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Type-0053, codenamed "Justice" (ジャスティス Jasutisu?), was a shackled four-armed, long-tongued behemoth. He[1] is the first boss in The House of the Dead 4, The House of the Dead 4: Special, and Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX.

Justice relentlessly pursues his prey in an attempt to grab, bite, or drop-kick them. His weak point is his tongue, which is susceptible to gunfire and grenades.

Bestiary Overview

Justice is a massive one-eyed humanoid with tattered clothing, decaying skin, and exposed sections of muscle. He has a long tongue and sharp teeth. He has two extra arms protruding from his back. His four arms are noticeably shackled.

Justice has two attacks. He first chases players with open arms, attempting to grab them; shaking the gun escapes his grasp. As long as his cancel bar is not fully depleted, Justice repeats the attack up to four times. The fifth time he grabs the players, they cannot shake it off and will be damaged.

In his second attack, Justice pursues players with his face covered. After four steps, he jumps and kicks the player as he falls.

Throughout the fight, throwing a grenade near Justice causes him to swallow it; the resulting explosion automatically cancels an attack phase.


The House of the Dead 4

Justice was one of several creatures unleashed by the late Caleb Goldman, the financier of Dr. Curien's research, in a posthumous 2003 outbreak. Goldman sought using the creatures to counteract human overpopulation, thus protecting nature.

The outbreak trapped AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green underground. They battled to an elevator hall, only to be ambushed by Justice, who grabs and drops them in the sewers. After the agents killed Justice, it melts into a black goo.

The House of the Dead 4: Special

After James' sacrifice to stop Goldman's final creation, the World, Kate teamed with agent "G" to fight the outbreak back to its source. Driving through the creature-infested streets to an unidentified building, the agents were attacked by Justice, who they defeated after a battle.

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

Justice appears as the boss of the first chapter, ambushing Zobio and Zobiko in the sewers. The boss battle involves players shooting the rows of bad teeth in Justice's mouth.


  • Justice is the only boss from The House of the Dead 4 that is fought more than once; he appears again in Special.
  • It is currently unknown whether the Justice faced in Special is the same as the one in 4. However, considering the original is seen melting into black goo, it seems unlikely.
  • Justice, like Temperance and Strength, shares his name with a Cardinal Virtue (or Auditio).
  • Justice seems to bear a red tattoo on his right shoulder, in the likeness of the Scales of Justice.
  • Justice looks similar to the 13th Angel Bardiel as seen in Evangelion 2.22.


The House of the Dead 4

Official Art


The House of the Dead 4: Special


Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX



  1. In The House of the Dead 4: Special, Kate refers to Justice with a male pronoun.
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