Big Momma's in da house.

Clement Darling - The twisted warden who discovered a secret U.S Government Laboratory beneath his prison, using the genetic secrets hidden there he created and refined a formula which he hoped would give his beloved mother a whole new youthful body.

Unfortunately the formula failed - and the brain of his mother placed inside the body of Varla Guns mutated into a giant abomination - 'Mother' - the final boss of House of the Dead: Overkill.

The Battle

During the battle the players are armed with mini-guns that they conveniently found in a "missing reel" during which they believed they had beaten Mother. Mother's primary attack is to flick large pieces of debris at the players, although she can also attack with a swipe if allowed to get too close.

In the last part of the battle, you must continuously fire at Mother while she sends multiple mutants to attack you. When killed, these mutants will burst and release acid, which will hurt the player(s) if it gets too close.

After the Battle

At the end of the battle Mother collapses in a defeated heap while Clement mourns her death. His last request is to be allowed to return to his womb. G and Isaac do nothing to stop him as he proceeds to crawl into Mother's giant vagina. Shortly thereafter, G and Isaac escape as the facility self-destructs.

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