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The following is a list of vampires, the enemies of Vampire Night, organized by chapter. With the exception of the final chapter, each level has unique vampires that often tie in to the stage's elemental motifs, or the properties of the bosses. Most of the information herein is from the Hunter's Files bonus feature.

Most of the following vampires serve as assistants to members of Auguste's court. Unlike common depictions in folklore, they have access to a multitude of weapons and abilities, which are often based off of the weaponry and elemental motifs of their masters.

Each vampire has both an English and Japanese name. The English names appear in the Hunter's Files mode, while the Japanese names appear in the Vampire Night Perfect Guide. In this list, the English name will be shown first, followed by the Japanese name.

Scarlet Snow Prelude vampires

Of the two vampires encountered in the brief first chapter, only one of them serves under a member of Auguste's court.

Image Names/Measurements Attack Hunter's Files entry Notes
Hemavora/Ranger (レンジャー, Renjā?)
  • 5.9 ft/180 cm
  • 154.3 lb/70 kg
Bite "These poor souls were once human, but were infected with a vampire sarcoma. Unable to resist their vampire bloodlust, they will attack humans on sight." The most basic vampire encountered.
Geomige/Mokomoko (モコモコ, Mokomoko?)
  • 5.2 ft/160 cm
  • 110.2 lb/50 kg +35.2 lb/16 kg (Iron Claws)
Ripper Claw "These small vampires are extremely agile and aggressive. They use the iron claws on their arms to dig and move underground." They burrow underground before emerging to attack. Its master is Guillaume.

Sword Dance Sonata vampires

These vampires are the minions of Bathe'lemy.

Image Names/Measurements Attack Hunter's Files entry Notes
Velocipher/Shadow (シャドウ, Shadou?)
  • 6.0 ft/185 cm
  • 176.3 lb/80 kg + 88.1 lb/40 kg (Armor)
Sword Slash "Fastest of all vampires, these creatures have been trained to slash enemies with their sword as they sprint past the hapless victims."
Morlet/Pitch (ピッチ, Picchi?)
  • 4.9 ft/150 cm
  • 88.1 lb/40 kg +22.0 lb/10 kg (Armor)
Venomous Breath "At first glance these vampires appear quite harmless. Once an enemy is sighted, however, Morlets surround the victim and confuse them by moving around rapidly. Then, they brutally finish off the prey with their venomous breath."
Griffaer/Venturer (ベンチュラー, Benchurā?)
  • 5.2 ft/160 cm
  • 110.2 lb/50 kg +11.0 lb/5 kg (Armor)
  • Air Maul
  • Claw Slash
"These rare, winged vampires can spot their prey from afar. They then attack from above by utilizing their aerial skills."
Fercis/Tricker (トリッカー, Torikkā?)
  • 6.2 ft/190 cm
  • 176.3 lb/80 kg +33.0 lb/15 kg (Armor)
Double Sword Attack "An expert at close-range combat, these vampires spin their entire bodies when attacking to increase the effectiveness of their deadly blades."

Burning Rhapsody vampires

These vampires are the minions of Guillaume.

Image Names/Measurements Attack Hunter's Files entry Notes
Dumur/Cross (クロス, Kurosu?)
  • 5.9 ft/180 cm
  • 154.3 lb/70 kg +176.3 lb/80 kg (Armor+Swords)
Curved Blade Slash "These vampires spin their bodies around and repeatedly attack enemies with two curved swords. They wear special goggles so that they never lose sight of their prey even when spinning very quickly."
Votroche/Knead (ニード, Nīdo?)
  • 5.5 ft/170 cm
  • 220.4 lb/100 kg +110.2 lb/50 kg (Armor)
Rolling Ball Attack "These vampires attack by tucking themselves into a ball and rolling at a high speed toward the enemy. They can attack from virtually any direction. In the tucked position, they are protected by their thick, armor-like hides. Their undersides, however, are relatively unprotected to maintain flexibility." They can be quite evasive targets, but are most vulnerable at close-range.
Ignis/Igniter (イグニター, Igunitā?)
  • 6.6 ft/202 cm
  • 262.3 lb/119 kg +198.4 lb/90 kg (Armor+Fire)
  • Flamethrower
  • Fireball Launcher
"These unique-looking vampires are equipped with large gas tanks on their backs to provide fuel for their fireball launcher in their right hands and the flamethrower in their left hands." Slowly approaches players, shooting fireballs before using the flamethrower at close range. The gas tanks are vulnerable to gunfire.

Phantasma Concerto vampires

These vampires are the minions of Rauoul.

Image Names/Measurements Attack Hunter's Files entry Notes
Cermitt/Slicer (スライサー, Suraisā?)
  • 5.5 ft/170 cm
  • 154.3 lb/70 kg
  • Chakram Throw
  • Chakram Slice
"With deadly chakrams (a circular throwing weapon) constantly twirling around their index fingers, these vampires can attack by throwing the weapon or teleporting short distances to strike directly." They momentarily disappear with each upward jump.
Cirverg/Sickle (シックル, Shikkuru?)
  • 4.9 ft/150 cm
  • 110.2 lb/50 kg +55.1 lb/25 kg (Sickle)
Arc Slash "These vampires have the ability to hide in another dimension where they cannot be attacked. They can then reappear in any location and strike their enemies with their large sickles."
Nerlphor/Mage (メイジ, Meiji?)
  • 6.2 ft/190 cm
  • 154.3 lb/70 kg
Energy Ball "These vampires possess that ability to hide themselves in shadows. They attack by shooting energy balls the moment they emerge from the shadow. Track them down by following their shadows."

Vinculum Nocturne vampires

These vampires are the minions of Diane.

Image Names/Measurements Attack Hunter's Files entry Notes
Petrovuh/Clash (クラッシュ, Kurasshu?)
  • 6.0 ft/185 cm
  • 440.9 lb/200 kg
  • Sonic Slash
  • Slashing Sword Attack
"Made entirely of crystal, these vampires specialize in close combat. Because they approach their targets by rapidly moving side-to-side, these vampires are difficult to follow."
Malglace/Minion (ミニオン, Minion?)
  • 5.9 ft/180 cm
  • 374.7 lb/170 kg
Ice Bullet "These crystalline vampires have the ability to teleport. They attack by shooting bullets made of ice."
Morciel/Screamer (スクリーマー, Sukurīmā?)
  • 4.9 ft/150 cm
  • 330.6 lb/150 kg
Ice Hurl "These crystalline vampires have the ability to fly. They collect moisture from the atmosphere to create large boulders of ice. Morciels then hurl the ice boulders at their enemies."


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