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File:PoD Judgment.png|Judgment in The Pinball of the Dead
File:PoD Judgment.png|Judgment in The Pinball of the Dead

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Judgement (Type 28) was a pair of mutations created by Goldman, and they serve as the first boss in The House of the Dead 2. The first of the two was the near sentient imp-like creature Zeal, which flew around cackling maniacally and controlling the second of the pair, Kuarl, a 10-foot tall headless zombie in plate mail and carrying an axe.

Zeal is actually seen at the very beginning of the level, where he flies down from a rooftop to taunt James and Gary, two AMS agents sent to stop Goldman. When they eventually return to the square, Zeal appears again to threaten them a second time. He then calls on Kuarl, who promptly uses his axe to smack two cars out of his path and steps in to do battle, with Zeal at his side. James and Gary could heavily damage Kuarl by shooting Zeal, and eventually the metal beast fell. In a final struggle, Zeal charged at the agents himself, but was shot down and killed. However, before dying, he begged Goldman for a second chance.

Later on, when James and Gary were on their way to Goldman's headquarters, Judgment appeared again with Zeal saying that they were given a second chance. James and Gary once again defeated them with James citing that "there is no such thing as a second chance." It is believed that Zeal was based on the Hangedman mutation and that Kuarl was based on the Chariot mutation. He also appeared as one of the Emperor's attacks.

Attack Pattern

During battle, Kuarl will slowly come towards the player while Zeal will fly around quickly in the background and foreground. After moving around the screen for a short period of time, Zeal will eventually stay put at the top of the screen, and will command Kuarl to attack. During this time period, the player has the opportunity to shoot Zeal, which will stop Kuarl from charging, but failure to do so will result in Kuarl damaging the player. Zeal's speed will also progressively increase each time he takes damage.

Once Judgment loses roughly two-thirds of its health, Kuarl will collapse, leaving Zeal to fight alone against the player. During this time period, Zeal will quickly charge at the player using three different and random patterns. The first pattern involves Zeal coming straight at the player while bobbing up and down, while the second and third patterns involve Zeal coming diagonally from either the left or right side.

The Pinball of the Dead

Judgment makes an appearance as the first boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Similar to The House of the Dead 2, the fight against Judgment is in two parts. The first part requires the player to attack Zeal while Kuarl moves around the screen, often protecting him. After hitting Zeal a number of times, Kuarl will go down, and the player will only have Zeal to deal with. At this point, Zeal will move quickly around the screen, making it more difficult for the player to hit him.


  • Kuarl appears to be based on the Dullahan of Celtic mythology, a type of fairie who appears in the form of a headless knight.
  • Ironically, the name Zeal is one of the seven heavenly virtues. It is also known as Diligence.


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