House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is an upcoming installment in the House of the Dead series. It was announced by SEGA Interactive on January 14, 2018.


In 2006, three years after James Taylor's heroic sacrifice at the end of The House of the Dead 4, his former partner, Kate Green, joins forces with James' younger brother, Ryan Taylor, on a undercover mission in a dinner event within Scarecrow’s Mansion, until "The Mystery Man" (who debuted in The House of the Dead III) unleashes his own army of creatures upon the dinner guests, and soon the world.[1]




Following a 12-year hiatus on the franchise, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn was announced by SEGA Interactive on January 14, 2018. The game will run on Unreal Engine 4 within an enclosed "deluxe" cabinet, which will utilize vibrating seats and motion sensors. A preliminary location test will be held at the SEGA Akihabara Building 3 in Tokyo, Japan from January 19 to the 21st.[2] SEGA released a promotional website as promotion featuring gameplay screenshots.[3]

Civilians will return, along with the "Rescue Mechanic" from The House of the Dead III. Multiple weapons can be equipped, including shotguns and grenade launchers. In one of the two stages shown at the location test, the Chariot from the original House of the Dead returns as a boss.[4]


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