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The following is a list of zombies encountered in Zombie Revenge. The names have been translated from the Zombie Revenge Perfect Guide.

  • Latch
    • The most standard zombie in the game. Appears all throughout Episode 1. It poses no threat since it cannot use weapons and has low health. It may only be a problem when it turns up in larger groups of enemies.
  • McCoy
    • The zombie which appears the most over all the episodes. Has more intelligence than Latch due to being able to wield many weapons. Introduced in the early game aiming a shotgun, which deals massive damage.
  • Buddy
    • An zombie who appears in Episode 1. Unique for the blue cap it wears. Unable to wield weapons, it will resort to swiping for its attacks. Approaches characters with a light gait.
  • Bat Zombie
    • Its health differs depending on the episode. Can be taken down in one hit from any weapon. Flies into the air for a swift attack, which it cannot be killed during, making it unusually inconvenient.
  • Hedgeros
    • Appears in Episode 2. Can fight from under the water, where it cannot be hit with melee. Best attacked after being locked onto.
  • Hedrian
    • A man-eating plant shaped like a flower. Although incapable of movement, it will attack from select locations by spitting poison. Should be dealt with after dodging its attack.
  • Hedlin
    • A zombie which spits poison that has long range and even attack from off-screen. It is best to remember where it appears so it can be taken out quickly.
  • Factory Worker Zombie 1
    • A zombie with the appearance of a factory worker, wearing a cap. Has a 1/2 probability of picking up a weapon. When fighting many of them at once, it is advisable to check if they are holding any weapons, and, if they are, knock them down as soon as possible.
  • Factory Worker Zombie 2
    • Also looks like a factory worker, but has a different build. Its body gives it high health, making it tough to kill. However, it will take a long time to pick up weapons, and can be easily dispatched with guns.
  • Hermonkey
    • A zombie which looks like a monkey. It has fast, irksome movement patterns, and is thus hard to stop. Can also throw hatchets.
  • Biff
    • A zombie which only appears at Cassandra in Episode 4. Has high health, but as it cannot pick up weapons, it can be defeated if one were to just keep enough distance.
  • Ebitan
    • Unique for being a zombie with high health that appears at multiple points. Can surround the player if not killed fast enough, wasting time.
  • Mansion Zombie 1
    • A zombie which appears frequently around the mansion. Their health depends on which part of the level they are fought in.
    • Four of them appear in the fifth part wielding weapons, making for a hard fight.
  • Frog
    • Mysterious frogs which reside by the mansion entrance. They tackle while jumping as their main attack. Owing to their small size, hitting them with anything aside from guns is difficult.
  • Mummy
    • Zombies which inhabit a hidden room. They are not strong due to holding no weapons. Although they look tough to deal with, they are weak to the traps and other things in the room.
  • Mecha Zombie
    • A zombie with a laser gun equipped on its right arm. Since they guide their lasers well, the player can expect to take some damage when fighting many at once.
  • Mansion Zombie 2
    • A zombie which appears only for the boss in Episode 6. Easy to kill in one hit due to their low health. Their slow movement makes them prone to being caught in the boss' lunge.


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