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"Must we simply sit and wait for it all to end?"
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Type-28, codenamed "Judgment" (ジャッジメント Jajjimento?), consisted of Zeal (ズィール Zīru?), a sentient imp-like creature who controls Kuarl (クァール Ku~āru?), a headless, ax-wielding armored behemoth. Together, they are the first boss in The House of the Dead 2.

Zeal is the duo's weak point; if shot while flying about, Kuarl's attacks are delayed. At low health, Kuarl dies, leaving Zeal to swoop and charge down players.

Bestiary Overview

Kuarl is a headless, armored giant with a massive bloody ax. Spikes protrude from its shoulders, wrists and knees. It moans despite having no face. The creature will lumber forward, raise its ax, and (with Zeal's cry of "Go, Kuarl!") hack players. Kuarl is impervious to gunfire, but Judgement takes small damage when its armor is shot.

Like Hangedman from The House of the Dead, Zeal is a bat-human hybrid that speaks in a high-pitched voice; in contrast, Zeal is smaller and wears spiked armor similar to Kuarl's.

Being Judgment's weak point, Zeal's flight makes him an evasive target; both Kuarl and Zeal recoil if the latter is damaged. When Judgement is at low health, Kuarl dies, and Zeal will fly directly at players to attack.


The House of the Dead 2

Judgment was derived from geneticist Dr. Curien's mad research; after Curien's death in the 1998 Curien Mansion Incident, his financier Caleb Goldman developed Judgment and other creatures for the next two years. Goldman released them in a large, unnamed city on February 26th, 2000, scheming to decimate humanity and preserve the life cycle.

AMS dispatched agents to investigate. One of them, "G", planned to meet partners James Taylor and Gary Stewart in a library, but was injured by Judgment. James and Gary confronted Zeal while driving, but the creature flew away. Later, Zeal appeared again, with Kuarl emerging by smashing two cars aside. Using the files given to them by "G", James and Gary defeated Judgment; Zeal uttered Goldman's name before dying.

The agents encountered Judgment again while travelling to Goldman's headquarters; Zeal claimed Goldman gave them a "second chance." They were once more defeated.

Goldman's final creation, the Emperor, could shape-shift into most of the game's bosses; among its transformations was Zeal, attempting to ram players.

The Pinball of the Dead

Judgment is the first boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Like in 2, this is a two-part fight. First, the player must attack Zeal while Kuarl moves around the screen, often protecting him. After several hits, Kaurl dies; Zeal will then move quickly around the screen, making him a more difficult target than before.



Judgment is two bosses in one: Kuarl, who lumbers toward players to attack with his axe; and Zeal, the duo's weak point who flies in the background. The latter is an evasive target, flying at progressively faster speeds while using Kuarl's armored body for protection. Shooting Kuarl inflicts chip damage, but only damage to Zeal will make Kuarl recoil and disrupt any attack in progress. At low health, Kuarl dies and Zeal will fight the player alone.

The pair is fought again in the fifth chapter, but their behavior does not change.


  1. Kuarl approaches the player at increasing speeds, performs an overhead axe attack at close range. Throughout the first part of the fight, Zeal flies around Kuarl at progressively increasing speeds. Shooting Zeal at any time will cause Kuarl to stagger and disrupt any attacks in progress.
  2. After Judgment loses roughly two-thirds of its health, Kuarl dies and Zeal will battle alone. Attempting to ram into the player, Zeal may perform three random flight patterns:
    • Zeal flies straight at the player while bobbing up and down.
    • Zeal flies diagonally at the player from the left side.
    • Zeal flies diagonally at the player from the right side.

These randomly-chosen attacks will continue until Zeal is killed.


  • During the first phase, Kuarl and Zeal are briefly invulnerable to damage after the latter is shot.
  • Before Kuarl attacks, Zeal stops flying and will appear over Kuarl's shoulder--an easy opportunity shoot Zeal.
  • During the second phase, Zeal will fly around randomly in place each time after sustaining damage. Though difficult, it is possible to damage him during this animation.


"I've already taken care of G. This is only the beginning. You're next. [Flies away] Get him!"

"[Laughs] Seems like my advice had no effect. Suffer, like G did."

"Sir Go-l-d..."

"Sir Goldman has given me a second chance. Don't even think you can get past me. Go Kuarl!"


  • Kuarl appears to be based on the Dullahan of Celtic mythology, a type of faerie who appears in the form of a headless knight and serves as a harbinger of death.
  • Ironically, the name Zeal is one of the seven heavenly virtues. It is also known as Diligence.
  • Zeal and Kuarl appear to be telepathically bonded.
  • As is the case with The Lovers and Nigel and Sebastian, the boss utilizes a "Brains" (The tiny Demon, Zeal) and "Muscle" (The giant, headless suit, Kuarl) type of style. Similarly, The "Brains" is the weak spot whereas the "Muscle" is completely impervious to attack. The same is applied to the second phase of the UDS-TP II fight from Zombie Revenge and to Raoul from Vampire Night when he fights in vampire form.
  • Kuarl and Zeal, like the other bosses, can be fought again in Boss Mode.
  • Zeal is one of the only creatures in the entire franchise to address his creator (in this case, Goldman) by name. The only other creature to do so is Star.


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