and thanked fans for their support.[41] Her Twitter account now functions as an archive, while her YouTube channel was deleted.

Japanese airsoft gun manufacturer Tokyo Marui promoted Scarlet Dawn.[42]

As promotion of JAEPO 2020, Scarlet Dawn was included in a music video featuring Sega's current arcade lineup.[43] The lyrics and singing were by Nijiiro Samurai.[44]

On July 31st, 2020, Sega announced a partnership with Univest Capital Inc to allow arcade operators to "get zero per cent APR for 36 months on top of the 90 days deferred payments" on Scarlet Dawn, as well as Transformers: Shadows Rising.[45] The deal returned on January 22nd, 2021, including more games in addition to Scarlet Dawn, and ended on March 31st of this year.[46]


House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn received mixed reviews from critics, with several unfavorably comparing its gameplay and presentation to The House of the Dead 4's.

Chris Plante of Polygon felt Scarlet Dawn's gameplay was thrilling, but criticized the scripted boss battles and "janky" character animations. He also stated that the voice acting "rivals some of the worst [he's] ever heard [in] the past decade", but wondered if it was done intentionally. Plante concluded that the game "lovingly echoes a long-gone era when horror directors would go to absurd lengths just to add a little extra fun".[47]

Phantawit Sukjaidee of the Thai gaming blog Gamerism criticized Scarlet Dawn's auto-reload mechanic, frame rate drops, frustrating difficulty, low cabinet audio and missing subtitles, and anticlimactic final boss. However, he praised the designs of the player guns and cabinet, particularly the latter's seat vibration effect. He concluded that Scarlet Dawn is "fair", yet inferior to previous House of the Dead games.[48]

The French website SEGA-MAG gave Scarlet Dawn a score of 7/10, praising its gameplay and cabinet design while criticizing the toned-down violence and overall lack of innovation.[49]

Dustin Wilcox of the blog Wilcox Arcade similarly praised the cabinet design and graphics, but criticized the "dry" storyline, auto-reload mechanic, and underwhelming boss battles. He compared Scarlet Dawn to Time Crisis 4 in that both games, he felt, were "average" compared to previous entries in their respective series. Wilcox concluded that Scarlet Dawn "[is] a top-notch title, but it’s a low-tier HOTD experience. The connection to a stellar legacy makes the flaws that much more apparent".[50]

Patrick "Kori-Maru" Gardner, writing for SEGAbits, considered Scarlet Dawn an "amazing" experience. He praised the music, graphics, and cabinet design, while criticizing the occasionally "cheap" Partner Rescue events and the lack of Japanese features in the International version.[51]


  • House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn has many "firsts" in the House of the Dead series:
    • It is the first House of the Dead installment to be released in the 2010s (the last game being The House of the Dead: Overkill in 2009).
    • Excluding Overkill, it is also the first canon installment in the franchise to be released in the 2010s, after The House of the Dead 4 in 2005.
    • It is the first game in which Player 1 and 2's colors (traditionally red and blue, respectively) are switched.
    • It is the first game to offer the ability to select and switch between multiple weapons.
    • It is first game to lack a number in the title, with a subtitle used instead, as well as The House of the Dead being shortened to House of the Dead.
    • It is the first main entry to lack type numbers for the bosses, an appearance by AMS agent G, and a "bad" ending where a character turns into a creature.
    • It is the first main entry in which the characters do not scream upon taking damage. Instead, the game announces "Player [1 or 2] damage!", accompanied by dialogue by Kate or Ryan.
    • It is the first game to feature automatic reload (the ammunition will be automatically filled once it's emptied) as a default function, similar to Sega Golden Gun's auto-reload function. As such, the standard "Reload" sound effect and notification are removed (The House of the Dead III also had this feature, but it was not present in all versions).
    • It is the first game in the series to show the route map regardless if the game is completed or not. In contrast, the first four entries only show route maps at game over.
  • Randomly during its attract mode, Scarlet Dawn's cabinet will play sound effects like creature screams and a deep male voice taunting the player.
  • Scarlet Dawn's level structure is similar to The House of the Dead III; both open with a prologue chapter and feature 3 selectable chapters.
  • With an overall total of 5 chapters, this is the shortest House of the Dead game since the original game.
  • Scarlet Dawn uses the short version of the "Stage Clear" theme, previously used in the original House of the Dead. It is followed by a remix of "Ranking" from The House of the Dead 2.
  • House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn has similarities to The House of the Dead 4:
    • Both games featured a "veteran" character and a "rookie" character (James Taylor is the veteran and Kate Green is the rookie in 4, while Kate is the veteran and Ryan Taylor is the rookie in Scarlet Dawn).
    • Both games feature a similar plot: In The House of the Dead 4, the AMS agents attempt to stop a project called "Pandora's Box" orchestrated by Goldman, and in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn they attempt to stop another project called "Noah's Ark" orchestrated by Thornheart, a character who is connected to Goldman.
      • However, the motivation behind the actions of each game's antagonist is different. Goldman wants to restore "the natural harmony of the world" which "humans broke" but "were once subject to" like other organisms, and deplores how humans "came to know greed like no other species." Thornheart feels, however, "Arrogance, greed, envy, rage, lust, veracity," and "laziness" are "all great expressions" and, contrasting his view of it from Goldman's, considers evolution "to be truly about the human mind." Undercutting nature's system of "biological adaptability" that Goldman valued, Thornheart also states, "We need to get rid of the dead wound."
    • Both games have a second chapter that begins with a flashback sequence, and the remaining chapters of both games feature the main antagonist.
    • Both games utilize machine guns, however The House of the Dead 4 uses a lightweight Uzi (ingame the model is based on a modified Brügger & Thomet TP9) whereas Scarlet Dawn features a standard assault rifle-like gun based on the Heckler and Koch MP7.
  • There are several differences between Scarlet Dawn's International and Japanese version:
    • The Japanese version has 2 difficulty modes: Normal Mode and Master Mode. The International version removes both.
    • The international versions remove the Aime card accessibility, in turn removing the HOD coins, player levels, and achievements.
    • Three items (Lifes, Shotgun +, and Machine Gun +) are exclusive to the Japanese version's Item Shop.
    • In the Japanese version, getting S rank awards 2 bonus lives. The International version changes this to 1.
    • In the international versions, boss names have the word "The" in front (e.g. The Chariot, The Hangedman). In addition, Priestess is named "High Priestess", which is the name used on the Scarlet Dawn''s official Japanese website.
    • Due to an oversight, subtitles are missing from all International version dialogue except Hangedman and Moon's speech, ranking monologues, and the A.I. voices for the helicopter and the laboratory security system. This has not been addressed by Sega.
  • Yahoo reported in October 2019 that media personality Kim Kardashian received a Scarlet Dawn cabinet.[52]


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