I'm not gonna stop until I find my dad.

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Lisa Rogan (リサ・ローガン Risa Rōgan?) is the daughter of AMS agent Thomas Rogan and ex-DBR Corporation researcher Sophie Richards. When her father went missing during an investigation of the EFI Research Facility, Lisa teamed with his former partner G to find him. She is one of the main protagonists of The House of the Dead III.


Early life

Lisa was born to AMS agent Thomas Rogan and Sophie Richards in 1999 or early 2000. Growing up, Lisa and her father's relationship was strained; he put work ahead of family, and she disliked being compared to him.[1]

2019 EFI Research Facility investigation

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In a post-apocalyptic 2019, Rogan went missing following a mission at the EFI Research Facility. Lisa, determined to find him, tracked his whereabouts with the help of help of his retired partner G. The duo arrived at the creature-infested facility where contact with him was lost two weeks earlier.

Armed with shotguns, the pair fought inside. They battled the giant undead security guard Death, the sloth-like Fool, and Sun, a mutant tree.

Lisa 2

Lisa after finding Rogan.

Lisa and G eventually found Rogan, who revealed that he was rescued by Dr. Curien's son Daniel. They also learned that Curien's body had undergone a 19-year resurrection process and was transformed into Wheel of Fate, a powerful entity. Daniel, disgusted by his father's crimes, vowed to stop him.

While G stayed behind to care for Rogan, Lisa and Daniel fought to Wheel of Fate's chamber; they eventually defeated Curien, thus rescuing the last of humanity from extinction.


Lisa is dedicated and persistent, having vowed to her mother that she would bring her father Rogan home. While serious, she occasionally makes humorous quips in combat; for instance, after defeating the mutant tree Sun, she remarks that she "was never good at gardening."

Lisa and her father have a strained relationship; she notes that he "always put work ahead of his family" and has hardly any memories of him spending time with her and her mother. She is also annoyed by her father constantly telling her to "believe in [herself]", to point of wanting to "smack him upside the head for Mom!"

Despite this, Lisa is overjoyed when she finally reunites with him, at last understanding what "believe in yourself" truly means to her. She takes responsibility, ordering G to look after her wounded father and expressing determination to continue fighting for him.


  • Lisa is the first playable female character in the main series (the second being Kate Green from The House of the Dead 4 and Scarlet Dawn). This is not counting Linda Rotta from the spinoff Zombie Revenge, which predates The House of the Dead III.
  • Lisa's real middle name is "Richards" (or R.) because her mother's last name is Richards.


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