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The Laboratory is an area of Scarecrow Manor and one of three selectable routes in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. Depending on the player's choices, this area may be featured in any of the middle three chapters: Kate and Ryan, Homo sapiens, or Pandora's Box.


At either 11:34AM, 1:12AM, or 2:27AM,[note 1] AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor journey into a research laboratory inside Scarecrow Manor. Ryan accidentally triggers the laboratory's security system, trapping the pair inside and starting a countdown to an emergency shutdown.

The agents race to the control room to deactivate the security system, battling creatures as they drive a car to traverse a water-filled area. Kate explains that the creatures are "lifeforms in man's image" who attack people on instinct, although the motive behind their creation is unknown.

After deactivating the security system, Ryan finds a photo of Scarecrow Manor's owner with Dr. Curien and Caleb Goldman, the masterminds behind three previous incidents. Kate identifies the owner as Thornheart, and explains that the trio's ancestors founded an unknown organization in 1880; this group was "the beginning of everything". At the time when the photo was taken, Thornheart also had a disease.

A squid-like creature, High Priestess, emerges and pursues the agents into a large liquid-filled area. Kate and Ryan destroy a container, dousing High Priestess with chemicals before shooting it with a nearby incendiary gun. The creature explodes.

As they leave, Kate expresses uncertainty if Thornheart is still alive, but believes that someone is responsible for the events in Scarecrow Manor.


  • The laboratory's A.I. quotes are among the few lines of dialogue in Scarlet Dawn's International version that have English subtitles; most of the others are missing due to an oversight.
  • While driving the car through the water, Kate recalls being "up to [her] waist" in sewer water previously. This references the second chapter of The House of the Dead 4, in which Kate and James Taylor journey through the sewers.


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  1. The time shown in the opening cutscene varies based on the order in which the player selects this level, the Annex, and the Elevator Lobby. It is unknown which time is canon.
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