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The following is a comprehensive list of all unused content in Sega AM1's 2018 rail shooting game House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. Development images show alternate character designs and violent imagery that are absent from the final release.

Character concepts

Image Notes
Ryan Taylor originally had gray hair and different wardrobe (pictured left) versus that of the final game (pictured right).[1]
Kate Green's hair and wardrobe went through several iterations. Not pictured is a scrapped proposal of her wearing a fur coat.[1]
High Priestess, the boss of the Laboratory stage, originally could be "skinned" from gunfire.[1] This was likely scrapped due to censorship.

Gore effects

Graphics company Agni-Flare Co., Ltd., who handled Scarlet Dawn's visuals, experimented with three variations of gore effects for the game. Due to censorship, none of these effects were used.[1]

In the final game, creatures instead evaporate into flames, with no body damage shown.

Version 1

The tamest gore effect had creatures showing burn marks wherever they were shot.[1]

Version 2

The second variant had a creature's skin burn to expose skeletal framework. Once a bone appeared, it would collapse.[1] CGWORLD Magazine uploaded a short video of this effect to YouTube.[2]

Version 3

The third variant had the flesh of creatures turning to ash and scattering.[1]


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