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Prelude to an Overkill is a prequel comic to The House of the Dead: Overkill. It is a graphic novel that was only available in collector's editions of The House of the Dead: Overkill, or as a pre-order bonus. The graphic novel chronicles Isaac Washington and Varla Guns before the events of the game.


As the crowd hollers as Varla Guns takes the stage once more at the local strip bar, a drunken Isaac Washington seems to be ignoring the action. Being an irritance to everyone at the bar, he loudly rambles about "Caesar", and how no one there seems to be aware that he controls them. All of them except for him, obsessed with planning revenge for killing his father. Meanwhile, as Varla performs, she tells herself to keep smiling and think of the money. When the performance comes to an end and she returns to her dressing room, she laments the direction in life she's taken and the purpose of it. All she can think about is getting out of that place with her brother.

Isaac makes his way towards the men's room and is confronted as he's using the urinal. Angered about the timing, he brutally beats his attacker and inadvertently rips his arm off, and notices arms don't just come off that easily. He merely mentions it as an accident to the people outside and leaves, just as Varla takes off on her bike. In a backalley, Isaac is confronted by three more people, and he is more than eager to fight them.

On the highway, Varla hits a bystander walking in the middle of the road and falls off her bike. Angered that her bike's a wreck, she's shocked to find herself immediately attacked by the person she just hit, and fights back. Isaac finishes off his attackers before being grabbed from behind and thrown into the ground by another attacker, but Isaac stumbles upon a rusty 2x4 and impales his attacker's head with it. Varla's attacker meets the same fate through a fence pole.

The two of them arrive at their homes shortly after. Varla looks at an old photo of her and her brother as she drinks, fondly remembering who he used to be, wondering what kind of freak Caesar turned him into. Isaac sits at a desk with numerous photos and newspaper clippings involving Caesar clipped on the wall, some of the headlines accusing him of being a cop killer and avoiding jail "again". Isaac takes a drink as he looks at an old photo of his father, before losing himself and escaping with the help of the two women waiting for him in his bed. Meanwhile, Varla continues to lament the direction in life she's taking, wondering how she could possibly turn things around for the family she has left. Get a real job, get away from a certain monster, and quit drinking, all with a bottle of booze in her hands as she lays in bed.

Later that night, Isaac is abruptly awakened by a phone call from the police chief, demanding he get out of bed and get to the station immediately. Half awake, he grabs his bottle of booze and smashes the phone with it. Shower, coffee, badge, gun, he's ready. A 5.0 "Cammer" Crate Engine, 420 horses (6,700 RPM), all sugar coated with five coats of the finest black gloss money can buy, Washingon couldn't ask for a better ride. As Isaac heads to the station, he notices he's being followed. Knowing how to deal with this kind of situation, he takes a sharp turn into the fields, and his pursuers pass him. A car chase ensues in the crop fields, which ends with Isaac's persuer's crashing into a power line, knocking out the power to a nearby mansion.

At the mansion, Caesar is speaking on the phone with someone, assuring him that everything they discussed was under control and there would be no problems. However, the phone goes dead shortly after, and Caesar knows who it is, screaming Washington's name into the dead phone. Washington pulls up in front of the mansion, surprised to see a prison van at the front gates making house calls. He decides to investigate, only to find himself immediately surrounded, and is restrained as Caesar greets him expecting a civilized chat. Washington spits in Caesar's face instead. But before Caesar can have his way with him, a motorbike with a sidecar pulls up. Taking off her helmet, Varla greets Caesar, saying she was just bringing lunch for her brother. Noticing the situation, Varla asks what Isaac did wrong. Caesar quickly changes face, telling her the man simply got lost and was helping him with directions. Isaac is able to leave due to Varla's presence, and she has her own suspicions that something was wrong, especially if Caesar's involved. As Isaac mentions they'll be in touch, Caesar whispers to one of his goons that Washington needs to be taken care of, if not he's going to be trouble just like his father.

Later on at the strip bar, Washington gets another angry call from the police chief that he's needed at the plantation, despite just getting back from there. Storming out after paying for his drinks, he leaves just as Varla is about to get on stage once again. With both of them, it's the same old thing, another day. However, Isaac realizes he's going back to Caesar's place, and wonders just what is going on there. Perhaps this will be his chance to get Caesar, one on one, and finally get his revenge. His happy ending.

To be continued...

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