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Kate Green is a playable character in The House Of The Dead 4 alongside AMS agent James Taylor and later with agent G in The House of the Dead 4 Special. Her weapon of choice is a Modified Steyr TMP. In the beginning of House of the Dead 4, she is a new agent in the AMS and assigned as James' new partner, but as they both investigated the waterway, a zombie attack outside left them trapped inside for days.

Kate is portrayed to be capable of handling situations people would normally be afraid of, despite being a new member of the AMS organization. She is not afraid to speak her mind, as she is shown usually commenting on how dangerous her situation is or how disgusting the monsters she encounters are; yet she struggles to understand the circumstances she is in and what the word 'hope' really means, indicating that she still has a lot to learn as an agent. It is implied that she is interested in fashion.

James' death had a strong impact on her character; she becomes more independent. She is still confused about what she's gotten herself into even after everything she's been through, but nonetheless, she displays a large amount of courage and optimism as the story progresses.
The House Of The Dead 4 Kate Green in Chapter 1

Kate Green In Chapter 1


  • In both The House of the Dead 4 and Special, Kate always gets the position of 2P.
  • Katie Greene, a character from Dead Rising 2, another zombie game, shares a similar name to Kate as well as the same last name.
  • Kate appears in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX as a cameo in Chapter 3's "Detective Zobiko". In this game, she wears a different attire while holding signs.
  • It can be implied that she's not a good driver, as in The House of the Dead 4 Special, she spun the car she drove.
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