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The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in The House of the Dead 2. Serving as the main enemies, creatures were produced when the late Dr. Roy Curien's financier, Caleb Goldman, used his research to orchestrate a citywide incident; Goldman sought regulating populations to protect the life cycle. AMS agents James Taylor, Gary Stewart, Amy Crystal, and Harry Harris battled the threat.

Creature List


LoneDavidHOTD2.png David A very common shirtless creature who bites or swipes players.
LoneSteveHOTD2.png Andrew Behaves like David, but with a blue shirt and larger health.
LoneJohnnyHOTD2.png Johnny A flannel-shirted creature wielding axes, either hacking at close-range or throwing them from a distance.
LoneCecilHOTD2.png Cecil An uncommonly-seen alternate of Johnny, featuring lower health and defense. Resembles Cyril from the previous game.
LoneMaxHOTD2.png Max A fast-moving creature who duel-wields chainsaws, which obscure his head and deflect bullets.
LoneBobHOTD2.png Bob An obese creature who wears an executioner's hood; attacks by drop kicking, head-butting, or throwing barrels/oil drums at players.
LoneEbitansHOTD2.png Ebitan A sludge-covered creature reappearing from The House of the Dead; lurches from bodies of water to attack. Comes in green, black, and brown colors.
LoneKageoHOTD2.png Kageo A skeletal creature returning from The House of the Dead; roams the darker areas in groups, attacking with an arm swipe.
LoneKageoJHOTD2.png Kageo J Crawling half-bodied version of Kageo, which also has brown skin instead of the dark-green one.
LoneKenHOTD2.png Ken Similar to Kageo, but featuring armor, claws, and mask; lurks in the coliseum, and can absorb one bullet with his mask.
LoneRandyHOTD2.png Randy Small, nimble assassin-like creature clad in armor and wielding claws; they roam in pairs, and can scour walls and ceilings.
LoneMickeyHOTD2.png Mickey A short assassin-like creature who throws knives from the distance while dashing sideways towards the player; attacks with a bite at close-range. Usually leaps from rooftops or other high places.
LoneRyanHOTD2.png Ryan

A fully-grown version of Mickey; attacks by throwing or slashing with knives.

THoTD2 Keith.jpg Keith A lizard-creature hybrid that crawls in underground areas for a bite or tail whip attack.
THoTD2 Gregory.jpg Gregory A large creature in Medieval knight clothing brandishing a large sword, which is immune to gunfire. Appears only in the Coliseum.
LoneRickyHOTD2.png Ricky A strong creature with exposed muscles and brain.
LonePatrickHOTD2.png Patrick Similar to Ricky, but eyeless and with more exposed muscles; wears a military beret, pants, and boots.
LonePeterHOTD2.png Peter A creature infested with a parasite, which will burst from his chest to attack players if he is shot anywhere but his head; this instantly kills him.
LoneLanceHOTD2.png Lance A small cyborg creature that crawls on walls and ceilings, throwing energy blades at players while teleporting toward them; they bite the player up close. His body parts cannot be blown off.
LoneFranklinHOTD2.png Franklin A walking, normal-sized cyborg creature that appears from walls. His body parts cannot be blown off.
LoneEricHOTD2.png Eric A cyborg creature armed with dual pulse sabers on either hands; unable to teleport, but boasts a large amount of health.


Thotd2murrers.jpg Murrer A worm-like creature that attacks with a lurching bite; appears in groups, and is either colored green or light-brown with stripes.
LoneMoowlHOTD2.png Moowl An owl that swoops upon players.
LoneBuyoHOTD2.png Buyo Found only in the clock tower, they look like fat brown slugs.
THoTD2 Devilon.jpg Devilon A flying bat that commonly attacks in groups; a returning enemy from The House of the Dead.
THoTD2 Bouere.png Bouere A frog-like creature which appears only in Chapter 1 if player(s) will fail to save the first couple of survivors.
THoTD2 Mofish.jpg Mofish A piranha-like fish that lunges from the water for a bite; usually seen in groups. Also appears during the Hierophant's boss fight.


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