James Taylor is one of the main characters in The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead 4.


The House of the Dead 2

James Taylor and his partner Gary Stewart were sent to neutralize a new undead threat. They defeat the huge Judgment and the fish-like Hierophant before meeting up with two other agents, Harry Harris and Amy Crystal. They find out that the undead attack was organized by a man named Caleb Goldman, who used the same technology that Dr. Roy Curien (the main antagonist in the first game) used to create his undead.

James and Gary go through some underground tunnels to get to the Roman Coliseum where Goldman has told them to go, along the way they meet Tower, a huge multi-headed snake-like beast that killed a large number of civilians. They arrive at the Coliseum and find Amy and Harry trapped with Harry seriously injured by a huge chainsaw wielding beast called Strength. They defeat it and Harry gives the agents a key to a car they could use to get to Goldman's headquarters. After encountering Judgment and Hierophant again, they were attacked outside the headquarters by The Magician who was revived by Goldman. This time the agents have the advantage because they know the monster's weak points.

They travel to the top floor of the building and confront Goldman. Goldman then unleashes his greatest creation, the Emperor, that was made to rule over humanity. James and Gary defeat the mutation after a long fight. Goldman then tells the two agents that "in time a successor will come". He then bids them farewell and commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the building. James then says that he doesn't care if a successor comes or not, and that he will keep on fighting, as long as he has the will to live. James bids Goldman goodbye and leaves.

The House of the Dead 4

In The House of the Dead 4, James Taylor and newcomer Kate Green are gathering intelligence at the fifth basement floor of the AMS European branch office. The former of the two still has the events of the 2000 "Goldman Case" on his mind, and believes that the ordeal had not yet ended. A sudden earthquake rocks the room while they talk, collapsing the basement walls and leaving the agents trapped.

Several days later, Kate and James await a rescue team. James' PDA goes off, and a group of undead are seen on the security cameras. Realizing that they are in danger, James has Kate gather all the weaponry they can find in preparation for the arrival of their foes. Soon after, the two travel through the sewers to an information room where they uncover a plot to fire nuclear missiles worldwide within 24 hours' time, facing the four armed Justice and a pair of mutant tarantulas known as The Lovers along the way. Taking the subway into zombie-infested streets from an underground shopping district, the agents narrowly avoid attacks by The Empress, a double-ended chainsaw-wielding assassin, and the obese, nearly impervious Temperance.

James and Kate then learn that the one-time president of the now-defunct DBR Corporation, Goldman, who committed suicide, is responsible for the resurgence of undead. After reaching the surface, finding the city about them completely obliterated, James and Kate receive a PDA message sent by Goldman: the nuclear missile launch will occur in one hour. After the agents set out for the abandoned Goldman Building, a levitating humanoid, The Star, prevents their advance in the foyer. Destroying the Star, the agents continue onwards.

Ultimately, they arrive in time to halt Goldman's plans, though it is revealed that his true intention is to revert humankind to its original state in order to prevent them from harming the planet any further. As such, his final legacy, The World, is released in the opening of "Pandora's Box" to fulfill its role as the successor to his original Emperor project in 2000, having developed underground since his death. As the AMS agents fight it, the World continuously alters its form to meet their threats, each time growing larger and more powerful. Following the World's second defeat, James sets his PDA to self-destruct, telling Kate not to give up hope, sacrificing himself, alongside the World, in the following explosion.

In another ending, G claims that the undead crisis was not over yet and says: "We'll fight this back to the source. It's now time for you to rest now, James." As G walks out of the camera, a zoom is made on Goldman's building. The game continues in The House of the Dead 3, making the another story in the game itself.

James has his younger cousin named Dan Taylor, Dan, who plays as a one of the Rogan Commandos, aids Thomas Rogan encounter the zombie-infested facility lab which owned by Dr. Curien.


  • James shares coincidentally shares the same name of the singer James Taylor.
  • He is the agent shown in the Training mode for House of the Dead 2.
  • He was mentioned in the final boss fight against Magician in House of the Dead 4: Special.
  • If the player plays a 2-player game, the ending is different. After James said that the crisis is over, Gary asks James if they did the right thing then James replied that he doesn't know, and they must find the answer to themselves.


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