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"Nothing can erase my pain."
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Jasper Guns injecting himself with his formula.

Dr. Jasper Guns, Ph. D., simply called Jasper during the boss fight, is the first boss in The House of the Dead: Overkill. He is fought at the end of Papa's Palace of Pain.


Jasper is the crippled sibling of Varla Guns. He is unable to move or speak properly due to a neural disease. He moves about in a motorized wheelchair since he cannot walk, and has a computerized voice since he is unable to speak. In spite of his disabilities, Jasper possesses a high intellect and aids Papa Caesar by refining the formula.

Despite this, Caesar has little to no respect for Jasper, at one point striking him across the face with his cane. It seems like the only reason Jasper works for Caesar is so that he won't hurt Varla, because she helped him and protected him throughout early life. Fed up with the constant insults (and Papa Caesar's apparent intentions to hurt Varla), Jasper injects himself with a mysterious formula, causing a startling transformation. It is at this point that G and Isaac Washington enter the scene. Caesar flees the scene, which causes Jasper to instead focus his hatred on the two other men in the area.


Combat (Android)

The mutation rapidly increases Jasper's brain size, granting him the ability to levitate himself and nearby debris which he can use as projectiles. The debris must be repeatedly shot to destroy them and harm Jasper.

After Match

G and Washington stand over Jasper, who mentions how much it hurts and requests that they tell his sister he loves her. G agrees to this request and tells the mortally wounded mutant that he can ease his pain. Washington is skeptical and demands that they just kill him, to which G replies that was always his intention. Jasper's death is what causes Varla to swear revenge against Caesar and aid the agent and the detective.


Dr. Jasper Guns was a poor soul when he injected himself with the formula. The formula mutated him by elongating his skull, having long arms and fingers and the powers to levitate making him the first subject to gain such powers before other sentient beings have in the original installments.

The formula enhances his mind, gaining himself the knowledge to use telekinesis as his weapon. However, with that enhancement, his cranium capacity enlarges so his mutated brain can be intact explaining why his head is his weak point.

His form of attack is that he utilizes his telekinetic powers to throw certain objects revolving around him at the player. In Extended Cut, he also uses levitation to lift the players off the ground.


  • Unlike the main House of the Dead series, Jasper and other Overkill bosses are not named after a Major Arcana tarot card.
  • In the cutscene introducing Jasper, after he is slapped by Caesar, his glasses fall onto the floor. In the next scene, however, they appear again on his face, although this is fixed when Jasper injects himself with the serum. This may have been intentional in order to fit the low budget, grindhouse theme of Overkill.
    • In Extended Cut, the fix is absent and Jasper still wears his glasses throughout his entire scene.
  • According to the article titled "The Making of... The House of the Dead: Overkill" by British Gaming UK back in February of 2009, Jasper is modeled after Harry Potter.[1]
  • Jasper has motor neuron disease, which is likely based off the late theoretical scientist Stephen Hawking, who passed away in 2018.
  • In Extended Cut, it is mentioned that he was in a relationship with Candi Stryper.


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  1. Mark Brown (February 12, 2009). "The Making of...The House of the Dead: Overkill". Archived from the original on March 22, 2020. “The in jokes and references don’t stop at the main cast; a random decapitated head rolls down a flight of stairs on the first level, “that’s the level designer”. The first boss you come in contact with is a boy in a wheelchair with round glasses and a dodgy haircut. Neil explains that Harry Potter was the last game he worked on with EA, and wanted to give something back. Harry’s Overkill counterpart, Jasper, eventually turns into a mutant before being gunned down by G and Washington.”
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