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Mission Files is a game mode in Vampire Night's Special Mode. The mode consists quests given by certain non-playable characters. These quests require the player do to various things, such as retrieving items, saving certain NPCs and defeating monsters.

Mission Files

Mission Objective Location Walkthrough
No. 1 Rescue the man's wife. Chapter 1 At the end of Chapter 1, you are faced with 4 infected people. The wife is the blonde-haired woman.
No. 2 Retrieve the girl's doll, Molly. Chapter 1 Once you fall down the hill, the doll is sitting on the right hand side of the hill.
No. 3 Gather some nuts. Chapter 1 Once you fall down the hill and defeat the two Geomiges, the next screen is where you will find the nut tree in the top right corner of your screen. Simply shoot the tree to make the nuts fall down, and grab them.
No. 4 Retrieve the dog's golden bone. Chapter 2 Prior to the infected man that drops down from a higher bridge, there will be a mound of dirt on the right side of your screen, the bone is hidden under it.
No. 5 Open the secret door. Chapter 1 Destroy the first five Hemavoras in Chapter 1, the screen will then shift to the left. There are several small grave stones sticking out of the snow. You must shoot the farthest rightmost grave, this will open the secret door.
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