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Should humanity exist? Is it worth saving...?

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Phantasma Concerto (幻影協奏曲 Fantomu kyōsōkyoku?) is the fourth chapter of Vampire Night. It is associated with Raoul.

Branching Paths

There are two branching paths. The first path requires the player to kill two Cermitts when Caroline loses her balance within 7.5 seconds. The second path requires the player to take longer than 7.5 seconds to do the same thing, allowing Caroline to fall into the phantom world.


Vampire hunters Michel and Albert continue making their way through the castle when Raoul appears before them, challenging them to a duel. Despite using his illusion powers, the hunters are able to repel Raoul. He then drags the hunters to another realm where he sacrifices his humanity to become a vampire, only to be defeated by the hunters. As the hunters prepare to execute him, Raoul asks to Caroline, mistaking her for the late Sophie, to forgive him. Feeling pity, Caroline begs Albert and Michel not to kill him. Michel pulls the trigger, only to miss Raoul who realizes he has become human again. Michel urges Raoul to live his life as a human and to fight for his soul once again before departing.


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