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Rage Mutants are mutated enemies found in The House of the Dead: OverkillThey are fast and strong undead specimens that attack their prey through means of wrestling them until it is harmed and weak. Attackers(Players) can wrestle with the creatures until they are weakened which gives them enough time to find a melee weapon and finish them off.

Rage Mutant in Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Bestiary Overview

The creature itself must be an early test subject which could explain why it is not a decaying walking corpse but it's face still signifies it's deformed "zombified" face structure.

The mutation must have prevent any source of rotting to destroy the skin tissue allowing it's body to be in it's current state. It is unclear if bullets can penetrate through the flesh as to these creatures would rather charge immediately to their food instead of walking slowly to them. Their head is still the main source of annhilation like any other undead being.

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