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A horde of creatures approaching.

The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Developed by Thornheart, they were released during a party at Scarecrow Manor in 2006. Several of the creatures were previously developed by Dr. Curien, an associate of Thornheart, in 1998.

Like the ones encountered in a 2003 incident, these creatures attack in hordes. However, they will aggressively attempt to swarm or knock prey to the ground. The creatures can also climb walls and on each other, uniting to form a tower.


Rogers.png Rogers (ロジャーズ, Rojāzu?) A common rotten creature with a disfigured side jaw and grey eyes swiping players. Wears a brown leather suit and yellow-dotted blue tie.
Allen.png Allen (アレン, Aren?) A common bald creature wearing a blue long-sleeved polo and grey chaleco. He has red eyes and is coated in slimy pus.
Santana.png Santana (サンタナ, Santana?) A common creature wearing a black fedora and formal attire. He has blue eyes and an exposed nostril.
Bryant.png Bryant (ブライアント, Buraianto?) Another bald creature with a disfigured jaw wearing red and black glasses, a tattered blue long-sleeved shirt and a red bow tie while covered in dried blood.
Wilson.png Wilson (ウィルソン, U~Iruson?) A common creature in formal attire oozed in blue liquid. He has white eyes, a wide open mouth, and walks with an injured bone.
Kageo.png Kageo (影尾, Kage o?) A skeletal creature with brown hair and brown skin tissue. Looks more decayed than it's predecessors. Comes in packs.
Suzuki.png Suzuki (鈴木, Suzuki?) The only female creature in the game. Her name suggests she is of Japanese origin. She's another skeletal creature but with lighter skin color.
Cyril.png Cyril (シリル, Shiriru?) Making his return from the original game, nothing has changed from Cyril except appearing more decayed.
Park.png Park (パーク, Pāku?) Wears a black long-sleeved shirt and attacks with cement rebars.
Mac.png Mac (マック, Makku?) An athletic creature wielding a katana. He wears a hooded ninja outfit and attacks solo or with a partner. He rushes towards his prey by wall running without losing momentum.
Ebitan.png Ebitan (エビタン, Ebitan?) A green sludged creature attacking in packs. Located in murky watery areas. Throws goo projectiles.
Smoker.png Smoker (喫煙者, Kitsuen-sha?) A purple sludge-covered creature, similar to Ebitan, with small craters protruding from his body and is located in humid areas.
Simon.png Simon (サイモン, Saimon?) Making his return from the original game, he is a muscular creature capable of throwing barrels and even civilians at players. He also can stomp on players. He now has red eyes, whitish skin color and green exposed muscles.
Bruce.png Bruce (ブルース, Burūsu?) He is a unique muscular creature wearing a rock star outfit. He attacks his prey with an electric guitar.
Bentley.png Bentley (ベントレー, Bentorē?) Making his return from the original game, he now wears formal attire and has green ooze over him. Higher health and throws barrels.
Samson.png Samson (サムソン, Samuson?) Making his return from the original game, he is a fat, overalls-wearing creature wielding a chainsaw. He has a more southern appearance and no longer has a beard. Higher health and uses said chainsaw as protection.
Samsonjr.png Samson Jr. (サムソンジュニア, Samusonjunia?) Being Samson's son, he almost resembles his father but instead of overalls, he wears a stitched apron and mask.
Rubin.png Rubin (ルービン, Rūbin?) Making his return from the original game, he is a short, nimble creature who attacks with claws. Often paired with Drake. He now has a greenish decaying skin color.
Drake.png Drake (ドレイク, Doreiku?) Making his return from the original game, he's a short, nimble creature who throws duel-wielded knives. Often paired with Rubin. He has a grey skin color.
Janish.png Janish (ジャニッシュ, Janisshu?) One of the newest athletic creatures, his fingers are suited with metallic claws and wears a masked party outfit.
Murrer.png Murrer (マーラー, Mārā?) A worm-like creature that attacks in hordes and pounces on prey, leeching and biting them. It has a pinkish skin tone.
Devilon.png Devilon (デビロン, Debiron?) A mutated bat-like creature attacking in hordes. They also accompany the Hangedman during his boss battle.
Ratstar.png Ratstar (ラットスター, Rattosutā?) A mutated rat-like creature attacking in hordes. They pounce on their food and proceed to bite them.


  • The humanoid creatures have various AI and graphics-related bugs that may occur during gameplay. These include:
    • Creatures idling infinitely or getting stuck in the environment, preventing the game from advancing until they are killed.
    • Creature arms contorting in odd ways when among tightly-packed hordes.
    • If repeatedly stunned in a certain way, Cyril may idle for some time rather than attack. Top-level players have used this bug to earn higher scores, as shooting Cyril's axes is worth bonus points.


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