"I've been waiting for this time to come. You have no future. Either I get you...or the Emperor will. Either way, your fate is in our hands!"                   -Magician, House of the Dead 2

Type-0, given the production name "The Magician" (Tarot No.I), is the first of the Four Heavenly Kings, sentient mutations wielding the primal forces of nature, that was created by Dr. Roy Curien.

He is an A.I android that has appeared in almost every HOtD game, making him the most recurring boss and the only boss to make multiple appearances.

Magician's extremely malevolent yet mysterious behavior and eerie appearance make him a favorite among fans. He has his own fan base on multiple social websites such as Deviantart and Facebook. 

He has been dubbed "The Most Difficult Boss in Series", because of his fast-paced attacks and, because of this, it is very difficult to shoot him. He shoots fireballs, that, when timed, can hit a player between 3-6 seconds if not shot at.


The House of the Dead

The Magician is the final boss of House Of The Dead.  

The House of the Dead 2

Just over a year after the Curien Mansion Incident, the Magician was reanimated by Caleb Goldman, head of the powerful DBR Corporation, furthering Curien's incomplete research into life and death.

The Magician was housed at the Goldman building in Venice to oversee the creation of the Emperor and safeguard it during incubation. AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart arrived at the building's front plaza to stop Goldman's plot, but before entering the building, they are waylaid by the Magician, now displaying loyalty to Goldman and the Emperor. 

The House of the Dead III

The Magician himself does not appear in the third game, though he is mentioned in the flashback before the final level.

The House of the Dead 4: Special

The Magician himself does not appear in HOTD4, but as in the third game, he makes a cameo as an extra point icon. When hit, it grants many points, but to compensate, it flies around in a quick manner to make shooting it more difficult.

The Magician returns in The House of the Dead 4: Special and The Pinball of the Dead.


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