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House of the Dead is a comic that served as a prequel tie-in to the 2003 film of the same name. It is written and illustrated by Eli 5 Stone and published by Artisan Comics Group.


A small group of teens on an island look for the rave being held there. After docking their canoe, they decide to split up. Two of the teens encounter a strange man who appears half-dead, but suddenly bites one teen's finger and proceeds to attack them.

The other group members hear their friends' screams and rush to their aid, only to find their mangled remains. The man returns again and is revealed to be a zombie. He kills one of the teens, leaving only the two of them left.

More zombies appear out of the woods and the two remaining teens rush for the boat, but in the ensuing chaos one of them, Angela, was killed, leaving one sole surviving teen. As the last teen heads for the boat, he spots a pale-looking woman and tells her to escape with him. The two manage to reach the boat and paddle away from shore and the undead, the last teen is relieved that they are finally safe and asks for the woman's identity. Much to his shock, she reveals herself as one of the undead and proceeds to kill him.


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