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Weakpoint: Sebastian

Featured in: House of the Dead Overkill


Nigel and Sebastian is the carnival freak boss of the Carny level of The House of the Dead: Overkill. Nigel is a dim-witted giant roughly three times the size of the average human, while Sebastian is a well-versed tumor-like growth protruding from his stomach. Nigel is apparently dependant on Sebastian for survival, and will protect his conjoined twin above all else. However Sebastian is fully capable (if crippled) of surviving without Nigel.

They are initially seen gnawing on the head of a struggling mutant. Upon spotting the players, Sebastian commands Nigel to attack, excited by the prospect of "good eats".



In battle


During the battle, Nigel will stomp around the big-top, occasionally attempting to punch the players. In order to temporarily stop his assault, players must shoot Sebastian, as Nigel's body is invulnerable.

About halfway through the battle, zombie clowns will begin to somersault towards the player en mass.

As a last ditch attack before death, Nigel will leap from across the arena, causing time to slow down as players must blast away at Sebastian in order to stop the dramatic assault.

After the Battle

Isaac and G presume the duo to be dead and begin to converse on the repulsive nature of this particular mutant. Both are disgusted and shocked to see that Sebastian is still clinging to life, and the two comically pepper his prone body with a torrent of bullets before they ride away in a ice cream truck discovered by G.

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