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For the prototype of the same name, see The House of the Dead 2: Original Sin (prototype).

At last you've come...friends. The door of fate shall open.

Original Sin (原罪, Genzai?) is the sixth and final chapter of The House of the Dead 2.


Upon entering Caleb Goldman's opulent headquarters, James and Gary are quickly attacked by various cybernetic creatures. The duo fight their way towards the elevator and take it to the 50th floor.

The agents eventually reach a laboratory where they encounter a resurrected Tower, whom they quickly defeat. After shooting their way through another creature-infested hallway, the two make their way up a staircase to the head office of Caleb Goldman, who was waiting patiently for them.

Goldman reveals his anger towards humanity and their sinful ways. After a brief speech, he stands up and reveals his magnum opus, Emperor. The creature breaks out of his incubator, threatening to overwhelm mankind, before battling the agents on the rooftop.

James and Gary eventually kill Emperor whom, with a final declaration, violently explodes. The duo eventually confront Goldman, who calmly assures that "in time, a successor will come", before committing suicide by falling off the rooftop.

Contemplating if they've done the right thing, James vows to keep fighting. The two bid Goldman farewell and leave the building.


  • The House of the Dead 2's prototype was originally titled The House of the Dead 2: Original Sin. The latter part of the title was dropped upon final release when it was decided to just be used for a chapter name.
  • Goldman's line "The door of fate shall open" is referenced earlier in the second chapter and fourth chapter, where the phrase appears on control panels.
  • Unlike last time, the blue serpent in the rematch with Tower can be killed even before the boss is truly defeated.
  • Should the player finish a single-player game, the ending will be different; After Goldman's suicide, James or Gary will make their own speeches. Although parts of them share similarities with the dialogue in the two-player ending, their meanings are separate.
    • James affirms that he will "go on fighting" regardless of whether there is a successor, "as long as we have the will to live."
    • Gary sadly ponders if he "was really right", and trails off with, "Someday... until the answer is found..."
  • James' comment about the events being over is referenced in The House of the Dead 4 by him again, except, there, he is no longer certain about its resolution.
  • The normal graphic for the name on the title card has "sin" entirely in lowercase letters. Conversely, the text effect and Typing's English title capitalize the first letters of both words. This was also true in the case of the first chapter.
  • Goldman makes a different pose when falling in the endings of Typing where he drops towards the ground.
    • In addition, observant players can see that the explosion in one of them is a badly mirrored version of the Magician's entrance from the fifth chapter.
  • The lines "It's like I'm being invited in" (single player) and "It's like they're inviting us in" (multiplayer), spoken when James and Gary enter Goldman's headquarters, are referenced by AMS agent Kate Green in The House of the Dead 4 and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.
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