Moon is the final boss of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.


The battle begins with The Moon throwing small goo projectiles to the players. Shoot them to avoid taking damage. As his right arm appears, he charges it up for a slam attack. Shoot it's arm to cancel it. He then grabs the player for a slam attack. The player must shoot a small section on it's head to cancel it. After this, his left arm appears and the second phase begins.

In the second phase, The Moon will unleash an orb of energy, homing towards the player. Shoot the orb to cancel the attack. He then throws a huge amount of zombies to the player, though the player only needs to shoot a couple of them to avoid damage. The Moon then reveals his foot, revealing it's full body. He then charges up an orb of energy and slam it to the ground, creating a small water cyclone moving at high speed. Shoot the tornado to cancel the attack. He will do this attack twice. The Moon will charge up it's right arm to throw beams of energy, with two more appearing every one beam destroyed. Shoot all the beams to avoid taking damage. Once The Moon exposes it's wings, the third phase begins.

In the third phase, The Moon will shoot wing-like projectiles toward the player. Shoot all of them to avoid taking damage. He then starts firing fireballs from his mouth, shoot the head to cancel it. He will be doing this twice.

In the fourth and final phase, Ryan Taylor will do a desperate, last ditch attempt by stabbing The Moon with a rod. At this point, the player must shoot The Moon's head to complete the QTE.

Regardless of the outcome of the QTE, Ryan will successfully stab The Moon with the rod. Lightning then strikes the creature, finally killing him.


However, despite The Moon's health bar seemingly cannot be depleted, The Moon's health bar does deplete by shooting a small dot on his head at anytime during the battle before the final QTE. However, so far, no one is able to deplete the bar in time, nor is it known what secret the player could obtain if the player succeeded.


  • Moon is the third boss following Temperance and Priestess to not be able to be defeated through normal means. In Moon's case, he is only defeated after Ryan stabs Moon's head with a rod, causing lightning to strike Moon, killing him in the process.
  • Moon is the second boss following The World that continues to grow after being weakened. It is possible that Moon is meant to be The World's successor.
  • The Moon is similar to the Sun in HotD 3. Both are plant like bosses, the players orbit the bosses like how planets orbit the sun and the moon orbits the earth. And both employ various hit points for the player to hit.
  • Its appearance is somehow based on Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan, and the Evil Spirit Incarnate from Metal Slug 5.
  • Ryan killing the Moon with a lightning rod is similar to how DSO Agent Leon S. Kennedy severely damages a mutated Derek C. Simmons in Resident Evil 6.
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