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A horde of creatures approaching. There are multiple Davids and Labans, and one Stones present.

The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in The House of the Dead 4 and its spin-off, The House of the Dead 4 Special. Serving as the main enemies, these creatures were utilized in a posthumous 2003 incident masterminded by Caleb Goldman.

All canon names are found in game files for The House of the Dead 4's Playstation 3 port.[1]


THoTD4 AMS zombie Agent AMS agents turned into the undead after getting killed by creatures. They are really fast and perform kick attacks on the player(s).
THoTD4 Franklin Franklin Mk.II Returning from HoTD2, these cyborg creatures can appear out of nowhere and walk through walls to confront you with a punch.
THoTD4 Eric Eric Mk.II Returning from HoTD2, these cyborg creatures are armed with dual pulse sabers on either hands.
THoTD4 Lance Lance Mk.II Returning from HoTD2, these small cyborg creatures can appear out of thin air, crawl on walls and ceilings and are armed with dual energy blades.
David A creature with a skinless right arm and exposed stomach and facial muscles.
Stones-A A common creature with tattoos on its body.
Costello-A A creature in a lab coat that clutches his head. Interestingly enough, he has nearly the same head model as Morris from the third game.
Roses A creature similar in appearance to Ken from The House of the Dead 2. He crawls along the walls and uses claws to attack the player(s). He wears bandages on his head and forearms and sports climbing claws on his feet and hands.

Stones-B: Similar to Stones-A, but has a mohawk and fewer tattoos on its body than Stones-A. Appears only once in Chapter 1.

Costello-B: A variant of Costello wearing a junkie outfit.

Roses:A creature similar to Ken from The House of the Dead 2. He crawls along the walls and uses claws to attack the player(s). He wears bandages on his head and forearms and sports climbing claws on his feet and hands.

Mackey: Burly creature in a coat; attempts to shoulder-tackle the player. Only appears in Chapter 1 of THOTD4 and Chapter 1 of SP.

Ebitan: A rotting creature covered in green sludge. In this game he comes in 4 variants: dark-green (resides in waters), light-green (resides in waters too and interestingly enough has some features of Ebitan C from the first game), white (resides in areas like big garbage containers) and brown (resides in areas with a lot of dirt).

Damian:A frog-like creature who appears in underground areas with water, using his tongue to attack the player(s). Appears in green and brown variants.

Charles: Really large and with a big, stitched up belly, Charles will advance wobbly but fast on the player(s), sometimes he can throw steel drums at player(s).

Bern: This creature wears a welder's suit and mask, armed with a propane tank and a blowtorch. Their propane tanks can be shot and used as explosives.

Kevin: Brawny and burly creature. His name appears on his belt.

Kageo: Skeletal creature who usually appears in groups.

Kageo J: A half-bodied variant of Kageo.

Jimmy: A creature in a blue coat, who is similiar to Johnny from the second game and Jack from the third one. Wields dual exes he can use at close or far distance.

Victor: This small creature wears a hobo-like outfit and uses knives to fight.

Constantin: A large muscular creature with a vest, sometimes throws objects.

Guavain: A mutant creature with large bat-like wings. He flies rather swiftly, but shouldn't be too hard to take down.

Laban: Appears to have been created from an office worker. He wears tattered clothes and a necktie. He also sports odd drawings on his hands.

Bain: A creature with metal gloves, who wears clothes which kinda look like policeman ones.


These creatures notably resemble small animals, die with a single bullet, and appear in groups.

Murrer Maggot-like, sharp-toothed creatures that slither on the ground before leaping at their prey for a bite.
TaranRenderHOD4 Taran Offspring of the Lovers, appearing in a large group during one boss phase. They latch onto the screen briefly before biting.
DevilonRenderHOD4 Devilon Crowds together in swarms, with each member flying at the player one after the other. Dies upon damaging the player.


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