At last you've come...friends. The door of fate shall open.

Caleb Goldman[src]
Original Sin is the sixth and final chapter of The House of the Dead 2.


Upon entering Caleb Goldman's opulent headquarters, James and Gary are quickly attacked by various cybernetic creatures. The duo make their way towards the elevator, which after they enter, takes them to the 50th floor.

The agents eventually make their way into a laboratory, where they encounter a resurrected Tower, whom they quickly defeat. Once they decimate their way through a creature-infested hallway, the two make their way up a staircase to the head office of Caleb Goldman, waiting patiently for them and proclaiming upon their arrival "I've been waiting for you, friends...".

Goldman reveals his anger towards humanity and their sinful ways. After a brief speech, he stands up and reveals his magnum opus, Emperor. The creature breaks out of his incubator and threatens to destroy mankind, before battling the agents on the rooftop.

James and Gary eventually kill Emperor, whom with a final declaration, violently explodes. The duo eventually confront Goldman, who calmly assures that "in time, a successor will come", before committing suicide by falling off the rooftop.

Contemplating if they've done the right thing, James vows to keep fighting. The two bid Goldman farewell and leave the building.

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