My love was murdered... I could not help her...

Hunter's Files Introduction[src]

Raoul (ラウル Rauru?), also referred to as the Dark Mind, is a former vampire and follower of Count Auguste. His transformation and the death of his love interest fuelled his hatred for mankind. When Auguste was threatened by vampire hunters Michel and Albert, Raoul attempted to stop them.

He is an antagonist and the third boss of Vampire Night, a 2000 spritual successor to the House of the Dead games. He is fought in both his human and vampire forms: as a human, he can create multiple copies of himself; as a vampire, he transports his victims to a dream-like realm and controls a massive vampire. In his second form, his weak point is himself.


He could not forgive himself for not being able to save the love of his life. His hate for humans consumed him from within. His hatred grew even stronger once he became a vampire.

Hunter's Files Entry[src]

Raoul lost his love interest, Sophie, after she was murdered by their own kind, humans. Raoul blamed himself for his inability to save Sophie and continues to lament her. Raoul's hatred for humans eventually consumed him from within and he decided to become a vampire to obtain greater power to kill all humans.[1][excerpt 1]

After Guillaume's defeat, he sets out to deal with the vampire hunters. As the hunters made their way through the castle, Raoul appears before them, challenging them to a duel. Despite using his illusion powers, the hunters were able to repel Raoul. He then drags the hunters to another realm where he sacrifices his humanity to become a vampire, but was defeated by the hunters. As the hunters were about to execute him, Raoul asks to Caroline, mistaking her for the late Sophie, to forgive him. Feeling pity, Caroline begs Albert and Michel not to kill him. Michel pulled the trigger, only to miss Raoul who realizes he has become human again. Michel urges Raoul to live his life as a human and to fight for his soul once again before departing.

Skills and Abilities

Raoul is a skilled swordsman as shown during his duel with Michel and Albert, battling them with his rapier. Raoul's vampire power has also given him great agility and the power of illusion, allowing him to create multiple copies of himself to deceive the hunters.

True Form

Unlike the other vampires, Raoul's true form is not as monstrous as the rest, still maintaining mostly human characteristics. This may have been caused by Raoul himself not fully embracing his vampire side as he is still unable to let go of his human side completely, despite his hatred for all humans. In this form, Raoul is able to levitate and summon a giant behemoth to assist him in battle. The giant behemoth is able to create a portal which can send out boulders. While the behemoth he summons is invulnerable, Raoul himself is not, therefore becoming a weak point for them both.


Human Form


  1. Raoul will run towards the the player(s) for a slash, creating two copies of himself before those will go back to him after a distance. This phase ends when he appears at the top of a flying buttress before jumping off.
  2. Raoul will levitate objects before jumping up, creating two copies of himself at the same time. After a set amount of time, he and his copies will jump down for a slash. This phase ends when there are no objects on the floor.


  • In both phases, the summoned copies appear to be non-solid compared to him and shooting them causes no damage.

Vampire Form

  • Raoul will command the giant behemoth to use the following attacks and continues doing so until he is defeated:
    • The giant behemoth will hit the player(s) with its fists.
    • The giant behemoth will open a portal which causes boulders to appear.
    • The giant behemoth will doing an upper or downward cut.


  • For the fist attack, the giant behemoth will attack from a distance and move close.
  • For the boulder attack, the boulders move towards the player(s) after a set time. If the cancel bar is depleted quickly for the second attack, the remaining boulders not thrown yet will drop back into the portal.
  • For the upper or downward cut attack, the background will turn brown when it starts; Raoul will move from one side of the screen to the other twice before appearing with the giant behemoth; and reverts to normal once a different attack is executed.


What do you know?! What I have lost?! The pain I have suffered! Now, let's see what a human can do.

Raoul to Diane before heading out to face the vampire hunters.[src]

I must admit, you have done well. Go. Humans, how vain can you be? Enough! You humans disgust me! Now it's your turn to suffer!

Raoul to vampire hunters Michel and Albert.[src]

You humans make me remember... I couldn't save her... This pain... To heal my pain, I shall sacrifice my soul and be a vampire. Humans, heal my soul!

Raoul before transforming to a vampire.[src]

Sophie, please forgive me.

Raoul after reverting to human form.[src]


  • His fight in vampire form resembles that of Judgment.


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  1. Excerpt from Vampire Night Perfect Guide, p.7:
    "最愛の人を守れなかった己の弱さを恨み…寝ても覚めてもその光景が頭から離れることはなかった。人間とは何と薄汚い生き物なんだ…己の欲望の為に同じ人間を殺す のか。…自分もそんな人間の一人だというのか…ヴァンバイアとの出会いを境に、その苦しみは人間全体の憎悪へと変化していく… "
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