THoTD4 Chp2

Lost is Chapter 2 of The House of the Dead 4.


Several days earlier...

At the European AMS Headquarters, James and Kate are discussing the 2000 Goldman incident and that it isn't over yet. An earthquake rumbles the headquarters, leaving the two trapped inside.

Back in the present, after defeating Justice, Kate and James wonder what is happening on the surface and decide that they need to get back up. Along the way, they face various zombies including several that have adapted to the sewers of Venice. They manage to reach a storage area but it is infested with even more undead. After dealing with them, they reach the CIR, the Classified Information Room and search for any evidence related to the current outbreak. James gets on a computer and finds out that his suspicions are true; a nuclear missle strike is going to be launched soon and the two decide to stop it. After killing more zombies, they are fortunate to find a working elevator, but are forced to jump off it when James notices several spider legs are attached on their lift. The two barely make it to the lift and fight the Lovers and kill it.


Upon starting the chapter you will be attacked by several Ebitans. They're simple zombies that are covered in sewage and attack by lunging at the player. After clearing them out you will turn around, where more zombies are pursuing you. The zombies are too far to hurt you, but it doesn't hurt to gain some points so clear some out before you turn back. Your characters automatically move forward and will look to the left where three Lickers will attack. A crate behind them can be destroyed for a points-reward item. As you reach a door, more Ebitans will pop out from the water and attack. After they are dealt with, the pair look to the left and see more undead after them. A message will appear to shake the gun to open the door. If you don't open the door in time, the group you just looked at will need to be dealt with.

If that group is fought, after they are defeated you will go onto a sideway where four more Ebitans will appear. Clear them out and you will move to the side where two more Lickers will attack. Afterwards, a rusty barricade will collapse and release a good amount of undead to deal with before you head for a developed part of the sewer. Throw a grenade in the alcove; this unlocks a secret area once the appearing zombies are killed. More Ebitans and two Lickers will appear and once those are dealt with, you will automatically proceed to the next area. If you threw a proper grenade into the alcove, you will find a secret area containing several point-boosting items before going back to the main path.

After climbing up the ladder, several Murrers will pop out of a small vent. They are not that durable and can be killed with a single bullet, but come in enough numbers to worry the players. After being dealt with, you will pick between two paths.

  • Sewer Path (Left): If this path is chosen, two Ebitans will attack from a doorway to the left before you will climb down. More zombies attack after reaching the ground, including eight Ebitans. Once dealt with, you will move to the side where two Walters will attempt to throw barrels at you. After those two Walters, a large group will appear from the side as you proceed before you will move further in.
  • Pipe Path (Right): If this path is chosen, several zombies will appear from an opening in front of you and attack. You will automatically proceed further until four more Ebitans crawl up onto the pipe. Once those are killed, James will tell Kate to watch her back, and more zombies including two Walters, one carrying a barrel, will attack. Once dealt with, you will proceed further in when you look to the left and two more Walters will be seen attempting to throw barrels at you. They can be killed normally or you can shoot the explosive barrel to kill both of them at once. There's a green barrel near the explosive one that contains a life booster. After the two Walters are disposed, you will climb down onto the pipe where two Lickers will appear from the small ventilation shaft, and after those are dealt with several Ebitans will attack from behind. You will climb down the crates when a few more zombies will attack. After that group is disposed of, four Ebitans will attack from the water. Once those are killed, another group of Murrers must be destroyed before you climb up a ladder.

After climbing up the ladder, more zombies appear from the doorway. Clear them out before moving into a storage area where a cutscene will occur and several zombies break free of a barricade. Clear them out and proceed further where another group of Murrers will attack. There is also a lock next to them which can be shot; this will open a new path. Once the Murrers are destroyed, two Alonzos will burst out of another container and attack.

If you destroyed the lock, you will proceed into the new path and a life booster can be shot at. When you leave the container, a Walter will shove you immediately after it sees you. You will navigate through the path when two more Alonzos will appear. After those are dealt with, you will find three Walters carrying barrels; two of them will attempt to throw them while another will get up close. Kill the ones throwing the barrels first before dealing with the meleer. After they're killed, proceed into a room where a large number of zombies are waiting for you. An explosive barrel is near most of them and can be shot at to destroy most of the group. As you try to reach the CIR, a zombie will attempt to grab your leg; shake it off and clear out any remaining undead.

After the CIR cutscene, you will leave the room and find several zombies attacking you. If you can, clear out the Walter attempting to hold the shutter to block some of the undead. After those are dead, you will find a construction area where a lift will drop off three Alonzos and Ebitans; only one Alonzo will attack at first, but the more Ebitans you kill the other ones will begin to join the fight. Try to kill the other two Alonzos first as they won't do anything until attacked. After the group is cleared, you will proceed to a lift, where two more Alonzos and four Ebitans will attack. Clear them out then get on the lift.

As you enter the lift, a moment of peace occurs when suddenly the lift stops. You will see two spider legs are holding onto the lift, so open the door and you will jump to the next one. The Lovers fight will begin after jumping to the next lift. After killing the Lovers, this chapter is complete.

Boss Information

[ THE LOVERS Type 6805 ]
WEAK POINT: The male's head

INEFFECTIVE AREAS: The female's body and legs
  • ROUND 1

The female spider climbs from below the elevator, using the shafts for support. This round is pretty simple; shoot the male head quickly. The Lovers don't use any cover, so it shouldn't be hard to pummel the head with bullets. If the Lovers get up to your lift, the male will hack the players. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, the Lovers will stumble.

  • ROUND 2

This round is basically the same as round 1; shoot the male head to make it stumble. If the Lovers get up to your lift, the male will hack the players. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, the Lovers will stumble.

  • ROUND 3

The female will cling onto the lift and spew out hatchlings inside. The hatchlings are weak but come in large numbers. If one latches onto you, you have 2 seconds to shoot it before it damages you. Once all hatchlings are killed, the Lovers will let go of the lift.

  • ROUND 4

The female begins to climb ahead of your lift. Although shooting the female will not do much damage, it is recommended to do so as it will help progress through this round faster. After reaching the top, the female will come back down and encase you in a cocoon. Break free of the cocoon by shaking your gun and shoot the male head before it hacks the players. After the CANCEL bar is filled, the Lovers will stumble.

  • ROUND 5

The Lovers drop down in front of you. The male head now knows that you are attempting to kill them by shooting him, and will use his legs to cover his head from your attacks. Shoot through the openings he makes. After a while, he will charge up a lunge, which will leave his head wide open for attacks. If you don't fill the CANCEL bar in time, he will hack the players. After the CANCEL bar is filled, the Lovers will stumble.

  • Round 6

This round is basically the same as round 5; the male will use the same tactics just as in the last round. Shoot through the openings and when he is about to charge a lunge into you. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, the Lovers will fall to the bottom of the pitch-dark shaft and die.

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