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Lost (迷走, Meisō?) is the second Chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


In a flashback several days earlier, AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green enter the Classified Documents Room in the agency's European branch office. James suspects that the events from three years earlier, which he helped neutralize, have not yet ended "like [AMS] thought". Before they can find out more, however, what appears to be an earthquake shakes the building, trapping them inside.

Back in the present, James and Kate fight through the sewers to a construction area for the branch office's expansion, hoping to reach the surface from there. While the pair fight over numerous creatures along the way, they manage to enter a Classified Information Room, where they discover a plot to launch nuclear missiles, confirming James' bad feelings earlier.

The agents rush to a construction elevator to take them to the surface, but are forced to jump for another when The Lovers, a small male tarantula connected to a larger female, attacks the elevator, eventually bringing it down. On their new elevator, they hold out against the fused creatures, where, upon defeated, plunge down the dark shaft to their deaths.


Upon exiting the tunnel after defeating Justice from the previous Chapter, the player(s) will be attacked by several Ebitans (around nine of them) that are covered in sewage and attack by lunging at the player(s). After clearing them out, the player(s) will turn around, where two hordes of creatures are seen pursuing. The creatures are too far to hurt the player(s), but it doesn't hurt to kill some of them for additional points. The player(s) will turned forward again, before looking to the left, where three (if single player)/four (if two players) Damians will attack. A crate behind them can be destroyed for a point-boosting item. As the player(s) tried to reach a grating, more Ebitans will pop out from the water and attack. After they are dealt with, the player(s) look to the left and see a horde of creatures after them. The player(s) will be told to shake the gun to open the grating, although this is optional.

If the player(s) choose to leave the grating closed, that horde seen earlier will need to be dealt with. After all is killed, the player(s) will "look for [another] way out". The agents will climb onto a pathway to the right side of the grating, where four Ebitans will appear from the water. Upon killing them, the player(s) will move to the left, where two Damians are ready to attack. Afterwards, the player(s) will cross path with a rusty grating, which will collapse and releasing a good amount of Davids and Stones-As. After killing the creatures, the player(s) will head out from the tunnel, before being charged by two Charles to the left.

If the player(s) choose to open the grating, after traversing the opened space, the player(s) will be greeted by several Ebitans that shows up from the water. After killing them, James will told Kate to "get out of the water", which they will do so by walking on a pathway to the right. Two Charles will appear from the tunnel that the player(s) will cross by if it was decided to leave the grating closed. After killing them, several Ebitans will emerged from the water. After they are dealt with, the agents will look inside the tunnel, which reveals the creatures that was locked on a rusty grating at the end of it.

Both mini-paths will ended with the same scene, as two agents walked back to the water and look into an alcove. Throw a grenade inside it, which, if done correctly, can unlock a bonus area. However, before the player(s) can access it, the player(s) had to deal with several Ebitans and two Damians. After killing the creatures, as mentioned before, if the player(s) throw the grenade correctly, the player(s) will had access to the bonus area, before proceeding to a ladder. If the player(s) didn't/fail to do so correctly, the player(s) will simply go straight ahead to the ladder. After climbing up the ladder, several Murrers will pop out of a small vent. They are not that durable and can be killed with a single bullet, but come in enough numbers to worry the player(s). After being dealt with, the player(s) will come across branching paths, in which the player(s) have to pick a path in 10 seconds, either go Sewer Path (longer but contains more creatures, yielding a higher Score) or Pipe Path (shorter but contains more bonus items, including the first of few Golden Magicians in the game).

  • Sewer Path: Choose this path and the player(s) will walk down the staircase to the left. Two Ebitans will attack from a doorway to the left, before the player(s) climb all the way down. A handful of Costello-Bs, Charles, and Davids will attack the player(s) after reaching the ground. After killing all of them, eight Ebitans will pop out of the water. Once dealt with, the player(s) will move to the side where two Charles will attempt to throw a barrel each at the player(s). The player(s) can avoid the barrels by either shooting at those or killed the creatures holding it before being thrown. It is not mandatory, however, to kill those Charles once the barrel(s) had been thrown, but they can be shot for additional points. The player(s) will met several Murrers down the first pathway, before facing a horde of creatures. Killing them to proceed to a ladder to the left of the player(s) upon entering the pathway.
  • Pipes Path: Choose this path and the player(s) will walk down the pipes to the right. Several Davids and Stones-As will appear from an opening in front of the player(s) and attack. After they are dealt with, the player(s) will proceed down the pipes until four Ebitans crawl up onto the pipes. Once those are killed, James will tell Kate look "behind [her]", as two Charles (one carrying a barrel) will attack. Another Charles carrying a barrel and several Davids and Stones-As are behind them, waiting to attack. Once dealt with, the player(s) will proceed to the end of the pipes, before trying to move down the lower pipes to the left. However, two Charles on the right side of the player(s) will attempt to throw a barrel each at the player(s). They can be killed normally or the player(s) can shoot the explosive barrel to kill both of them at once. One of the green barrels, however, contains a life booster. After the two Charles disposed, the player(s) will climb down onto the pipes where two Damians will appear from the small ventilation shaft behind the player(s). After dealing with them, the agents will move to the end of the lower pipes, however, five Ebitans will climb up onto it, pursuing a fight. After killing them, the player(s) will climb down the crates when few more Charles and Davids popped up from the pathway. After that group is killed, five Ebitans will attack from the water. Once those are killed, another group of Murrers must be dealt with, before the player(s) proceed to a ladder to the right of the player(s) upon entering the pathway.

This means that both paths leads to the same ladder, which upon being climbed all the way up, will show the player(s) a doorway, which several creatures appear from the doorway. Clear them out before moving into a storage area, which will prompts a cutscene. Two creature hordes are trapped on a barricade, however, the one to the left of the player(s) upon entering will break. Clear them out and proceed further where another group of Murrers will attack. There is also a lock next to them which can be shot, which will open a new path. Once the Murrers are destroyed, two Berns will burst out of another container and attack.

If the lock is destroyed, the player(s) will proceed inside a container, which contains a life booster that can be shot at. When the player(s) leave the container, a Charles will shove the player(s) immediately after it sees the player(s). After killing it, the player(s) will navigate through the path when two Berns will appear. After those are dealt with, to the right of the player(s) are three (if single player)/four (if two players) Charles carrying barrels, with two of them will attempt to throw them right away, while the other(s) will get up close. Kill the ones throwing the barrels first.

If the lock is not destroyed, the player(s) will move forward, where two Berns showing up. After killing them, two barrels will roll in front of the player(s) and upon looking to the right of the player(s), three (if single player)/four (if two players) Charles carrying barrels will charge through, with two of them will attempt to throw them right away, while the other(s) will get up close. Kill the ones throwing the barrels first.

Both mini-paths leads to a Meeting Room, where a horde of creatures is waiting. An explosive barrel is near most of them and can be shot at to blow out most of the group. As the player(s) try to reach the Classified Information Room, a creature will attempt to grab the agents' leg. Shake it off and clear out any remaining enemies to proceed to the Classified Information Room, where James, in a cutscene that prompted, was shown to discovered that "[someone] is trying to launch the nuclear missiles". Kate will remarks in shock, while James told Kate that they need to "get back to the surface" as soon as possible.

After the cutscene, upon leaving Classified Information Room, the player(s) will find several creatures attacking from the right. For fewer creatures, clear out the Charles that hold the shutter open to block some of the creatures, although for player(s) that wanted high Score, simply let it alive until all the remaining creatures came out. After all those creatures being killed, the player(s) will find a construction area where an elevator will drop off three Berns and three Ebitans. One of the Berns will attack at first, then the Ebitans will join the fight seconds later. The other two Berns won't do anything until attacked, giving the player(s) few seconds of breathing space. However, if the player(s) wish to not spend any longer time with them, the player(s) can attempt to shoot a rope that holding the elevator, dropping it down the below, which if done upon encountering the creatures, will drop all six creatures which stands on the top of the elevator. After the group is dropped/killed, the player(s) will proceed to a construction elevator, but before reaching it, two Berns and four Ebitans will showed up and attack. Clear them out to finally enter the elevator, which James is glad that "there's power" to take them up.

A moment of peace occurs on the elevator, but only lasts seconds as the elevator suddenly halted, which Kate suspect via an earthquake. However, the actual cause of it is two spider legs that are holding onto the elevator, so James told the player(s) that "it is too dangerous" to stay any longer in the elevator, urging the player(s) to "open [the] door". If it was not done in time, the leg will slash the player(s) and the sequence will repeat until the player(s) manage to open the door, before the agents are shown to jump to the next elevator. The fight with The Lovers will then begin.

Boss Information

Main article: The Lovers#Gameplay

James' PDA will inform the player(s) that their Weak Point is the Head of the male tarantula. The Lovers will charge the player(s) with four short moves. Upon entering the fourth movement, The Lovers will try to slash the player(s) and if they succeed to do so, they gonna repeat the movements until the player(s) survived the attack, which send The Lovers down the elevator. The Lovers will then begins their attack's second phase, which is actually the same as the attack in the first phase, except that they now do it upside down. Upon surviving the second phase, The Lovers then will spawn numerous Taran to the player(s), which the player(s) have to kill, before The Lovers completely stop the elevator's movement, as The Lovers climb above it. The female tarantula will then trap the agents inside a web, which the player(s) had to break free in time to avoid damage. Then the player(s) must survive the phase before The Lovers slash the player(s) again.

Upon surviving the third phase, The Lovers will drop in front of the player(s), being close enough to have its weak point exposed. Two similar phases will occurred. As mentioned prior, due to the close range, The Lovers will attempt to close the view to the weak point using its legs. After few seconds, the legs will be used to slash the player(s) again, unless the player(s) can end the phase. After they were defeated, The Lovers will begin to lose their grip to the elevator, before eventually fell down to their death below. The agents will look down below for a moment, before either James telling Kate that he "kinda like being an action hero" or Kate telling The Lovers that she "[doesn't] have time for [them] right now".

Bonus Items and Area(s)

Main article: Bonus_items#The_House_of_the_Dead_4_and_Special

There are bonus items and area(s) scattered across the Chapter:

  • Bonus Items:
    • Behind the first three/four Damians is a crate, which if shot, reveals a Bronze Coin.
    • If going Sewer Path:
      • One green barrel and two crates are placed near a grating in front of the staircase. One of them contains a Med Kit.
      • One of the two green barrels behind the two Charles who is throwing barrels from distance is filled with a Silver Coin.
    • If going Pipes Path:
      • On the far left side of the player(s) is a green barrel, which contains a Golden Magician.
      • One of the two green barrels behind the two Charles who is throwing barrels from distance is filled with a Med Kit.
    • A crate on the water to the right side (if going Sewer Path)/left side (if going Pipes Path) of the player(s) will contains a Grenade.
    • A crate to the left of the ladder contains a Golden Frog.
    • A green barrel inside the container that was unlocked, if shot, will reveals a Med Kit.
    • There are several green barrels behind the three/four Charles throwing the barrels prior to entering the Meeting Room. One of them contains a Grenade.
    • Behind the horde of creatures in the Meeting Room is a crate, which contains a Bronze Coin.
  • Bonus Area(s):
    • When the agents are looking at an alcove, throw a Grenade inside. If done correctly, after the creatures are dealt with, the player(s) will look inside a cave, which contains a Golden Bell, a Top Hat, a Gold Coin, and a Grenade.
    • Shoot the third rock from the right on the floor to the left of the doorway upon climbing the ladder. After the approaching creatures are dealt with, the player(s) will look inside a room, which contains a Golden Bell, a Gold Coin, a Silver Coin, and a Bronze Coin.


  • The Lovers actually could be considered a cousin to Hermit, a Boss in the original game, as both resemble spider, have more than four legs and hands, and both having the head as their weak point.




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