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"Nothing can erase my pain."
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They met as adversaries...A monster made them allies...A secret agent. Immaculate. Intelligent. A rookie...They call him only G. His identity, a mystery...A playboy cop...Isaac Washington. Make him mad, and he'll rip your balls off...Tonight, these unlikely allies will confront terror most foul in the blood soaked halls of...Papa's Palace of Pain...Be a courteous guest...Because your first visit will be your last...Papa's Palace of Pain. Rated X.

Introductory narration[src]

Papa's Palace of Pain is the first level of The House of the Dead: Overkill.

Playable Characters:

Other Characters:

Opening Cutscene

We see both playable characters meeting each other by Isaac punching G in the face.

"Wassup, motherfucker?" - Isaac Washington's greeting words to G

"What the fuck was that for?" - G's response

Papa Caesar watches them laughing menacingly. The Narrator provides a brief bio on them both while they are surrounded by an army of undead.

"You ever gonna tell anyone what that fuckin' G stands for?" - Isaac asking G what his name stands for

"No." - G's response

"I'm gonna rip your motherfucking balls off!" - Isaac's taunt to zombies before shooting them

Once cleared, they approach the house making comments of revenge and stopping the outbreak before tomorrow. They bust into the doors and fight the terror.

"By tomorrow morning, I'll have my motherfucking revenge. Papa Caesar will be dead." - Isaac explaining his plan for revenge on Papa Caesar

"If we don't stop this mutant outbreak, by tomorrow morning, we'll all be dead." - G reminding Isaac of their mission

Level Walkthrough

It starts by venturing into the lush green space outside and in front of the house similar to the one in the intro. Mutants will come from every corner. It is possible to kill them.

They first battle against a group of mutated vultures that will fly around and attack.

You are shitting me. Mutant fucking birds?

Afterwards, they will be confronted with the rest of the undead from the ground, the well and from above the roof.

They then break in through the doors.

Entering the Palace of Pain(First Floor) - Kitchen

They'll enter first the kitchen. When entered, a civilian will be endangered.Once rescued, they will fight off the remaining undead.

Shit, man. I think I slept with that bitch.

First Room - Dining Room

Before entering, a small group will attempt to attack them.

They will be encountering another group of undead from the table. Once cleared, 3 mutants will break through the windows.

The characters will then hide behind some furniture after hearing undead noises from the other side. A group of mutants will come from the double doors. 2 more mutants will, again, break in by window. The character will go beneath the dining table while shooting the 2 of them.

More mutants will charge towards the character from the doorway they entered, another one from behind them(presumably entered by the broken window), more from the door way on the other side and again from the doorway they entered.

Second Room - Sound Room

A group of mutants attack the characters inside this room. More mutants will break in from the boarded up windows, from another door way on the left side.

A pack of them will simultaneously enter the room alerting both characters to retreat.

"Fuck me. How many of them are there?" - Isaac questions their arrival.

"I'm more worried about where they're coming from." - G's response.

(It's optional to fight them off.)

They will head over back to the kitchen entering the next room. But before entering, they are greeted by other mutants.

Third Room - Pool Room

They will both fight of the mutants in front and behind them.

They will then jump on the pool table followed by a mutant breaking a window and behind them.

Afterwards, they will jump down from the pool table only to be dragged by a mutant from below said table. They'll stand up and more mutants will enter from the door way in front of them.

Fourth Room - Library

More mutants await the characters while charging towards them.

Afterwards, two mutants will break in from the windows in this room followed by more undead behind them, at their right side and from the reading desk.

Two mutants will enter the room by the right side door way. The characters will crouch down beneath the reading desk which they will then shoot the mutants. More of which will then be dealt with.

Notice that this mutant wears a hockey mask.

Entering Main Hall

When entered, mutants will be banging from outside. They will enter by 2 outcomes: 1. they will enter by continuously attacking the door or 2. the player can shoot the locks of the door.

The characters will walk upstairs to confront the undead behind them. A cutscene will take place where multiple mutants will break down each door from the second floor.

There are, again, 2 possible ways to fight the undead that broke in: 1. Shoot or 2. Shoot the chandelier above them once they are all gathered.

Afterwards, they will be confronted by another set of mutants on both left and right sides.

Second Floor

They will be chased by a group of mutants. The characters rush towards the first room on the 2nd floor.


They will fight the mutants chasing them upon entering said room.

More mutants will spawn inside. The characters will approach the outdoor porch.

Outside Porch

Mutants will charge towards them.

The camera will zoom in to the house's graveyard. It's optional to shoot all of them.

They will be greeted by two motionless mutants followed by a mutant crouched down in a second bedroom. It's optional to shoot it but necessary if it comes after the character.

Those 2 motionless mutants will mysteriously disappear eventually giving space for another mutant to bust down the doors of the third bedroom. Mutants will await the characters from inside, from the fireplace, behind them and from all possible entry ways such as a window. They will then enter a spacious closet room of which 3 mutants will be hiding in 3 closets followed by another one behind them.

Once out of the closet room, others will spawn from, again, all possible entrances including a door leading towards the second hall.

Second Hall

The first set of mutants will be encountered from the bathroom.

More will come in the hall from both in front of and behind them. A pack of them will force the characters to move outside the second porch.

Second Outside Porch

The camera will zoom in to the main courtyard. It's optional to shoot them all.

The camera will, again, zoom in to a bedroom which will be occupied by more mutants. Again, optional to shoot them all but will be necessary when the characters navigate through and a door will be busted down eventually alerting them to kill the mutants.

Second Bedroom

Mutants will spawn from all possible points especially underneath beds.

They will venture into...

Master Bedroom

They will first fight off the mutants in the master bathroom.

Afterwards, more mutants will spawn from both the windows and the master bed followed by a small group attacking from behind and a window.

Before they can escape, the ceiling starts to shake resulting in the arrival of several fat mutants. The remaining mutants will force the character to kill them.

Returning to Main Hall

On the main hall, a female civilian will be endangered.

They will go to another second floor hall leading to another room. A cutscene will take place showing a decapitated head rolling down the stair case.

Shit, man. That ain't right

The characters will walk upstairs leading towards the third hall.

Third Floor Hall

They will be greeted by a group of mutants.

Third Bedroom

Inside, a second female civilian will be endangered.

Whether able or unable to save her, the characters will eliminate the remaining mutants. Before leaving, mutants will start jumping and attacking them.

"Shit. I fucking hate these zomb..." - Isaac about to express his hatred to the enemies.

"Mutants. How many times do I have to tell you? Not to use the Z-word." - G's response about using the other but popular term for the enemies.

After the comments, mutants will be guarded by broken wall panels.

Attic Room

Mutants will approach the characters in an attempt to attack them. They will enter and eliminate the rest. Two of which will throw a bladed weapon.

After fighting them off, they will enter an elevator.

"We're in an express elevator to hell going..." - G joking around.

"Shut up and press the button". - Isaac stopping his foolishness,

"We should've taken the stairs" - G's hindsight comment followed by the elevator crashing down with the both of them screaming in a hilarious tone.

A loading screen will appear which sets up the underground section.

Upon arrival of underground section:

"Washington, y-you okay?" - G asking if Isaac is fine.

"No. I'am not okay, asshole." - Isaac's rude response.

"Shake it off, detective. Co'mon. Let's move." - G's response to move on.

Underground Hall

Mutants are seen motionless and chained up. Optional to shoot them.

Dissection Room

Upon entrance, the characters will look around. Two mutants on dissection beds will rise up. More mutants will enter by a steel bar door on the right side and behind.

Incineration Room

Mutants will spawn all over the place especially in dark corners.

A mutant appearing in the dark corners.

Once dealt with, a cutscene will take place. Mutants are chained up on the sides of a wall.

Meat Grinding Room

The cutscene continues.

"Who taught these guys table manners?" - G's comment of obscene cannibalistic mannerisms

"Mother. These guys ain't human. I never seen this kind of crazy shit before." - Isaac's statement of the craziness.

Mutant's repulsive table manners.

"Alright, so what's the game though? You restraint the subject? and I'll lean an interrogation?" - G's approach to the situation.

"Fuck that, columbo! Shoot to maim." - Isaac's approach to the situation.

They proceed to maim all mutants.

Second Underground Section.

Upon leaving the meat grinding room, they will encounter the fourth and final civilian in need of a rescue. This rescue becomes difficult due to the civilian moving around obscuring the aiming. Also, mutants will come from 3 hallways in packs.

"Think we should tell him the elevator's out?" - G concerned.

"I say we let 'em find out for himself." - Isaac's response.

Poor Survivor.

Another cutscene takes place leading to this level's boss fight.

Boss Fight Cutscene

"A sadistic crime lord,master of a perverse science...They call him Caesar." - Narrator narrating.

"Darling, Jasper. Do you have a present for me?" - Papa Caesar's opening statement.

Both officers standing by.

"Our test subject's at the hospital are showing progress. You've done very well, my boy. We shall celebrate this tonight with take out Chinese!. - Caesar's celebration attempt.

"A brilliant mind, with a broken body. His talents turned to evil to protect the sister who raised him" - Narrator's bio of Jasper.


"You impotent cripple!(slaps him in the face) Think of your sister before threatening Papa Caesar. Next time you speak, turn the volume to zero...Fucking cabbage!" - Caesar's threat to Jasper.

"Nobody-Threatens-Varla." - Jasper defending his sister.

The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Freeze, Bitches!

Jasper screams in agony as the mutagen alters his anatomy. As he transforms, both officers stand back.

"Because of the shocking nature of the following scenes, they are definitely not recommended for the squeamish and the easily offended." - Narrator's hilarious comment of a censored scene.

Boss Fight

"What the?...I can't get a clean shot." - G having difficulty to aim

The player is enclosed in a testing chamber where the main boss fight is held in. They will run in circles to avoid the attacks. Jasper will be protected by objects flying around him. He will use his telekinesis to throw objects. The objects themselves can be shot at to reduce Jasper's chances of attacking. Though protected, his weakpoint is easily exposed making him vulnerable to gunfire.

He then floats in the direction of the characters trying to reach them while throwing chunks of flesh.

"What in the motherfucking hell?" - Isaac's statement in another telekinetic power.

Jasper will then create a ball of furniture and use it as a wrecking ball.

"He's mind touching you!" - Isaac's statement about Jasper's telekinetic powers.

"Get out of my head you motherfucking freak." - Another vulgar statement from Washington.

In the PS3 version, Jasper will levitate the character in an attempt to smash them down. Shooting a required target will thwart the attack.

"Not so fucking clever now are you, bitch?" - Isaac's closing remarks when successfully shooting the target.

A cutscene will show Jasper falling on the ground after the fight.

Jasper fallen

Level End Cutscene

"A family betrayed." - Narrator's Opening remarks.


They both approached Jasper's mutated, crippled body. Knowing he can't stop Caesar, he tells the officers his love to his sister.

"Fuck! How do you say that shit without moving you lips? G, you see this shit?" - Isaac questions the weird science.

"I can help ease the pain." - G pointing his gun to Jasper.

"No you can fucking not. Shoot the motherfucker." - Washington's advise.

"Don't you do tact? That's what I'm going to fucking do. Y'know..." - G defending his painkiller solution.

"Shut the fuck up and shoot! Shit!" - Isaac trying to shut G up.

An act of mercy

"Happy now? Fuckwit." - G's response.

They holster their guns to Varla's first appearance.

"You're his sister?" - Both said the same statement with G in question and Isaac checking out her body.

You fucking bastards - You've killed my brother

"Varla Guns. A doting sibling to a crippled brother, forced into a life of vice. Now she's filled with a primal hunger for revenge." - Narrator's bio of Varla.

Mankind's last hope now rests on the shoulder's of two men.

"Caesar's heading to the hospital. We've gotta stop that asshole before he get's there." - Isaac telling G the next mission.

"Tasteful ride." - G's comment on Isaac's pride and joy(car).

"Don't disrespect my wheels - she's my pride and joy!" - Isaac telling G to avoid disrespecting his car.

Isaac's car explodes.

We'll take my car

"The Plantation House has claimed it's victim, but with Papa Caesar on the loose, nobody is safe." - Narrator narrating the current scenario.

Varla comforting her dead brother.

"You die trying to stop Caesar. I won't rest until I shot his fucking guts over half the county." - Varla's closing remarks.

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