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'''Mofish:''' A fish zombie that closely resembles a piranha. Seen with (and used by) [[Hierophant]] and various other levels with water.
'''Mofish:''' A fish zombie that closely resembles a piranha. Seen with (and used by) [[Hierophant]] and various other levels with water.
== The House of the Dead 4 (comes before HOTD3)==
== The House of the Dead 4 (comes before HotD3)==
(non-canon names are marked with an asterisk)
(non-canon names are marked with an asterisk)
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== The House of the Dead III (comes after HOTD4&Special)==
== The House of the Dead III (comes after HotD4&Special)==
[Note: All unmarked names are canon and taken from official sources. Names marked with an * are preliminary translations that are yet to be confirmed, and names marked with a ? are fillers yet to be confirmed}
[Note: All unmarked names are canon and taken from official sources. Names marked with an * are preliminary translations that are yet to be confirmed, and names marked with a ? are fillers yet to be confirmed}

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Zombies are numerous undead specimens and people. They are corpses resurrected by the mystery compound used by Dr. Roy Curien and many others. Though the bestiary changes for the most part as the games go on, a few types of zombies managed to make it through most (if not all) the game, like Kageo, Ebitan, murrers, bats, and Johnny. Otherwise, basic appearance and weaponry templates have been used throughout the series to make new creations, like the plain common zombies, the crawling and jumping zombies, and the infamous chainsaw and buzz-saw zombies.

The House of the Dead

Officially Named

(Names and some info in descriptions pf zombies in the first are obtained from Sega Saturn manual. Keep in mind that it's unsure if names and information from Sega Saturn manual is actually canon)

Sam This zombie is, according to Curien, how it all got started. They appear to be bald (for the most part) and shirtless, having a huge open wound near their stomach. Usually they attack by bites and hand slashes.
Nail A black-shirted zombie which acts like Sam.
Cyril A brown-shirted zombie armed with two axes, he uses at close range or throws at Rogan and G sometimes.
Kageo The equally infamous skeletal zombie (AKA: Kageo in future games) that prefers to wander mostly in the more "humid" areas.
Bourbon This zombie is somewhat of a mixture of Kageo and Sam/Nail. Behavior is no different from Sam's or Nail's.
Ebitan a
Ebitan A The infamous sludge-covered zombies which made an appearance in all the games of the series (except for Overkill). Curien claims he has no idea how this being was created while "puttering around the lab" one fine day.
Ebitan b Ebitan B The second variant of Ebitan, half-bodied with a yellow jagged sword. They usually up and fall upon players from the ceilings or various openings and holes.
Ebitianc01 Ebitan C A rarer variant of Ebitan that is the same as A except having skin torn off in some places of his body and being noticeably low-poly comparing to other zombies. They are only encountered in the underground waterway of Chapter 1. It is possible that they may be beta versions of Ebitans developers decided to keep in the game, but only as a single encounter.
Robert A cyborg-like zombie with metallic parts which are invulnerable to gunfire.
Simon A muscular zombie. Sometimes they throw barrels and (one time) even a scientist at player(s).
Gilmore A skinless muscle-bound zombie with a huge two-handed hammer. He's taller than most of the other zombies.
Harris A brawny zombie with a black mustache and beard who usually stands still while swinging some sort of a smaller version of a wrecking ball on a chain towards player('s) direction.
Samson A large bearded zombie in overalls with a rusty chainsaw. They usually can be seen breaking out of the doors. They are strong, but slow.
Bentley A plain fat zombie that charges at player(s), sometmes throws barrels.
Burner A fat zombie with a torch, which he wields like a chainsaw.
Rubin Drake's "partner" who wears grey colored business suit with a snap-brim hat, equipped with claws. Curien refers to them as "vicious little monsters" that like to roll and crawl on the ground and go up walls.
Drake Rubin's partner who wears brown colored business suit with a snap-brim hat, equipped with knives. Curien refers to them as "vicious little monsters" that like to roll and crawl on the ground and go up walls.
Moody A cyborg-like zombie with metallic claws that can be shot repeatedly for a long range attack.
Parlor A light blue zombie that usually travels in pairs and likes to crawl and climb around while throwing blue energy knives.
Hellhound Kenfis Demonic dog-like creatures with wings (which they don't use) that run at player(s) and scream like a cougar when hit.
Saruzou Killer monkeys that like to jump around the place before attacking player(s) and usually attack in pairs. Comes in colors white and black. A pair of black Saruzous appears only once in the first chapter, the way G and Rogan will go upon entering the mansion depends on which of these two you will kill first. They make screeching noises when hit.
Devilon Devilon Zombified bats who usually fly around in groups and fly at your face. Can also be found in a form of a huge swarm when fighting the Hangedman.
Bueel Bueel Giant frogs with big red jaws and sharp teeth that like to jump out of the water.
Murrer Murrer Voracious leeches with sharp teeth that like to lunge at your face and can be found squirming in groups usually around a scientust/zombie corpses.
Name Name Brown fat slugs that appear very rarely and also like to bite similar to Murrers.
Thalang Thalang Toxic-green spiders that scurry towards you for a bite.

Unofficially Named

Although they DO appear in the game, they do not have their official names. Mostly they aren't found-able in many routes.

Commoner Zombies: Zombies that are relatively weaker than others, they usually appear in backgrounds, they either bite or strike. There is three types of them:

Shawn A zombie in a black t-shirt and pants. Not commonly found in many routes as a background zombie.
Vincent A zombie wearing only pair of shorts. Commonly found in many routes as a background zombie.
Ivan A zombie in brown pants. Commonly found in many routes as a background zombie.
Talbot An uncommon zombie that only appears in the third stage. They look a bit like Sam-type zombies, but with a different skin colour and having bloody and skinless left side of the face, neck, and left arm.

The House of the Dead 2

Davidzombie David The most common zombie seen in the game. They bite or slash with their hands.
200px Andrew Behaves like David, but has a different appearance.
Johnny Johnny A flannel-shirted zombie armed with two axes, that he either uses at close range or throws at player(s).
Randy Randy Small zombie with some armored body parts, who can run along walls and ceilings. They roam in pairs.
Gfs 19889 2 6 mid Kageo The skeletal zombie, who usually appears in the dark and dreadful areas.
LoneMickey HotD2 Mickey Small zombie who wields knives in both hands. His method of attack is to leap down at his target from roof tops and other high places.
Arjay Ryan The bandaged zombie in a brown-red vest who looks like an enhanced version of Mickey. Uses two weirdly shaped knives to attack, either at close or far distance.
200px Bob Obese zombie who is wearing an executioner's hood. Bob's form of attack is a drop kick or headbutting. Sometimes he throws barrels and oil drums at player(s).
200px Max Zombie armed with two chainsaws. He moves quite fast at times and may swing his chainsaws in front of his head, making a headshot more difficult.
Ebitan Ebitan The sludge zombie who resides in the water, suddenly leaping from the murky depths to attack his prey. He comes in three variants: green, black, and brown.
200px Ken This zombie is like a mixture of Kageo and Randy. Like Kageo, Ken also lurks in dark corners.

  Cecil: Cecil is an alternate variant of Johnny in the game, which looks closer to Cyril from the first game. He appears only a few times.

Kageo J: Crawling half-bodied version of Kageo, which also has brown skin instead of dark-green one.

Keith: Keith is an alligator-like zombie that lurks in underground areas.

Gregory: Gregory wears a Medieval knight clothing and wears a giant sword, appearing only in Colosseum areas.

Ricky and Shawn

Patrick (left) and Ricky (right).

Ricky: A muscular zombie with some exposed muscles and brain.

Patrick: Another muscular zombie similar to Ricky, but with more open muscles, eyeless, wearing military beret, pants and boots.

Peter: Peter is a zombie which appears only in the Dawn chapter, unlike other zombies he has a parasite living inside of him, which will jump out and attack the player(s) upon his death. If player(s) want to avoid attack of the parasite, Peter should be killed by the headshot.

Lance I: Cybrid Zombie, present only in the fifth and final stage. They are like a mixture of Ghost zombies from the first game and Mickey. Lance crawls on walls and ceilings, throwing crescent energy blades at player(s). They have the ability to appear out of nowhere as well and teleport, making them difficult to hit. They also bite the opponent if they're close. His body parts can't be blown off.

Franklin I: Present only in the final stage, these robotic Cybrid Zombies can appear out of nowhere and walk through walls to confront you with a punch. Like Lance and Eric, his body parts cannot be blown off.


Eric about to strike.

Eric I: Present only in the final stage, Eric is a Cybrid Zombie armed with dual pulse sabers for hands. Though he doesn't share any ghosting abilities like Lance and Franklin, he can take a considerable amount of hits before going down.

Murrer: Murrer is a worm-like creature. They appear in two types, light-brown with tiger-like stripes and green ones.

Moowl: An owl-like zombie.

Buyo: A small parasite similar to Murrer. They reside in Peter-type zombies and will jump out at player(s) if Peter is not shot in the head.

Cocoon: Found only in the clock tower, they look like fat brown slugs.

Devilon: A quick bat zombie that will usually attack in groups.

Bouere: A frog-like zombie which appears only in Chapter 1 if player(s) will fail to save the first couple of survivors.

Mofish: A fish zombie that closely resembles a piranha. Seen with (and used by) Hierophant and various other levels with water.

The House of the Dead 4 (comes before HotD3)

(non-canon names are marked with an asterisk)

*Lorenzo Series: Similar to the Mark series in House of the Dead 3, these are adaptable zombies found in most environments and like to attack in groups. These include:

1. *Josh: A zombie with a skinless right arm and exposed stomach and facial muscles.

2. *Riley: A green-skinned zombie in red pants with stripe-shaped scars all over its body.

3. *Tyler: A common zombie with tattoos on its body.

4. *Marcus: Similar to Tyler, but has a mohawk and no tattoos on its body. Appears only once in Chapter 1.

5. *Izzy: Similar to Marcus, but has a cracked torso.

*Trask: Brawny and burly zombie.

*Nathan: A zombie similar to Ken from House of the Dead 2. He crawls along the walls and uses claws to attack the player(s). He wears bandages on his head and forearms and sports climbing claws on his feet and hands.

*Graham: A zombie in a lab coat that clutches his head. Interestingly enough, he has nearly the same head model as Morris from the third game.

*Chris: A zombie similar to Graham in behavior, wearing a junkie outfit.

*Frog: A frog-like zombie who appears in underground areas with water, using his tongue to attack the player(s). Appears in green and brown variants.

*Walter: Really large and with a big, stitched up belly, Walt will advance wobbly but fast on the player(s), sometimes he can throw objects at player(s).

*Alonzo: This zombie wears a welder's suit and mask, armed with a propane tank and a blowtorch.

*Harland: A blue-jacketed zombie.

*Shane: A zombie in a blue coat, who is similiar to Johnny from the second game and Jack from the third one. Wields dual exes he can use at close or far distance.

*Nelson: This small zombie wears a hobo-like outfit and uses knives to fight.

*Ben: A large muscular zombie with a vest, sometimes throws objects. Can also wield weapons.

*Otto: A brawny zombie in a green striped muscle shirt.

*Brandon: Brandon is a mutant zombie with large bat-like wings. He flies rather swiftly, but shouldn't be too hard to take down.

*Jeffrey: Jeffrey appears to be created from an office worker. He wears tattered clothes and a necktie. He also sports odd drawings on his hands.

*AMS Agent: The remnants of an AMS Agent. They act like Rogan Commandos from the third game.

*Norman: A zombie with metal gloves, who wears clothes which kinda look like policeman ones.

*Lance II: A metallic Cybrid Zombie who is an enhanced version of the Lance zombies from the second game. Only present in Goldman's building, they have cloaking abilities and hurl energy knives at player(s)

*Franklin II: Enhanced version of the Franklin zombies from the second game. Present only in Goldman's building.

*Eric II: Enhanced version of the Eric zombies from the second game. Present only in the Goldman building.

Ebitan: A rotting zombie covered in green sludge. In this games he comes in 4 variants: dark-green (resides in waters), light-green (resides in waters too and interestingly enough has some features of Ebitan C from the first game), white (resides in areas like big garbage containers) and brown (resides in areas with a lot of dirt).

Kageo: Skeletal zombie who usually appears in groups. There is also a half-bodied Kageo J variant

Murrer: Leech-like creatures.

Devilon: Zombified bats who often attack in large numbers.

*Spawnling: A small spiders spawned during the battle with Lovers.

The House of the Dead III (comes after HotD4&Special)

[Note: All unmarked names are canon and taken from official sources. Names marked with an * are preliminary translations that are yet to be confirmed, and names marked with a ? are fillers yet to be confirmed}

Mark II

Mark II of the Mark Series.

Mark Series: A series of zombies.

1. Mark I: A shirtless bald zombie with glowing red eyes and blue pants.

2. Mark II: A zombie in brown ragged pants with exposed part of his chest.

3. Mark III: A zombie with dark circles around his eyes and dark speckles on his body.

4. Mark IV: A zombie in a blue plaid shirt with pockets and blue cargo pants.

Frederic: An undead researcher or surgeon. They throw scalpels and move pretty fast. There is also a variant of Fredrick which uses orange clothes, surgeon mask and is speechless.

Charles: A large fat zombie in red pants and torn shirt with scartch marks all over his body. Another variant of Charles comes with deep gray mottled skin, different face and a higher endurance.

Charles (left) and Mark I (right).

Azteca: Muscular zombie which can also use an enormous steel frame.

Azteca II: A Zombie with a military haircut, looking like Guile from Street Fighter. He wears dog tags around his neck, military pants and boots which are identical to those worn by the Rogan Commandos, singlets which are torn at the bottom and fingerless gloves. The four differences of his pants is the lack of knee pads, the left side being intact (with the exception of the chapter 0 commando), the case attached on the right side and the pants not being folded in military style. He acts very similar to Azteca and uses four types of attacks. The first attack is to throw objects such as monitors or water drums. Once that is done or if he does not have any item to start with, he will use any one of the three attacks: lariat, punch or upper cut.

Kageo: A skeletal zombie. Kageo is weak and slow, but in groups he is dangerous.

Rogan Commandos: Rogan's soldiers turned into undead after getting killed by zombies in the building. They are really fast, making them one of the most dangerous zombies in the game. They will either use knives or kicks to attack the player.

Yukio: An elite Rogan Commando who was killed during "Chapter 0". He serves as a miniboss much later in the final chapter and can take far more damage. Interestingly enough, unlike the other zombies in the game he can talk, though it appears that he just says random phrases he once said when he was alive like "We are humanity's last hope!" and "That's for my buddies!".

Raymond: Raymond appears to be some kind of an enhanced version of Johnny or Jack, being pretty muscular and having open muscles (and also skin missing from his face), wielding a buzzsaw and some sort of a stone piece he uses to sharpen it.
Buzzsaw Zombie


Cain: Cain is a mutant zombie who looks like Mark I or III, but has plant-like features like arms in the form of vines.

Julie: Undeadbuilding employee or scientist. It is strange that he has a feminine name, despite looking and sounding male, perhaps it can be a mistake.

Morris: A zombie in blue clothes and skinless mouth who wears a huge axe.


Hugh: A bandaged small zombie with an impressive jumping ability who uses a fluorescent lamp or umbrella as a weapon.

Pico: Somewhat a reminiscent to the Mickey from the second game, this small zombies attacks player(s) with two knives.

Ebitan: A rotting zombie covered in green sludge as a result of being immersed in water for a lot of time.

Koebitan: A slightly smaller version of Ebitan which attacks in groups.

Jack: An double-axe wielding zombie, who is a copy of the Johnny zombies from the second game.


The electric-obsessed Victor.

Victor: A small agile zombie with a maniacal hyena laugh, who is wielding an electrical cords connected to the small power box hanging from his neck.

Acid: Red dripping zombies that crawl on walls and ceilings.
Crawler zombie

Acid zombie.

Murrer: Leech-like creatures.

Devilon: Zombified bats that attack in groups.

Morkin: Zombified vultures often seen around corpses.

Bugs:* Groups of small beetles residing within the Bio Lab who attack in swarms.

Motorman*: A very rare zombie that appears only once in one of the EFI Genome Ward versions. Motorman looks similar to Mark IV but with a bloodied or flayed face and shoes. According to the Japanese official guide, this zombie is actually a gag character of sorts, with his look directly based on an employee's party costume and makeup.

The House of the Dead: Overkill

Unlike the first four installments, the cast of zombies - or "mutants" as they're called in this game - almost completely consist of the zombified/mutated/infected residents of Bayou City rather than duplicates of the same reanimated corpses. THis is also the first HotD game to feature female zombies. These zombies range from common civilians, hospital workers, clowns, prison inmates, and law enforcers, varying from location to location. They are armed with knives, hammers, axes, sickles, saws, bottles, riot sticks and shields (police mutants/zombies only), their bare hands, body parts of dead mutants/zombies, and even their own bodies (Pukers only).

  • Commoners: Once innocent townsfolk, these creatures are now affected by undeath.

1. Cade: He is the first zombie in a blue polo shirt and he wants to jump over the kitchen table.

2. Luke: He is the second zombie in a red plaid polo shirt. But he wants to eat him.

3. Bret: He is the third zombie in a green polo shirt and he wants to attack the people.

4. Leslie: She is the fourth zombie in a lavender t shirt. She is running over you.

5. Owen: He is the fifth zombie in a orange plaids and blue flannel lined jeans and he is coming over you.

  • Doctors: Medical doctors who once cared for patients. Now they seek to do nothing more than to do you in.
  • Nurses: The nurses prefer hypodermic needles to any other weapon.
  • Surgeons: Ghouls in surgery attire who want to rip out the innards of whatever they find.
  • Clowns: Undead clowns that somersault and bite their prey. They can also throw knives in the boss battle with Nigel and Sebastian.
  • Ride Operators: The workers of the carnival.
  • Football Players: The Bayou City Roosters: these jocks have a way of tackling and scoring touchdowns with your bodies!
  • Prison Inmates: Undead criminals in orange prison clothes who appear in the jailhouse and on the train.
  • Cops: The Bayou City police officers; wander around the city and wield nightsticks. Some of them use riot shields to block gunfire. In the Extended Cut, some models of cops appear in the slaughter house as guards, with a cap on their heads.
  • Rage Mutants: Strong Mutants that run towards you and grab you. In the PS3 version, they are defeated by target shooting, and killed by an environmental weapon. In the Wii version, you must push them back or get bitten. Wrestling with them is only avoidable in the Wii version. They have a barcode tattooed in a pectoral and orange pants meaning they were inmates or test subjects of Formula X.
  • Pukers: Mutants with bloated bellies that puke acid on you or explode. Do not shoot if they are close in the Wii version, you will be given a chance to wrestle with them. The description and behavior of the Pukers is similar to that of the Boomer series in Left 4 Dead. These mutants are filled with pus, acid, and blood. They can also accidentally harm other mutants.
  • Spawnlings: Mutant babies who can crawl on the walls and attack by leaping at their prey head-on.
  • Strippers: (Extended Cut only) "Entertainers" that worked in the Pink Pussycat.
  • Bikers: (Extended Cut Only) Gang members who hang out at Mort's Saloon. They wear t-shirts with an image of a skull with a spade on the forehead.
  • Slaughterhouse Workers: (Extended Cut only) Butchers that wander the factory looking for somebody to cut. They carry cleavers or knives.
  • Flayed Mutants: (Extended Cut only) Mutants that appear in the slaughter without skin, revealing their muscles and the intestines.
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