The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in Sega's 1996 game The House of the Dead. Serving as the main enemies, creatures were produced by the mentally unstable Dr. Curien. After Curien went mad, he released the creatures into his mansion to slaughter his own research staff; this event has often been referred to as the Curien Mansion incident.


Most creatures in The House of the Dead are identified by both name and type number. All creatures of a certain type share similiar characteristics, though differ in appearance. All canon creature names and type numbers have been obtained from the Sega Saturn manual and official game guides.[1]

Name and Type Known


This group consists of average-sized humanoids.

Image Name Type Chapters Description
Sam Sam A-1 1-4 A pale, shirtless humanoid with exposed entrails. He is one of the weakest and most common creatures in the game. He mainly attacks by biting.
Nail Nail A-2 1-3 A humanoid in a black ensemble who attacks by swiping. His health is slightly higher than Sam's.
Cyril Cyril A-3 1-3 A humanoid who dual wields axes. He can either hack his targets up close, or throw the axes from a distance.


This group consists of creatures that inhabit humid and wet environments: the Kageo and Ebitan families, respectively.

Image Name Type Appearances (Chapters) Description
Kageo Kageo B-1 1 and 3 A weak, skeletal, mummy-like humanoid that prefers humid areas to keep from drying out.
Bourbon Bourbon B-2 1 and 3 Kageo's slightly-stronger successor. Wears jeans and appears to be wrapped in seaweed.
Ebitan a Ebitan a B-3 1-3 A sludge-covered humanoid notable for its wet habitat. He often lurches from bodies of water to ambush his target.
Ebitan b Ebitan b B-4 1 and 2 Ebitan's second variant, in which only his torso remains. He either ambushes his prey by hanging upside-down or falling from above; attacks with a jagged sword or by vomiting.


This group consists of obese humanoids.

Image Name Type Appearances (Chapters) Description
Samson Samson C-1 1 and 2 Wields a chainsaw to inflict damage and deflect gunfire.
Bentley Bentley C-2 2-4 Can throw barrels and other objects; when defenseless, he attacks with a shoulder tackle.
Burner Burner C-3 3 only The successor to Samson, behaving identically but wielding a blowtorch instead.


This group consists of muscular humanoids.

Image Name Type Appearances (Chapters) Description
Simon Simon D-1 1 and 2 Can throw barrels and even civilians as projectiles.
Scan-20-5 Gilmore D-2 2 and 4 Slow-moving and attacks with a massive hammer.
Scan-20-6 Harris D-3 3 and 4 Either stands in place or advances towards his target while swinging a ball and chain; the roughly three swings, the ball damages the player.
Robert Robert D-4 3 and 4 Has metallic parts of his upper body which are invulnerable to gunfire. If his head is shot, he attemps covering his face. He also has a rare charge attack when certain parts of his body are shot.


This group consists of small, agile humanoids.

Image Name Type Appearances (Chapters) Description
Rubin Rubin E-1 2 only Often paired with Drake. Short and nimble, Rubin rolls at his prey to attack with claws.
Drake Drake E-2 2 only Often paired with Rubin. Short and nimble, Drake will throw up to two knives from a distance; when defenseless, he attemps biting the player instead.
Moody Moody E-3 3 and 4 Retrofitted with metallic parts, Moody can launch an infinite number of claw projectiles from his weapon. He can also bite the player.
Parlor Parlor E-4 3 and 4 Behaves similarly to Drake, but with larger health. He throws an unlimited number of laser knives.


This group consists of animal-based creatures.

Image Name Type Appearances (Chapters) Description
Hellhound Kenfis F-1 1 only A winged dog-like creature that rushes players to bite them, often hopping left and right while approaching.
Saruzou Saruzou F-2 1 only Created from a Japanese macaque monkey; often attacks in pairs, leaping at prey for a bite.
Bueel Bueel F-3 1 only Frog-like creatures with a large, sharp teeth. Often lurches from bodies of water to attack.
Devilon Devilon F-4 1 and 2 Bats which fly in groups and home in on a player's position; they die instantly after landing a successful hit. A swarm of them appear during the Hangedman's boss battles.


This group consists of insectoid creatures.

Image Name Type Appearances (Chapters) Description
Murrer Murrer G-1 1 and 2 A leech or maggot-like creature that squirms in groups, attacking with a lunging bite.
Name Name G-2 1 only A fat, brown slug that shoot projectiles and bite. They only appear in the mansion's underground waterway.
Thalang Thalang G-3 3 only A green spider that scurries to players for a bite. Often seen in groups and hanging from ceilings.

Type Unknown

The following enemies have names revealed in game files, Bu do not have type numbers.

Image Name Chapters Description
Kage Kage 2 only A creature that appears exclusively in the second chapter. It behaves like Saruzou, but has higher health.

Name and Type Unknown

The following enemies currently have unknown official names. Should any new information surface, members of this section will move to the above section.

1-3 A pale creature in a blue shirt and pants; while usually a harmless background creature, a rare hostile version is found in the first stage.
Ebitianc01 1 only A third variant of Ebitan. Only encountered in the Curien Mansion's underground waterway.
1-3 A pale, shirtless creature with black hair; while usually a harmless background creature, a rare hostile version is found in the first and third stages.
1-3 A bald creature in brown pants; while usually a harmless background creature, a rare hostile version is found in the first and third stages.
3 only A creature who is bloody and skinless on the left side of his face, his neck, and right arm; uncommonly found in the third stage.


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