The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in Sega's 1996 game The House of the Dead. Serving as the main enemies, creatures were produced by the mentally unstable Dr. Curien. After Curien went insane, he released the creatures into his mansion to slaughter his own research staff. This string of events has often been referred to as the Curien Mansion incident.


Most creatures in The House of the Dead are identified by both name and type number. All creatures of a certain type share similar characteristics, though differ in appearance. All canon creature names and type numbers have been obtained from the Sega Saturn manual and official game guides.[1]

Known name and type


This group consists of average-sized humanoids. Every creature except Cyril can be killed with a single headshot.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Sam Sam (A-1) 1-4 Weak and commonly found creature. Attacks by biting.
Nail Nail (A-2) 1-3 Stronger variant of Sam. Attacks by swiping.
Cyril Cyril


1-3 Swings axes at close range or throws them from afar.


This group consists of creatures that inhabit humid and wet environments: the Kageo and Ebitan families, respectively.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Kageo Kageo


1 and 3 Weak, slow-moving adversary. Attacks by swiping.
Bourbon Bourbon (B-2) 1 and 3 Kageo's successor who has larger health and resilience.
Ebitan a Ebitan a


1-3 Found in wet habitats, often lurching from bodies of water to attack.
Ebitan b Ebitan b


1 and 2 Hangs upside-down or drops from above. Attacks with a jagged sword or by vomiting.


This group consists of obese humanoids. They can sustain large amounts of damage, surviving even with their bellies blasted open; two headshots, however, will kill them faster. C-type creatures also tend to charge their opponents for a shoulder tackle.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Samson Samson


1 and 2 Wields a chainsaw that deflects gunfire.
Bentley Bentley


2-4 Often throws barrels.
Burner Burner


3 only Behaves like Samson, but uses a blowtorch instead.


This group consists of muscular humanoids. Stronger than the average-sized creature, D-types are often slow-moving but make up for it with their various weapons and means of protection.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Simon Simon


1 and 2 Attacks by shoulder tackling. Can throw barrels or civilians.
Scan-20-5 Gilmore


2 and 4 Attacks with a large iron mallet.
Scan-20-6 Harris


3 and 4 Swings an iron ball and chain either while standing or moving.
Robert Robert


3 and 4 Attacks with a metallic arm that is invulnerable to gunfire.


This group consists of small, agile humanoids.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Rubin Rubin


2 only Rolls at his prey for a claw attack. Often paired with Drake.
Drake Drake


2 only

Throws daggers or attempts biting the player if defenseless. Often paired with Rubin.

Moody Moody (E-3) 3 and 4 Launches claw projectiles from his weapon or attempts biting the player.
Parlor Parlor (E-4) 3 and 4 Like Drake, but with larger health and an unlimited supply of laser daggers.


This group consists of animal-based creatures. Every F-type enemy, with the exception of Saruzou and (on some occasions) dies when shot anywhere once.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Hellhound Kenfis (F-1) 1 only Charges at players while leaping left and right to bite them.
Saruzou Saruzou (F-2) 1 only Often attacks in pairs, leaping at prey for a bite.
Bueel Bueel (F-3) 1 only Often lurches from bodies of water to attack.
Devilon Devilon


1 and 2 Home in on a player's position, dying instantly upon damaging them. A swarm of Devilons appear during Hangedman's boss battles.


This group consists of insectoid creatures who die when shot anywhere once.

Image Name/Type Chapters Description
Murrer Murrer


1 and 2 Squirms in groups, attacking with a lunging bite.
Name Name (G-2) 1 only Crawls on walls, shooting projectiles or biting at close range.
Thalang Thalang (G-3) 3 only Crawls on the ground or drops down from ceilings for a bite.

Unknown type

The following enemies have names revealed in game files, but do not have type numbers.

Image Name Chapters Description
Kage Kage 2 only Moves and attacks like Saruzou, but with larger health.

Unknown name and type

The following enemies currently have unknown official names. Should any new information surface, members of this section will move to the above section.

1-3 Mostly encountered as a harmless background creature, but a hostile version exists.
Ebitianc01 1 only A third variant of Ebitan. Only encountered in the Curien Mansion's underground waterway.
1-3 Mostly encountered as a harmless background creature, but a hostile version exists.
1-3 Mostly encountered as a harmless background creature, but a hostile version exists.
3 only Behaves similar to Bourbon.


Official Art


Concept Art


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