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"Moon" (, Tsuki?) was a tree-like behemoth developed by Thornheart as part of Noah's Ark, a plan to allow "new life to be born in a new evolution." It is the final boss of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Emerging from a slimy egg-like object, Moon grew into an invulnerable, winged humanoid giant. It could not be killed by gunfire; only damage to its weak point — the glowing spot on its forehead — could disrupt its attacks.


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Moon was created by Thornheart, an associate of Dr. Curien and Caleb Goldman, along with other creatures as part of a humanity-decimating plan named "Noah's Ark". On December 6th, 2006, the scheme was investigated by AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor, who confronted Thornheart in a church. Thornheart ranted about his motivations before releasing Moon and escaping.

Moon's head emerged from a slimy egg-like object in a vortex of wind, destroying the church. Despite Kate and Ryan's efforts, the creature grew into a giant humanoid and sprouted wings. The agents ascended the ruins of a tower, where Ryan — realizing that their gunfire could not kill Moon — grabbed a metal pole and impaled the creature through the head. Lightning struck the pole, killing Moon.



Moon's fight is entirely scripted, progressing regardless of the player's actions. The creature's health bar cannot be fully depleted, thus the only benefit of shooting its weak point is boosting one's score. Overall, these elements make Moon a short, straightforward boss who is only dangerous when spawning large numbers of projectiles; in such situations, it is generally best for the player(s) to calmly aim and shoot at each threat one-by-one.


  1. Emerging as a head, Moon spits a volley of slime-like projectiles into the air. The camera pans upward as the projectiles rain down from the sky; they must be shot in order to avoid damage.
  2. Moon's right arm emerges, raising upward for a slam attack. Damaging the arm enough successfully ends the phase.
  3. Moon grabs the player(s), briefly holding them near his face for slamming them into the ground. Shooting the creature's weak point cancels the attack.
  4. After Moon's left arm and torso emerges, the creature will send a homing energy orb after the player. The orb will vanish if shot enough times.
  5. Moon sends a large number of creatures flying in the air, which must be shot before they land on the player.
  6. Moon climbs out of the liquid mess, revealing the rest of its body and legs. It then charges up an orb of energy and slams it to the ground, creating a small water cyclone moving at high speed. Shooting the tornado will cause it to dissipate. Moon will do this attack twice.
  7. Moon charges up its right arm to throw beams of energy, with two more appearing after every one beam destroyed. Shoot all the beams to avoid taking damage.
  8. After Moon sprouts wings, the player(s) run to the top of a tower. Moon will fling wing-like projectiles; shooting all of them prevents damage.
  9. Moon launches fireballs from its mouth in various directions, before ultimately sending a fireball directly at players. Shooting its weak point will cancel the attack. Moon will perform this attack twice.
  10. A cutscene plays, where Ryan expresses frustration as Moon continues to grow. He grabs a metal rod and jumps from the tower at Moon's face. This is a quick time event where the player has one chance to shoot Moon's forehead; regardless of their success or failure, Ryan kills the creature.


  • "I MAKE MY STAND..."
  • "BE GONE."


  • Moon was designed by Nobuto Iwao, who previously designed The House of the Dead 4's bosses.[1]
  • Moon is the fourth boss following Temperance, Magician in The House of the Dead 4 Special, and High Priestess to not be able to be defeated through normal means. In Moon's case, it is only defeated after Ryan caused lightning to strike Moon, killing it in the process. This also makes Moon the only final boss where special attacks are necessary for his defeat.
  • Moon is the second boss following the World that continues to grow after being weakened.
  • Moon is similar to Sun in The House of the Dead III. Both are plantlike bosses, the players orbit the bosses like how planets orbit the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth, and both employ various hit points for the player to hit. Both also seem to have been created through the same means, with faces on Sun's trunk indicating that it may have been formed from the amalgamated biomass of creatures like Moon.
  • Due to the scripted nature of its fight, Moon is the first and currently only boss in the series that the player can defeat without doing anything (though this will require several continues).
  • Moon continues the trend of the final bosses representing various elements in nature. Moon's plantlike body and invincibility represents the element of Earth in contrast to Magician's Fire, the World's Ice, Wheel of Fate's electricity, or Emperor's water.
  • Both Moon and High Priestess are the only bosses in the main series to not possess Type numbers.
  • In Scarlet Dawn's International version, Moon's quotes are among the few lines of dialogue in the game that have English subtitles, which are otherwise lacking from most other dialogue due to an oversight.



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