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A mural of several creatures from The House of the Dead 2.

The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in The House of the Dead 2. Serving as the main enemies, creatures were produced when the late Dr. Curien's financier, Caleb Goldman, used his research to orchestrate a citywide incident; Goldman sought regulating populations to protect the life cycle. AMS agents James Taylor, Gary Stewart, Amy Crystal, and Harry Harris battled the threat.

Creature list


LoneDavidHOTD2.png David (デビッド, Debiddo?) Mainly attacks by biting. Weak and common.
LoneSteveHOTD2.png Steve (スティーブ, Sutību?) A stronger version of David. Attacks by swiping.
LoneJohnnyHOTD2.png Johnny (ジョニー, Jonī?) Uses axes for protection, slashing at close distance or throwing them from afar; resorts to David-like behavior if axes are lost for any reason.

The variants which attack from afar have lower health than the ones who attack the player up close.

LoneCecilHOTD2.png Cecil (セシル, Seshiru?) An uncommon, more aggressive alternate of Johnny, featuring lower health and defense.
LoneMaxHOTD2.png Max (マックス, Makkusu?) Rushes target and deflects gunfire with duel-wielded chainsaws. Has the most health out of any creature in the game, and cannot lose arms at all, making the only creature to hold the distinction.
LoneBobHOTD2.png Bob (ボブ, Bobu?) Strong due to obese body. Attacks by drop kicking, head-butting, and throwing either barrels or oil drums.
LoneEbitansHOTD2.png Ebitan (エビタン, Ebitan?) Emerges from, or swims in, bodies of water to attack. Comes in green, black, and brown colors.
LoneKageoHOTD2.png Kageo (カゲオ, Kageo?) A creature with skin like that of a mummy. Roams the darker areas in groups, attacking with an arm swipe.
LoneKageoJHOTD2.png Kageo J (カゲオJ, Kageo J?) A version of Kageo without legs. Attacks with a leaping bite at close range.
LoneKenHOTD2.png Ken (ケン, Ken?) An improved Kageo which wears armor, wielding metal claws, comes in for a stab. Its mask can take a few bullets before being blown off.
LoneRandyHOTD2.png Randy (ランディ, Randi?) Roams in pairs, scouring walls and ceilings for a claw swipe. His mask can be shot off. Uses the body to attack at close range if the claws are blown off.
LoneMickeyHOTD2.png Mickey (ミッキー, Mikkī?) Throws knives from the distance while dashing sideways towards the player, attacking with a bite at close range. Usually leaps from rooftops or other high places. Like Randy, Mickey also comes in for a body slam if the arms are shot.
LoneRyanHOTD2.png Ryan (ライアン, Raian?) A fully-grown version of Mickey. Holds boomerangs in both of its hands, which it throws at the player, comes in for a bite once the boomerangs are thrown.
THoTD2 Keith.jpg Keith (キース, Kīsu?) Crawls in underground areas and uses blunt overgrown claws to attack; throws himself at the player once the claws are lost. It flips over and rattles at several points prior to death to confuse players.
THoTD2 Gregory.jpg Gregory (グレゴリー, Guregorī?) Brandishes a giant sword to inflict damage and deflect gunfire. If the sword is lost, the creature will come in for a swipe, a close bite or a headbutt.
LoneRickyHOTD2.png Ricky (リッキー, Rikkī?) A creature with the look of a sportsman. Boasts average health, but is formidable due to its whole body having high endurance. Uppercuts the player when it gets close.
LonePatrickHOTD2.png Patrick (パトリック, Patorikku?) A soldier-type creature improved from Ricky. He is unique for the beret he wears. Punches the player like Ricky.
LonePeterHOTD2.png Peter (ピーター, Pītā?) Attacks by swiping or headbutting, in random order. Dies instantly if shot anywhere but his head, causing a parasite to burst from his chest and attack the player.
LoneLanceHOTD2.png Lance (ランス, Ransu?) Crawls on walls and ceilings, throwing energy blades at players while teleporting toward them. They bite the player up close. His body parts cannot be blown off.
LoneFranklinHOTD2.png Franklin (フランクリン, Furankurin?) Often appears from walls. Attacks by swiping. His body parts cannot be blown off.
LoneEricHOTD2.png Eric (エリック, Erikku?) Behaves like Max. Unable to teleport or have its body parts blown off.


Thotd2murrers.jpg Murrer (モゥラー, Myurā?) Appears in groups, colored either green or light-brown with purple stripes, jumping at the players for a bite.
LoneMoowlHOTD2.png Moowl (死鳥, Shichō?) Swoops upon players, after circling the air (assuming the area is high and wide enough).
LoneBuyoHOTD2.png Buyo (ブヨ, Buyo?) Creatures in the form of a leech, unique to Chapter 2. They creep on the ground, leaping at the player for a bite.
THoTD2 Devilon.jpg Devilon (デビロン, Debiron?) Bats which attack in groups, normally after hiding in darkness. They die after flying into the player.
THoTD2 Bouere.png Bouere (ブエール, Buēru?) Frogs which inhabit a fountain (found only in Chapter 1). They have developed teeth to bite their prey, which can harm even humans.
THoTD2 Mofish.jpg Mofish (死魚, Shigyo?) Creatures in the form of piranha. Usually seen in groups. They shoot out of the water to bite their prey.

Also appears during Hierophant's boss fight.


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