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Zombies are throughout the House of the Dead series, numerous undead specimens have been created with the purpose of wreaking havoc through out the stages. Though most of these monstrosities have mostly been created by science and the mystery compound used by Dr. Roy Curien and many others, a handful of them were once living beings (such as the Rogan Commandos from 3). Though the bestiary changes for the most part as the games go on, a select few managed to make it through most (if not all) of the cast of monsters in each game; like the skeletal Kageo, the sludge-covered Ebitan, the worm-like murrers, bats, and (apparently a most recent favorite since the second game) the flannel-shirted axe-wielding Johnny. Otherwise, basic appearance and weaponry templates have been used throughout the series to make new creations, like the plain common Zombies that like to bite, the crawling and jumping zombies that throw knives, and the infamous chainsaw and buzz-saw Zombies.

The House of the Dead

Officially Named

(Names obtained from Sega Saturn manual)

Samson 2

Samson artwork from the back of the game case.

Sam: This Zombie is, according to Curien, how it all got started. These almost-bald Zombies, with intestines hanging out and like to take a bite out of you have been made in large numbers, and can be found almost anywhere in the Zombie-infested mansion.

Nail: A black-shirted Zombie that likes to "karate-chop" people.


Cyril attacks the player.

Cyril: A brown-shirted Zombie armed with two axes, that can be used at close range or thrown.

Simon: A muscular Zombie that throws barrels and people.

The Samson Series: A series of chunky Zombies that include:

  • Bentley: A plain fat Zombie that charges at you and throws barrels.
  • Samson: A large bearded Zombie in overalls with a rusty chainsaw. You usually see him breaking out of doors. He is strong, but slow.

Ebitan: A paler version of the sludge-covered Zombies infamous throughout the series. Curien claims he has no idea how this being was created while "puttering around the lab" one fine day. Little did he know that this revolting creation would continue to be a nuisance in the chaos to come under a slightly new name. In this game Evitan comes in three variants: Ebitan A; a plain whole-bodied version that either jumps out of murky water or charges at you, Ebitan B; half-bodied with two yellow jagged swords that pop up and fall upon you from the ceiling or openings almost everywhere and Ebitan C another plain whole-bodied variant that is the same as the first except covered in blood. This extremely rare zombie is only encountered in the underground waterway of Chapter 1. They


Two Ebitan C variants (screenshot from a video by YouTube user masterguy34)

have rotting green skin like the other two Ebitan variants, but unlike the other Ebitans they have gory open wounds on their right arm, leg, and ribcage. Their faces are also more skeletal and have eyes with large, vacant pupils. Since there are only two of these zombies in the entire game which are only encountered once, it is unknown whether this was intended to be used as an actual enemy, or if this was just a prototype model.

Kageo: The equally infamous skeletal Zombie (AKA: Kageo in future games) that prefers to wander mostly in the more "humid" areas to keep from drying out.

Bourbon: Somewhat similar to the Mummy, except in a green color with short pants and a tendency to pop up at unexpected times.

Parlor: A light blue being that usually travels in pairs and likes to crawl and climb around while throwing blue energy knives at you.

Moody: The Moodies are usually found in pairs. These wicked fiends have a habit of climbing on walls or railings and leap down from ceilings. They have armored bodies and a scissor claw that can be shot at you repeatedly for a long range attack.


Harris: A brawny Zombie with a black mustache and beard who usually stands still while swinging a wrecking ball on a chain towards your direction.

Gilmore: A skinless muscle-bound Zombie with the strength of a rhino. He's taller than most of his brethren and carries a huge two-handed hammer.

Unger: A Zombie with a bloody and skinless neck and right arm.

Burner: A fat Zombie with a torch, which he wields like a chainsaw. Possibly a member of the Samson Series.

Robert: A cyborg-like Zombie with metallic parts (his left arm and the left side of his face) that are invulnerable to gunfire.

Rubin and Drake: The Rubin and Drake model are Zombies in "skin-tight" business suits with snap-brim hats and grinning leather masks. As Curien puts it, Rubin and Drake are "vicious little monsters" that like to roll and crawl on the ground and go up walls, preferring to work in pairs. With Curien referring to Rubin and Drake as "being prototypea born during a creative phase", Rubin and Drake may have the predecessor of all leaping breeds of Zombies to come, like Randy. Rubin comes in a black suit with claws and Drake in a brown suit with two knives.

File:GS-9173 20,,Sega-Saturn-Screenshot-20-The-House-of-the-Dead-JPN.jpg

Saruzou: As the name implies, these are killer monkeys that like to jump around the place before attacking you and usually attack in pairs. Comes in colors white and black. They make screeching noises when hit.

Murrer: Known as the Murrers in later games, the Maggots are Zombie worms with sharp teeth that like to lunge at your face and can be found squirming in groups or a fallen Zombie corpse.


Buuel: Giant frogs with big red jaws and sharp teeth that like to jump out of the water.

Thalang: Toxic-green spiders that scurry towards you for a bite.

Name: Brown fat slugs that appear very rarely and also like to bite like Murrers.

Devilon: Like to fly around in groups and fly at your face. Can also be found in a huge swarm when fighting the Hangedman.

Kenfis: Demonic dog-like creatures with wings (which they don't use) that run at you and scream like a cougar when hit.

Unofficially Named

Commoner Zombies: Lowly detailed Zombies that are relatively weaker that like to either bite or strike. These include:

  • Shawn: A Zombie in a black t-shirt and pants.
  • Hector: A Zombie in a polo shirt.
  • Vincent: A Zombie wearing only a pair of shorts.
  • Ivan: A Zombie in brown pants.

Ghost: An extremely rare Zombie found in difficult to reach areas or short-cuts appearing in large glass holding cylinders, and smash out when the player approaches, clawing or head butting them. They have a mechanical or doll-like and crawl on all fours, but unlike other zombies which do the same, they have a more feline appearance. Their skin is metallic and shiny, and they can take large amount of gunfire for their size, so they may be beta versions of more powerful enemies, such as The Magician or The Emperor. They can be seen at .

The House of the Dead 2

David: David is a basic Zombie seen in the first stage. He is highly adaptable, thriving in all environments. His special attack is with his sharp teeth. HP:100 

David the Zombie.

Andrew: Andrew looks very similar to David, differentiating by wearing red shorts and a shirt. He attacks the player with his arms. HP:120

Johnny: Johnny is a tough Zombie to deal with, as he loves to rush at his prey hiding his vulnerable face behind two axes. When he's not descending on you with terrifying speed, he will throw his axes with lethal accuracy from a safe distance. Be warned! The Zombie's name alludes to the famous
"Here's Johnny!" line from The Shining. Ironically, Johnny wields two axes, which is the same weapon Jack Torrance used to stalk his family (although in the film its a single one).

Johnny with his axes held up.

HP:160 On hard mode hes no different but on rare times if you shoot off his arms he will start to bite just like Ryan when hes done throwing his blades

Cecil: Cecil attacks the player by throwing two axes, usually from faraway distances, such as windows. HP:110

Max: You'll know Max when you see him. He's the Zombie crazily swinging two chainsaws about. He is a maniac zombie in the first and second level. He's also the biggest of all zombies. He moves quite fast at times and may swing his chainsaws in front of his head, making a headshot more difficult. HP:250

Bob: Despite being big and fat, this hippo-sized Zombie can move fast. Bob's principal form of attack is a drop kick. He also throws barrels and oil drums. HP:200


Two Ebitans.

Ebitan: Ebitan is a revolting and perpetually rotting Zombie. Accordingly, his resilience is lower than other monsters. Ebitan resides in the water, suddenly leaping from the murky depths to attack his prey. His main method of attack is to bite his prey. He comes in three variants in different colors: a green regular one (HP:100), a black one with a better resilience (HP:160), and a brown one that jumps at you out of the water without warning. (HP:2)

Kageo: Kageo is a mummified Zombie, who prowls the darkest, most dreadful areas. He may look weak, but watch out for his fierce punch. HP:90

Kageo J: Kageo J is exactly the same as Kageo, but instead of being pale in color it is a dark green and has one eyeball. HP:70

Ken: Ken was modeled after Kageo. He wears an iron mask and is armed with vicious clawed gloves. His face is his most vulnerable part, but as it is covered, it makes Ken an extremely troublesome Zombie to stop. Like Kageo, Ken also lurks in dark corners. Ken attacks with his lethal claws. HP:150


A pair of Randys.

Randy: Randy is a small, mask-wearing Zombie. Don't be fooled by his lack of stature because Randy is a vicious little monster who can run along walls and ceilings as easily as on floors, while his mask makes getting headshots nearly impossible. Randy often roams with a friend. His preferred method of attack is a leaping death scratch. HP:130

Mickey: Mickey is a small ninja Zombie who wields knives in both hands. His method of attack is to leap down at his target from roof tops and other high places. Even if Mickey throws both knives at you, there's no time to relax. He can produce an unlimited supply of knives from his hips. Since Mickey has a tendency to move around a lot and can guard a bit with his knives, it's best if he's killed before he moves too far away from you, making him harder to hit while he can still hit you with ease. HP:120


Ryan close up.

Ryan: A bandaged Zombie in a brown-red vest who throws two golden shuttel-like blades at once at you. HP:150

Keith: Keith is an alligator-like Zombie that lurks underground. He'll crawl towards the player and attack with his tail. HP:120

Gregory: Gregory is a bit of a show-off and there is nothing he likes to do more before finishing off his victims than to flourish his giant sword. You will find it hard to aim your gun at Gregory, because he uses his sword to defend as skillfully as he does to maim. HP:220

Ricky and Shawn

Patrick (left) and Ricky (right).

Ricky: A muscular Zombie with exposed muscles and brain,he is also seen driving a car suggesting that he has inteligence. HP:150

Patrick: Another muscular Zombie with an orange military beret. HP:170

Peter: Peter is infested with giant parasitic worms and is relatively weak. He puts his worms to horrifyingly effective use though, for when his chest is wounded, the parasites will leave Peter's ribcage and leap at his attacker. Peter can also pack a mean punch. To avoid having him sending a worm your way, avoid hitting his chest and aim for his head. If his chest is hit, he'll stop and waver around before the worm jumps out "chestbuster style", killing himself in the process. HP:100

Zak: This small, agile zombie has a metallic skin with a mask like a skull and wields a pair of clawed gauntlets. He often hides in crawlspaces and underground storage rooms and waits for the right moment to attack. His swift movements make it nearly impossible to accurately aim, and it's likely you'll take a hit from him. HP: 140

Lance I: Present only in the fifth and final stage and similar to Mickey, Lance likes to crawl on walls and ceilings, throwing crescent energy blades at you. They have the ability to appear out of nowhere as well and teleport, making them difficult to hit. They also bite the opponent if they're close. HP:120

Franklin I: Present only in the final stage, these robotic Cybrid Zombies can appear out of nowhere and walk through walls to confront you with a punch. Like Lance and Eric, his body parts cannot be blown off, meaning he'll be ready to strike no matter what. HP:140


Eric about to strike.

Eric I: Present only in the final stage, Eric is armed with dual pulse sabers for hands to attack you with. Though he doesn't share any ghosting abilities like his robotic brethren, he can take a considerable amount of hits before going down. HP:270

Murrer: Murrer is a snake-like Zombie, who often infests areas in hoards. Murrer attacks by flying at its victims and gouging at their faces with its myriad teeth. HP:1

Moowl: An owl-like Zombie that attacks the player from the air. HP:1

Buyo: A small parasite Zombie similar to Murrer. They can be found in the clock tower and had also infested themselves in larger Zombies. HP:1

Cocoon: Found in the clock tower, these eggsacs are often found dangling from the clockwork mechanism. They either leap or slither at the players. HP:1

Devilon: A quick bat-like Zombie that will usually attack in groups. HP:1

Bouere: A frog-like Zombie that attacks the player by hopping at him or her. HP:1

Mofish: A fish Zombie that closely resembles a piranha. Seen with Hierophant and various other levels with water. Attacks by swimming at the player and biting. HP:1

The House of the Dead 4 (comes before HOTD3)

Standard zombies such as the Kageo attack with fast claw strikes at the player. Occasionally, they can grab the player, holding them up and the player must shake free of their grip before they bite or toss them on the ground. They may toss players on the ground instead, where they must defeat their assailants to recover. Larger zombies will usually use blunt force against the player, attacking them with their elbows or feet instead.

Zombies in the House of the Dead 4 have some intelligence compared to other zombies throughout the game, as they can be seen driving cars (to a poor extent, as they always end up crashing), occasionally pulling back to lure the agents in or simply retreating from the area and crawling through tight spaces.

(non-canon names are marked with an asterisk)

*Lorenzo Series: Similar to the Mark series in House of the Dead 3, these are adaptable Zombies found in most environments and like to attack in groups. These include:

1. *Josh: A Zombie with a skinless right arm and exposed stomach and facial muscles. HP: 200

2. *Riley: A Zombie in red pants with stripe-shaped scars all over its body. HP: 200

3. *Tyler: A common Zombie with tattoos on its body. HP: 220

4. *Marcus: Similar to Tyler, but has a mohawk and no tattoos on its body. HP: 220

5. *Izzy: Similar to Marcus, with a cracked torso. HP: 220

*Trask: Brawny and burly, Trask will always try and bash against you. HP: 350

*Nathan: A Zombie similar to Ken from House of the Dead 2. He likes to crawl along walls and leap on you to strike. He wears bandages on his head and forearms and sports climbing claws on his feet and hands. HP: 300

*Graham: A Zombie in a lab coat that clutches his head. When he gets close to you, he'll try and rip your head off! HP: 240

*Chris: A Zombie similar to Graham wearing a junkie outfit and grasping the back of his skull. HP: 240

*Paige: A green salamander-like Zombie who resides in the underground sewers and has a long lashing tongue. HP: 220

*Pamela: A salamander-like Zombie similar to Paige, except light orange in color. HP: 220

*Walter: Overly large and with a big, stitched up belly, Walt will advance wobbly but speedily on you and even try to throw objects to bash your head in. HP: 340

*Alonzo: This monstrosity wears a flameproof leather suit with a propane tank and carries a blowtorch. His methods of hunting down his prey are his leaps and rollings. He'll use his infernal weapon to spew flames to sear your nerve endings or whack you with his propane tank. HP: 320

*Harland: A blue-jacketed ghoul who swipes at foes. HP: 250

*Shane: A Zombie in a blue coat who wields dual axes. These axes can be thrown or used to melee. Shane is possibly a member of the Johnny Series. HP: 280

*Nelson: This imp-sized creature wears a commando-like outfit and uses knives to fight. The knives deflect incoming bullets and they are extremely agile. HP: 300

*Ben: A large muscular Zombie with a vest who sometimes throws objects. Can also wield weapons. HP: 350

*Otto: A brawny abomination in a green striped muscle shirt. HP: 380

*Brandon: Brandon is a mutant with large bat-like wings. He flies rather swiftly, but shouldn't be too hard to take down. HP: 280

*Jeffrey: Jeffrey appears to be created from an office worker. He wears tattered clothes and a necktie. He also sports odd drawings on his hands. HP: 200

*AMS Agent: The remnants of a AMS Agent. The agent is deadly with quick side-by-side movements and lands quite a punch. This undead agent also leaps from places high and low and has a dropkick just as powerful as his punches. HP: 450

*Norman: Another law enforcer in a rather thick coat and cap, who is incredibly strong. He demonstrates how powerful he is by lifting the car the players are in. HP: 500

*Lance II: A metallic Cybrid Zombie who returns to crawl on walls and ceilings. Only present in Goldman's headquarters, they have cloaking abilities and hurl energy knives at you. HP: 400

*Franklin II: Making a comeback, Franklin's stealth mode and massive punches make him a foe to be reckoned with. HP: 400

*Eric II: Present only in the Goldman building, Eric is back with a vengeance. Armed with a pair of electric pulse blades, Eric can withstand a number of hits before finally falling. HP: 550

Ebitan: A rotting Zombie covered in green sludge as a result of being in immersed in the sewers for so long. They are either brown (HP: 60), dark green (HP: 120), or pale green (HP: 80).

Kageo: Tall and skeletally thin, this creature is dangerous in packs. They sometimes appear as crawling torsos that try to grab and force the players to the ground. HP: 130

Murrer: These leech-like creatures often infest areas in hordes. They attack by leaping at their prey and gnash at them with sharp fangs. HP: 1

Devilon: Bats who often attack in large numbers. HP: 1

*Spawnling: A small spider spawned during the battle against the Lovers. They attack by leaping at the players. HP: 1

The House of the Dead III (comes after HOTD4&Special)

[All names are canon, except those marked with an asterisk.]

Mark II

Fenton of the Mark Series.

Mark Series: A series of adaptable Zombies manufactured in great quantities. Marks wander about in groups searching for flesh, savagely attacking whatever they find. There are about four variants of him. Several known members are:

1. Craig: A Zombie with glowing red eyes and blue pants who will give a big chomp.

2. Fenton: This creature has mostly gone to bone but will still fight to the death.

3. Waylon: A mutated Zombie in a blue plaid shirt with pockets and blue cargo pants.

4. Eunice: A very rare zombie that appears only once in one of the EFI Genome Ward versions. Eunice looks like Waylon but with a bloodied or flayed face.

5. Tyrone: A creature with dark circles around his eyes and dark speckles on his body who chooses to to gnash at you.

Frederic: Frederic is believed to have been created from a former researcher in the building. Moving with impressive speed and throwing swirling scalpels with deathly accuracy, his rapid attacks leave little time to react. He also attacks the player with a barrage of slashes at close range.

Charles: Charles is twice the size of a normal Zombie and has slash marks across his body. His thick layers of fat conceal his toughness. His strength puts him in a league of his own, and he'll keep coming at you even with holes

Charles (left) and Craig (right).

blown through his stomach. His methods of attack are charging at you or scratching.

Horace: A large, bloated Zombie, Horace is similar to Charles in appearance, except with deep gray mottled skin.

Azteca: Azteca drags along an enormous steel frame and has exceptional power. He wields a metal chain in one hand as though it were as light as straw. His weak point is his somewhat slow movement.

Kageo: A mummified Zombie. Kageo is weak and slow, but in groups he is dangerous. His body is fragile. Of his appearance, only the shape of his upper body is known.

Rogan Commandos: The elite soldiers who stormed the building and tried to seize control, they were zombified when their raid ultimately failed and ended with their deaths. They remain trapped in a state between life and death, but they retain the superior fighting abilities they once honed through strict training. Though they have long used up all the ammunition from the shotguns they held when storming the building, they are still lethal with quick side-by-side movements and dual combat knives. There's one nameless commando - who was killed during "Chapter 0" - who serves as a miniboss later revealed as Casey the commando himself, but he can take far more damage due to his elite status.

Raymond: Raymond uses his buzzsaw to cut through anything that stands in his way, whether it's a glass pane or a metal door. He grinds the blade against metal more for a flashy display than to keep the saw sharp, while covering his
Buzzsaw Zombie


face right before he attacks.

Cain: Cain is the result of an experiment to create Zombies fused with vegetation. He is as tough as an oak tree and his whip-like vine arms slice through the air with an audible crack to inflict more pain than bramble and thorns.

Julie: The remains of a former building employee or scientist. Julie will stubbornly pursue anything that comes his way and attack by flailing his numbed arms. It is strange that he has a feminine name, despite looking and sounding male, perhaps it can be a mistake.

Jodi: This savage creature will not hesitate to throw sharp objects your way, similar to Frederic.

Morris: Carries a longhandled axe. Staggering under the weight of the axe, he may look like he can't handle such a weapon - but be careful: he puts his back into his fearsome attack.


Hugh: An agile spotted midget with an impressive jumping ability that is usually holding something picked up from the trash as a weapon, like a fluorescent lamp and/or umbrella.

Mickey: Somewhat a reminiscent to the Mickey in the second game, this variant prefers to leap at his opponents and stab them with his dual knives rather than throw them.

Ebitan: A rotting Zombie covered in green sludge as a result of being in immersed in water so long who prefers to bite his prey.

Koebitan: A slightly smaller Ebitan with more visible teeth.

Johnny: A prominent enemy from the second game, Johnny has returned with his dual hand-axes with a vengeance.


The electric-obsessed Victor.

Victor*: A small agile Zombie with a maniacal hyena laugh, Victor enjoys jumping around the area with his electric blades before lunging at his opponents for an electrified attack.

Bruce*: A Zombie with a military haircut and matching army clothes who likes to punch and clothesline his victims and throw things at them. He acts very similar to Azteca and looks like to Guile from street fighter.

Crawler:* Red dripping Zombies that crawl on walls and ceilings.They look quite like Lickers from Resident Evil series
Crawler zombie


Murrer: Leech-like creatures that will try and bite you.

Devilon: Quick bat-like creatures that will usually attack in groups.

Scavengers:* Vulture-like creatures often seen around corpses. They fly through the air and will swoop down to try and rip your flesh!

Scarabs:* Groups of small beetles residing within the Bio Lab. They leap at their foes and attack with sharp mandibles.

The House of the Dead: Overkill

The cast of Zombies - or "Mutants" as they're called in this game - almost completely consist of the mutated/infected residents of Bayou City. These Zombies range from common civilians, hospital workers, clowns, prison inmates, and law enforcers, varying from location to location. They are armed with knives, hammers, axes, sickles, saws, bottles, riot sticks and shields (Police mutants only), their bare hands, body parts of dead mutants, and even their own bodies (Pukers only).

  • Commoners: Once innocent townsfolk, these creatures are now affected by undeath.

1. Cade: He is the first zombie in a blue polo shirt and he wants to jump over the kitchen table.

2. Luke: He is the second zombie in a red plaid polo shirt. But he wants to eat him.

3. Bret: He is the third zombie in a green polo shirt and he wants to attack the people.

4. Leslie: She is the fourth zombie in a lavender t shirt. She is running over you.

5. Owen: He is the fifth zombie in a orange plaids and blue flannel lined jeans and he is coming over you.

  • Doctors: Medical doctors who once cared for patients. Now they seek to do nothing more than to do you in.
  • Nurses: The nurses prefer hypodermic needles to any other weapon.
  • Surgeons: Ghouls in surgery attire who want to rip out the innards of whatever they find.
  • Clowns: Undead clowns that somersault and bite their prey. They can also throw knives in the boss battle with Nigel and Sebastian.
  • Ride Operators: The workers of the carnival.
  • Football Players: The Bayou City Roosters: these jocks have a way of tackling and scoring touchdowns with your bodies!
  • Prison Inmates: Undead criminals in orange prison clothes who appear in the jailhouse and on the train.
  • Cops: The Bayou City police officers; wander around the city and wield nightsticks. Some of them use riot shields to block gunfire. In the Extended Cut, some models of cops appear in the slaughter house as guards, with a cap on their heads.
  • Rage Mutants: Strong Mutants that run towards you and grab you. In the PS3 version, they are defeated by target shooting, and killed by an environmental weapon. In the Wii version, you must push them back or get bitten. Wrestling with them is only avoidable in the Wii version. They have a barcode tattooed in a pectoral and orange pants meaning they were inmates or test subjects of Formula X.
  • Pukers: Mutants with bloated bellies that puke acid on you or explode. Do not shoot if they are close in the Wii version, you will be given a chance to wrestle with them. The description and behavior of the Pukers is similar to that of the Boomer series in Left 4 Dead. These mutants are filled with pus, acid, and blood. They can also accidentally harm other mutants.
  • Spawnlings: Mutant babies who can crawl on the walls and attack by leaping at their prey head-on.
  • Strippers: (Extended Cut only) "Entertainers" that worked in the Pink Pussycat.
  • Bikers: (Extended Cut Only) Gang members who hang out at Mort's Saloon. They wear t-shirts with an image of a skull with a spade on the forehead.
  • Slaughterhouse Workers: (Extended Cut only) Butchers that wander the factory looking for somebody to cut. They carry cleavers or knives.
  • Flayed Mutants: (Extended Cut only) Mutants that appear in the slaughter without skin, revealing their muscles and the intestines.
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