House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn - Battle Genesis is a 2019 game developed by Sega Sammy and published by Sega. It is a video slot machine spin-off to House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Battle Genesis features a patent pending Battle Challenge mode that "utilizes slot reels for battle action sequences".[1]


As with all slot machines, the objective is to stop three spinning reels all on the same icon. In addition, Battle Genesis features bonus game modes and features that can be activated:

Zombie Escape

This feature is randomly started after a bought spin.[1]

Battle Challenge

This feature begins if the player matches 3 "HOD" symbols or succeeds in Zombie Escape.[1]

The player, as AMS agent Ryan Taylor, is tasked with eliminating creatures (the computer opponent). Both sides are set at 10 lives. Free spins are awarded, with the objective being to match more symbols than the computer opponent; the side with more symbols attacks, decreasing the other side's lives according to the number of appeared symbols. Battle Challenge ends when either side has lost their last life.[1]

If the player wins, they receive a prize according to the battle stage and advances to the next stage (a maximum of 8 can be played). If the player fails, they must win the Continue Challenge in order to initiate a rematch.[1]

Progressive and Genesis Jackpots

If the player matches 3 "Genesis Jackpot" symbols, they will win either a prize of 200,000 times the bet multiplier or the Progressive Jackpot (only available if a maximum bet is entered).[1]



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