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Isolated Area (絶対閉鎖区域 zettai heisa kuiki?) is the first episode of Zombie Revenge.


AMS agents Stick Breitling and Linda Rotta, along with Home Office Special Affairs Division agent Rikiya Busujima, have been tracking someone named ZED, intending to stop his production of zombies. One day, they receive a message complimenting them for their efforts, telling them to head to Area Q (the Mail Order Co. in Woodside City) to pick up a floppy disk.

They arrive just in time to find a girl about to be attacked by zombies. Regardless of whether she is saved or killed, they get the disk, only to encounter UDS-03, a horribly mangled brute, emerging from rubble shortly afterwards. They defeat him before moving on further to check the disk on a computer.

There, the agents are greeted by a disembodied head who tells them "[he] is not [their] enemy", as well as to pick a card. Once they do, he mocks that the "card (that they chose) seals [their] fate", followed by a reminder to reach Plant Section D4, which is up a 1500ft (500m) underground river, where he awaits. From here, they go down into the sewers.


  • This is the only episode whose music track of the same name is not used in the actual level. In fact, the music that plays during the level itself is the theme from the title/opening demo, "ZOMBIE REVENGE".
    • The track, "isolated area", is instead used for the cutscene that plays before this episode, as well as when exploring most side rooms off the main path.
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