Type-0, given the production name "The Magician" (Tarot No.I), is the first of the Four Heavenly Kings, sentient mutations wielding the primal forces of nature, that was created by Dr. Roy Curien.

He is known to stuff his pie-hole full of cheeseburgers and fast food, which gives him fart power, making him stay in the air for long periods of time and dashing around in a quick pace.

Shooting the Magician in the gonads causes severe damage to him.


The House of the Dead

The Magician is the final boss of House Of The Dead

He eats a bag of ducks and gives Dr. Curien a rimjob, making the doctor shot and fart all over the Magician's face. The Magican, knowing he can beat the mad doctor with his fiery flatulence, omits a chilling omen, saying "You...haven't seen...anything...yet...", then explodes from the scovilles emitted from Curien's farts.

The House of the Dead 2

Just over a year after the Curien Mansion Incident, the Magician was reanimated by Caleb Goldman, head of the powerful DBR Corporation, furthering Curien's incomplete research into life and death.

The Magician was housed at the Goldman building in Venice to oversee the creation of the Emperor and safeguard it during incubation. AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart arrived at the building's front plaza to stop Goldman's plot, but before entering the building, they are waylaid by the Magician, now displaying loyalty to Goldman and the Emperor. 

It is revealed that the Magician has now become Goldman's bitch, sucking him off underneath his desk while Goldman himself speaks in a low monotone from the strain of trying to cry out in orgasm.

When Agent James confronts the rotting body of the Magician, he shoots the Magician until he cries out "Goldman and Emeror are my bitches! They shall never leave my savagely beaten soul."

He then explodes on impact. James, confused, says "What the fuck was that about?"

The House of the Dead III

The Magician himself does not appear in the third game, though he is mentioned in the flashback before the final level.

He decides to take a break from being a bitch and decides to take a vacation to Tijuana where he screws a bunch of hot chicks. :)

The House of the Dead 4: Special

The Magician himself does not appear in HOTD4, but as in the third game, he makes a cameo as an extra point icon. When hit, it grants many points, but to compensate, it flies around in a quick manner to make shooting it more difficult.

The Magician returns in Special, resurrected as himself, because....hub-dud.

When Kate and Agent G find him, he points his assistant at them and sprays molten diarrhea on them, melting their faces off, their bodies collapsing under the thick goo, their bodies turned into a sticky, stinky resin.

The Magician laughs in amusement as he studies his own feces.

Before the screen fades to black, the player can hear the Magician whisper "Jeezus I need to go on a diet."

The Pinball of the Dead

The Magician is in this game for who knows why?

He has a fetish by getting hit with giant pinballs, and making his body jiggle in orgasm whenever he is hit by one.


Just shoot him in the gonads of his poop-leaking ass from all the chili dogs he has consumed and you should be okay.

After the battle

G: That'll put you out of your misery.

Kate: Yeah, mothufucka' (High-fives G, then sees the Magician point his as whole at her).

Kate: Uh-oh...


Since the Magician prostitutes himself, his pornography videos are to explicit to be on here. However, you can log onto PornHub or Xtube to find his porn movies. 



  • The Magician wantd to live the life as a crack whore and lives his life sucking off Goldman's cock and fondling his huge balls. He and the Emperor delved into a sexual relationship that they kept secret from the public and even Goldman. Since the Magician vowed to become the Emperor's servant, the Emperor made Magician his sex slave, making him suck his clock and ride him all throughout the night.
  • The Magician has a meth addiction.
  • The Magician wanted to go on a diet after he took a thirty pound dump and had serious hemorrhoids. His shot also stank up the whole Goldman building, making it stink to high heaven (why do you think they claim he is one of the "heavenly kings"), turning Goldman's scientists into zombies.
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