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Muddy (混濁, Kondaku?) is the second chapter of The House of the Dead 2.


The scene begins with a man driving on the street, with a David blocking his view. The creature should be shot off before the car gets too close to the player.

Jewelry Store

The player could not shoot off the David in time, causing the car to crash into the jewelry store and kill the driver. A cutscene will play before a woman screams, showing that she is about to be attacked by two Kageos.

Tip: Shoot the one in front first, then the one on the left of the woman.

In front of the Clock Tower (Down)

As the player leaves the elderly couple, they will hear a woman crying out for help, banging behind the gate of the clock tower.

Tip: Kill the creature on the left first and then behind the woman.

  • If she is saved, the player continues through the dungeon.
  • If she is killed, they go on the path to the wharf.

The Clock Tower's Dungeon


The player will go through the dungeon after a short cutscene. After some more progress, they can destroy a closet in the cellar to take a shortcut.


The player leaves through a door not visible previously, eventually emerging near a man by a fountain being attacked a David, with a Bob headed towards them.

Waterway (from the Clock Tower Dungeon)

James and Gary get dragged into the river by creatures, and they must get across it to reach Sunset Bridge.


If the man in the car is rescued, James and Gary go up the stairs to the alley and reach a corpse lying near a gate.

  • If the player shoots the key, they will go forward.
  • If they do not shoot the key, they will go to the clock tower.

Clock Tower

James and Gary decide to use the clock tower to get to the wharf.


The bridge connecting to the wharf is destroyed, and James and Gary are dragged by creatures down into the water.


James and Gary meet up with Amy and Harry, who were on a speedboat, on the wharf. They talk about the city's current condition until the Hierophant shows up, putting the talk on hold.

Between two houses

A child will come out of the right house, running away from a creature.

  • If he is saved, the player enters the right house.
  • If he is killed, the player enters the left house.

Right House

The child's father is locked inside the right house, and it's up to James and Gary to rescue him. This house automatically leads to Sunset Bridge.

  • If the player unlocks the door, they go to the dining room ahead.
  • If the player kept the door locked, go to the right room instead.


  • The clock tower's control panel reads "THE DOOR OF FATE SHALL OPEN". This is a reference to one of Caleb Goldman's lines in the final chapter.[1]
  • Muddy's music is a remix of the Tragedy level track from The House of the Dead.
  • The time of day in the level will change from evening to night once the player enters and leaves a building for the first time.
  • All but two paths in this chapter will have the player watch the news broadcast. Those involve going through the clock tower and the water gate.
  • There is a young man in the alleyway whom the player cannot see being attacked by two Davids hiding behind doors, but ultimately do rescue.
    • For years, it was widely believed that said civilian was the one whose dead body was thrown out, by a Johnny, of a window shortly after. This was not helped by how he has the same voice and model, as well as that he cries out in terror just before the players hear the window being smashed open. However, it was discovered in recent times, through the use of free roam camera, that there indeed is another young man hiding behind the doors.
      • A couple of unused lines in the files imply that the young man would have come out of the building to thank the player, as opposed to remaining inside.
  • Unused dialogue depicts James and Gary commenting angrily about what they were seeing, and how it is too dark without light. These would presumably have been used for the shaking dead man in the jewelry store, and for going through the cellar, respectively.
  • The jewelry shop at the start of the chapter is named "Curian's". This is likely a misspelled reference to The House of the Dead antagonist Dr. Curien, as the 1998 guidebook The House of the Dead Official Guide makes the same mistake.
  • Although the player would normally only be able to save 6 civilians, it is possible to save 7 on this chapter. They have to let the civilian in the beginning die, then save the five others from there until they get to the cellar, where they must destroy the closet. The subsequent 2 before the bridge are saved as usual.
    • This also makes this the only chapter in the game where the player can earn 2 bonus lives upon finishing the level.
  • One of the civilians fleeing from creatures on Sunset Bridge can be seen "tripping"; he runs before abruptly falling over, changing to his death state. Shortly after, he is shown attempting to crawl away just before Hierophant destroys the bridge.
  • With a grand total of 33 civilians, counting both living and deceased, this is the chapter in the game where the player can encounter the most civilians, albeit not all at once.


Official artwork


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